Slow Start

How hard exactly? This is important.

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Picked up.

is this about cute girls doing lewd things or are you a fag trying to trick me

So are the two grandma's poofters?

just that one girl is lewd.

It's about one girl doing lewd things to other girls.

Not only one girl.


Tama and Hana will get married someday


Will they have a cute granddaughter someday?

Hard enough to poke an eye out.

>your cheek will never be red after sleeping on her tough nipples

A 10 on the Mohs scale.

Is it called Slow Start because it's meant to make you fall asleep?


Is this good?
Better than Hinako Note at least?

Just how fucking influential have e-celebs gotten on Sup Forums to make people still use their memes about unpopular shows even one year after they've ended?

Is there really a bathsalt that turns your bathwater into literal cum?

It was posted in one of the previous threads, so apparently yes.

They are just friends.


>Tama-chan likes yandere meidos
the best taste

Are they gay?

Tama is the yandere.

even better

Yes. But they are not lovers.
>As for Slow Start's banned status, the premise of the series doesn't allude to any suggestive things (as the main character fails an exam due to mumps and ends up making friends with girls a year younger while hiding her age), the girls do end up in suggestive situations that could be deemed as something worth banning.
>the girls do end up in suggestive situations that could be deemed as something worth banning.
What exactly did they mean by this?

What\s that ban means for a possible sequel?

nip cartoons are turning the children gay

Literally nothing. Just chinks being retarded. They didn't even ban Citrus.

Why do you continue to care about this?

No, they are just in a mother-daughter relationship that involves occasional breastfeeding and sex.

I think you're confusing them with Hana and Shion.

Beats me.

He must be a chink!

If that were the case they wouldn't ban Abe's approved anime.



So is this show stealth degenerate or something?
Banned where?



Anime that kills communism.
Feels good.

It's as stealth "degenerate" as you are stealth retarded.

How can you use that eye cancer font. Disgusting.

It's proper

you should die for using that font

That user is cursed, please be light on him. You have no idea how painful it is to be waken up by angels blowing their trumpets on your face every day, or to have pipe organs playing everywhere you go.

butt stuff

great sensei

Tomboy is not a hairstyle

Why are both of her grandmas living together?

I didn't say it was

Without Eiko.

That's weird how her fathers mother and her mothers mother decided to live together...

By me

You mean her mother's mother and her mother's mother

You're underestimating Slow Start.

You're walking down the street at night and see this, what do you do:
>1. Ignore her
>2. Make fun of her
>3. Other
>4. Feed her all the eggs

At this point I think Hana is the odd one out being the only one with a father.

>Banned where?

China, the Communist party needs to be nuked

[x] Slap her ass

Eiko needs to teach Shion her skills and then Hana will have two mothers.

Is Tama an incel?

Tama schlicks old grannies for eels

letting males being in such close proximity to children is just encouraging pedophilia

Fuck you, a bald eagle came out of my monitor after I read your post.


>that ass jiggle
I didn't notice that before. Damn.

Force her to finish a bowl filled with eggs before she can go.


Yes and that's why she's so great.

Dyke grandmas. What a progressive anime.

I bet they play nopan mahjong whenever Tama is out.



I want Tama-chan to handle my eel.

Like a screw.

>marry into a rich family
>they insist your folks move in to their hugeass traditional house
>everyone lives together
>grandpas die ahead of grandmas as they naturally should
>you and the wife fuck off to Africa to futilely teach math to niggers
>two grandmas end up living alone with your neglected kid

It looks like she was going for a reverse shocker then changed her mind.

Eiko has a father though

>kyoutaro married hisa

Father who made her daughter into an alpha dyke. I don't know whether he should be proud or ashamed.


Mikki is so cute.


>one daughter is a lesbian who has an illicit relationship with a teacher
>other one is an autist

Are they Mihoko's mothers or Hisa's?

Eiko and Sensei might be Hisa's moms.

This show has a perfect cute x lewd ratio, it does things to both my heartboner and bonerheart

Cute is the best kind of lewd.

Her not being nopan was the biggest disappointment of the season.

What if this is actually a prequel to Saki where dads were still necessary to have babies and panties were still being enforced?

The loli getting a pantyshot was the biggest surprise of the season.

How the fuck did I miss that shot?

Hana and Tama will give birth to Saki mom and start the mahjong trend.

You are not pausing at every frame.

How the fuck did she walked to school like that and no one rapes her?

Eiko raped her.

You can't rape the willing.