Hinomaru Zumou

Heyo, Just finished the latest chapter which signified the end of the first main story arc. Enjoyed it immensely and when i came here noticed there was no thread about this manga.

Id like to hear other people's opinions about this story. Mine is simple, loved it. Characters were great with awesome character development and the fights were awesome. Id love it if this got an anime adaptation, it does have a full story arc to adapt so no worries of running out of source material.

For those who haven't read it here's a quick description: Dude who loves sumo but is very short compared to everyone else joins a school with a sumo club, only to find out that there's only 1 member and the club is used as a delinquent hideout. Now he has to, while inspiring others into sumo, win the big inter-school tournament for a chance of going pro.

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I read the first chapter when it came out and didin't continue because i thought it was going to be fujo as fuck, is it?

If by fujo you mean bad quality scan/translation then your in luck, it is not at all like that. The version i read (on mangafox, sue me) is pretty good.

Arts great and ive had no problems following the story. Highly recommend it.

I think by "fujo" he meant that he thought it was going to be an homoerotic manga


then the answer is no, none of that stuff either the only man on man action is these guys beating the fuck out of each other.

anime never

I liked that the delinquents get BTFO. Don't like the moral code of sumo (restriction to 72 moves, dodging is frowned upon), the fights are at least technical enough.
I indefinitely stopped reading it after a while (30 chapters in? Before the part where a tall guy lifts the MC by his arm with one hand) because of the then low fight per chapters ratio.

When it comes to the restriction of sumo, i dont think the manga follows those rules as there is a bit of dodging and each fight always has a new move or two to show. (theres even a sumo fight between a judo and wrestler which was fun)

And the low fight per chapter is only at the beginning, The final 3rd of the arc has a lot of fights. (the final fight is 8 chapters long so if you like long fights then you'll love this one)

Im sorry if i seem like im shilling, but i really like this manga and wish more people experience it as i did.

Also... ... stop that, dont make me cry.

Are you dumb? It has an anime announced and it will cover the first 17 volumes.

wait what? first time i hear about it! Thank you 'kind' user for giving great news!


are you excited, newfag user?

>Not understand what fujo means
>meme spacing
Why hello there newfag. Kindly GTFO and go back to plebbit or whatever shithole you came from, you shitstain.

I got so into it that I took up sumo.

The fights were incredible. Kawada knows how to stretch a fight that lasts less than a minute into a whole chapter or more without it feeling dragged.

I can't think of one character that I dislike; even the ones that are barely developed have something funny about them, like Ookouchi's "I'm not surprised you don't recognize me" and Araki's one-sided rivalry with Chihiro.

Reina a best.

Dodging is not illegal in sumo, just not a tradition. There can be consequences for a wrestler's reputation, but it's not like a pro will get disqualified for it or anything. Even at the highest divisions you'll see it sometimes.

As for the 72 moves, that's not quite it. There's also the matter of how and when you execute them. Chihiro, for instance, it always throwing in new ways, depending on the moment. There are plenty of restrictions on what you can do, but it's not like there's no room for improvisation.

I love Hinomaru and I am so hyped about the manga.

I just fear we will get something like Toei to adapt it.

do you live in Japan or something? Are sumo dojos common?

Motherfucker, no

No, I live in Brazil. There are some teams here, mainly in São Paulo because that's where the largest Japanese community is.

Are you thicc?


This is going into dangerous territory, user.

Most sumo wrestlers in Brazil aren't fat, actually. The top wrestlers in the country are gigantic and fat as fuck, but they are a minority. Most are really muscular, but lean.

So I assume HZ is popular over there?

I'm hyped for Part 2.

Not that I'm aware of. There are Portuguese scanlations, there's a facebook page dedicated to it; but I don't know if many people actually read it. I hope so, even though we only read scanlations.

What are the chances this gets a good anime?

It's boring as fuck. That's the reason there are no threads about it. There's nothing worth discussing.

It's getting an anime so back to your hole. You haven't even read it.

Apparently not as much as the mainstream ones like DBS, sadly. Too many anime fags, not enough manga fags.

>suddenly a two year time skip

>suddenly s2 announcement

quick question, latest chapter. The 'nightmare' that onimaru had, did it actually happen?


It's a timeskip. He had that fight and lost, them we jump forward two years where he wakes up from a dream reliving that moment. They even show you his age at both instances to drive the point.

i knew about the timeskip, i just wasnt too sure. Thanks for the clarification.

It did. Two years later, his arm has healed and he's even climbed back up the ranks, but he still has nightmares about it.

Are we supposed to remember this guy or did Hinomaru beat him offscreen?


I Like Sumo and I'm still mad that Matsutaro wasn't popular enough for more episodes.
I was curious about this manga but it looked to me like it was more over the top shonen then real sumo.
Maybe I'll give it a try after all.

For a Shonen Jump sports manga it's pretty realistic. I'd say just a little less so than Slam Dunk.

It's very realistic. It uses cool visual quirks to emphasize on the cool moments. Read this manga, it's one of the best sports series I've read.

You're funny, you have been missing out, man.

if I wanted to read a manga about Sumo, I'd prefer if the characters looked like actual sumo wrestlers.

that's what happens in the second part of this manga

There are a lot of big bois there too.

I doubt it, not with that sort of character design.

>Captain defeating Onizuka
This was the hypest shit

I love the characters, at times I almost liked it as much as Eyeshield 21

start believing

Just how bara is this and how much porn will the anime make?

>Part 2
>Hinomaru goes against pro who put 50 cm over him

Yawn, that shit is stupid as fuck.

a lot of porn if they get the right female audience