Rejects his straight up confession for the most hurr durr pure shit reason ever and doesn't explain anything

>rejects his straight up confession for the most hurr durr pure shit reason ever and doesn't explain anything
>later slaps him for not understanding why something is special to her without actually explaining anything, and for singing with another girl despite the fact she literally tried to cut all contact with him.
Whew, and to think I used to like her and like this manga. It sucks because Hiro is actually good for a high school romance MC: pretty decisive, actually confesses quickly after coming to like her, not a beta shitlord or an angsty fag. At this point he should probably just go for the older girl who has her shit together and ditch this PMS ridden bitch with daddy issues.

She did fucking nothing wrong

She got fuckin BETRAYED

Tumblr, please.

agreed, she was very appealing at the beginning, but now i just ope he find an actual good girl to be with and leaves her alone. She clearly doesn't appreciate him and has several issue she needs to sort out before she tries to get in any sort of relationship.

This looks familiar, I feel like I've read it before but can't remember the title

Dragon Ball Super chapter 31.

I read in 2chan that shit goes down around chapter 40, cant remember why, but it seems that a lot of users where piss toff with the main character.

>he find an actual good girl
she is just a normal human being, this good people meme needs to stop

>but it seems that a lot of users where piss toff with the main character.
why people can accept humans are far from good?

Mate, she hit him fro singing with another girl, after having rejected him, even though he explained he was drunk and nothing was going on. She is the prime example of someone who would abuse their partner in a relationship> physical violence is one of the biggest red flags in any interaction with people, it shows hat the person is not stable enough to deescalate the situation and can even respond with the appropriate amount of aggressiveness to a perceive threat in a social setting. She is clearly is not ready for romantic relationships with the issues she has.

>she is just a normal human being
She's an entitled retard.

It's not normal to slap someone without a word of explanation over singing a karaoke song. She's being a bitch, also the other girl is better looking too; at least now since Yaku is always moping.

Did Hiro slap her without waiting for any explanation after her childhood 'friend' showed up? No.

>People seriously mad that a high school girl who romanticized her relationship with 80s music and the one boy her age that shared in that hobby would get mad get mad to see him share that interest with another girl
>people surprised that she lashes out when she was already jealous of this older girl from chapters ago
>People not acting like they won't get back together in less than 5 chapters.
>People calling this girl a bitch because she's doing the standard romance "MUH MISUNDERSTANDINGS" plotline.
Fucking hell you all can't be this new to this.

You can be familiar with the tropes and still dislike them.

Seeing people forgetting that College girl just like the Pretty boy are just obstacles and shipping the MC with her is just pathetic though.

Except she hasn't acted like a total cunt or tried to kidnap anyone. Seriously, go back to your ZnT marathon and fapping to bitchy cunts.

I'm not forgetting that, if pretty boy was a nice guy and the mc as a huge tool I would support her leaving him for the pretty boy, but the opposite is true.
In this case collage girl is nice while the fmc is acting like a bitch, so I would like for him to leave her for the other.

I just have to wonder why you people didn't drop this story chapters ago because this outcome was predictable. The minute they introduced college girl it was clear something like this would happen. You've got to be really sensitive to be this agitated.

It's funny because the college girl is going to help him get back together mark my words. Or did you miss the fact that she's the onee-san type character?

Stop trying to downplay valid criticism as being 'too sensitive', this manga has gone to shit and for reasons besides this too. Or are you going to tell me this has been a well written series for like the last 10 chapters? And who said I haven't dropped it, this chapter was the last straw. Not worth my time reading it anymore but there's nothing wrong with mourning the loss of what started out as a pretty decent manga.

I'm confused here. Are you seriously arguing that it's wrong to hope that an author will avoid cliche narrative pitfalls?

She could, but that dose not change the fact that the the fmc is being a shit. I'm not saying what will or will not happen in the manga, i'm saying she lost her appeal and the mc should go to someone else if he wants the best for him.

People are mad that the female lead rejected the MC and is now physically assaulting him due to her unwarranted possessiveness and jealousy
Just because the arc is a cliche doesn’t mean we have to like it

>Stop trying to downplay valid criticism as being 'too sensitive'
There isn't anything valid going on here. You or others in this thread telling me that you think a high school girl, who is sheltered as hell and socially awkward in addition to being young and dumb, is not deserving in being in a relationship when the whole point is that BOTH characters are learning how to do this. She's never had anyone she's this close too, betrayal (however real) hurts. Dude is learning how to deal with other girls because surprisingly, he's not that good with dealing with them given his own lack of social grace.

Both will resolve and make up soon.

>this manga has gone to shit and for reasons besides this too.
I'm all ears.

>Or are you going to tell me this has been a well written series for like the last 10 chapters?
It's been a well written, albeit predicable, romance story for the last 10 chapters. As someone else stated, I appreciate the straightforwardness of the MC and his willingness to take interest in improving himself for the sake of his relationship. I expect the FMC to do the same. I myself understand having a nostalgia for a time you never experienced and the 80s tint is well done. Nothing so far is more egregious than stuff I've seen in the past and this chapter is but a small bump in the road.

No, I'm just not mad that it happened because the writing was on the wall.

>but that dose not change the fact that the the fmc is being a shit
She is being a petty little shit. I just don't share in people's rage over this one chapter and instead find it amusing.

Yeah, I read that yesterday.

Having the femMC go full bitch like that ruined an otherwise decent romance manga.


>People are mad that the female lead rejected
Nice assumption, the only maddening thing about it was her reason (if you can call it that). I'll even let the retarded way she did it, without explaining why, slide for this argument and I still have more than enough ground to stand on.

People can't "deserve" relationships.

I never said they do so... I agree?

t. the type of low self-esteem idiot who would get completely abused and taken advantage of in a relationship.

This girl has some massive issues

>Physically assaults someone after firmly rejecting them
>People defend this
If the genders were reversed everyone would be calling for a lynching and not defending it as cute girl being petty and jealous.

Short hair fags win again!

Are you surprised that double standards exist?

This manga went to shit when they added the forced drama. It’s too bad.

What’s annoying is how the MC has been constantly proactive in advancing their relationship while the female lead does nearly nothing on her side, and in spite of this she still feels she has the right to slap him for singing with another girl.
Hopefully she’s the one to resolve things this time, but in all likelihood he’ll have to apologize and talk about how much their relationship means to him before she’s willing to be “just friends” with him again

>normal human being
No thanks

This. I hope this happens.

From the raws, that doesn't happen sadly.

>the girl I always pick loses


>The girl more people find likeable loses

This shit is too common.

>best girl will lose because of some autistic fuck that just wants to lewd her
>will also lose because of another childhood friend


>fell for the "new girl" meme
Was there any doubt that MC is going to stick with long hair?

recently a manga had the best girl win, I can still hope.

Which was?

Okami shonen, the girl was botan

That's nice, but your assumption is that I don't think this is best girl.

Be patient she has autism

>reject man
>then slap him for interacting with other women
Straight up abusive, worst part is that I know the author's going to make the guy apologize for this.

And the MC still explained the situation, that there was nothing going on, it was just a misunderstanding and he was drunk.

Good lord what an entitled bitch.

then that is entirely your subjective minority view

It completely kills the manga for me. How can anyone else keep rooting for them to end up together now?

Fuck that, he'd be better off dumping her ass (though of course that won't happen). Author clearly fucked up.

Speaking of author, is it a woman?

I hope so, a bitchy entitled woman still is better than a doormat pussy man.

>I hope so, a bitchy entitled woman still is better than a doormat pussy man.
They're both shit anyways, just different flavors.

This development not only kills Yakushimaru's character, it also ruins the MC's character, because how am I going to not feel disgusted at the MC's sorry ass when the author INEVITABLY makes him grovel back to her like the beta japanese he is?

I agree that she can be annoying and is probably the worst part of the manga. But i dunno, I still think this is a better romcom than most of the shit Sup Forums loves to eat up. You know, stuff like We Never Learn and others that i can't renember the name.

>still think this is a better romcom than most of the shit Sup Forums loves to eat up.
For sure, but that just makes it all the more disappointing when shit like this happens.

>We Never Learn
Maybe if /lit/ rejected the MC and then slapped him for continue to teach the other girls.

Because as of this chapter, We Never Learn > this piece of shit.

And we had to Sacrifice Mototama for it, if you ask me sometimes the status quo isn't the worst option.

>harem trash
>greater than anything

>this better than We Never Learn

What I mean is that I'd still respect a woman who thinks it's acceptable to slap a guy for interacting with other women after rejecting him and then write him as in the wrong, thereby being an entitled cunt, more than I'd respect a guy who would write a man apologizing after the way he's been treated in this chapter. One's a piece of shit but the other's completely pathetic.

>NTR trash
>greater than anything


Now you just straight up "this is better than those shit, because it's different type of shit that I like."

You need to understand that for the Japanese Karaoke night is equally to a Good date night which leads to Sex, so there's that.

I don't justify that bitch but at least put things in perspective.

I was just correcting someone who had a wrong opinion.

There aren't expectations with 'We Never Learn' because it's shit harem bait with the first girl winning.

With this people expected a straightforward coming of age romance. Not cheap melodrama pulled from a shitty harem manga.

At least he confessed to the girl in the beginning of the series. This fact alone makes him much better than most MCs of romcoms. If you think he is beta, try to read harem shit like Nisekoi.

No NTR here dude


Yeah, it's even worse than NTR.

It's NTRbait.

I don't know about that.

If he goes back to her apologizing, that would make him worse than the guy who never confesses for 300 chapters.

The latter just needed some courage and a clear head, the former, like our MC here will do, is fundamentally forfeiting your self-respect as a man.

Well when most posters here would pine after the shallow and least characterized female characters because they are allergic to messy (and realistic) depictions of relationships; it's hard for me to care what the "majority" wants.

My hope is that the author has the girl apologize since her plot line has consistently been about getting her own feelings across and taking the initiative. I really do hope that the college girl councils her and helps her apologize. One can hope.

OOOH you are one of those shiters that consider realism a giant benefit in fiction... That explains it.
Bet you can't wait until the divorce after the marriage becomes lovelees ark, or the searching for a job in a horrible economy ark, Maybe the domestic abuse ark will be more your stile... I think you will find the cheating ark but still being together because a divorce is expensive ark the most interesting.

Harem-fag dosen't even know what NTR means. I am shocked.
Go back to your nu-Nisekoi thread and don't ever come back.

>that consider realism a giant benefit in fiction
Sure. And I see you are one of those cynics who spends too much time on r9k imagining that all women are exactly like you hear about on your image boards. If you would bother to actually read what I'm saying I don't agree that what she did was right, I don't just hate a character for being believable. And if you're convincing yourself that this series is going to end with anything short of sweet, sweet vanilla. You're the one deluding yourself.

This. Why do nips do this, it's just ugly. MC acts like the sky will fall if he doesn't give in to his desire to be pathetic.

Every romance works like that dude, it gives you some sweets then slaps them out of your hand before you can eat them, then when you're really angry it smiles at you and gives you a bigger sweet, watches you finish eating it happily then punches you in the gut before you can finish swallowing the last bit. It goes like that until you're feeling tired of this wild ride of ups and downs until it finally gives you a really sweet and satisfying end. Or at least it should right, we all know romances who had really shitty unsatisfying ones. I think thats the challenge of the genre, keep you interested enough to go through the bad parts and deliver something in the end that might make the whole experience worhtwhile.

>Every romance works like that
The appeal of this manga was that it didn't. I was a sweet story without any melodrama, just two people having a nice comfy time instead of the drama filled shit most "romance" mangas are. It lost what made it unique by relying on shitty cliches in order to make it more "entreating", I just hope that they don't make the mc a total wimp, making him apologize even though she was in the wrong. Either she apologize or he moves on, otherwise the story will lose all the merit it had

Speak of the devil, ch 34 of this turd just came out this minute.

Time to decide if I drop this or not.

pust lanke

Chapter 35 is really nice, you should read that one too when it comes out

dump it user

>even when I beep her

Fuck this worthless eunuch MC, fuck you apologists, I'm out.

See you next chapter

I'm going to read the chapter first, but if it gets as shirty as i think it will will do the same. It's a shame to see so much potential going down the drains

They end up dating. Also, it's ending soon.

I am enjoying this series, but I would't say every romance is like this. Sekitou Elergy, Natsu no Zenjitsu, Love Roma, Kare Kano (the anime at least, haven't read the manga) are way more straightfoward than this.

Yeah, dropped.

Officially the worst couple since Haruto x Eba

>it's ending soon.

And good riddance.

It probably tanked in sales and chapter rankings after this chapter, until it finally got the axe, if the japs reacted like us westerners.

Also, she's now the one that confesses
Yeah. Author said so.

I'm "reading" the raws and for fucks sake I get why it was axed, if that's the case, I don't see how the FMC would be appealing in any way with the way she is acting

Absolute garbage Fucking dropping this piece of shit. What goddamn disgrace, I wouldn't be so pissed if it was shit from the beginning, but this crap showed a lot of potential, that's what hurts.

It's not ending soon, don't know what you faggots are even talking about

She's believably shit, that's reason enough to dislike her.

>showed a lot of potential
that phrase always confuse me

There something about romance mangaka constantly ruining their own work.
I love the genre, and I'm always suffering.

Your loss. See you next chapter.

At least the death duke is going strong, and I can foresee see no bullshit in the near future.

Fuck, I just wanted to see them like this for more chapters.

Yeah, but that's more comedy and ecchi than real romance.

>All of this shit ass drama because the author was too afraid to hook them up at the start
What the fuck do nips have against actual couples?

>actual couples?
Low birthrates