Ryuuou no Oshigoto!

2 hours until ep6.


It's a bathing/gay/Maestro/cake episode!

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Is this the episode where Blue Ai dies?

That one shitposter checklist.
>fuck off
>loli hater
>loli hating
>Ginko a shit
>old hag
>fuck off
>I'd rather this cow
>shitters, everyone
>sudden appearance Blue and Red Ai false flags

are you fucking retarded

Depends if they manage to cram her game with Asuka here too, probably they will.

Ginko a shit, old hag, disgusting trash slut

>there he is

Red Ai, Ginko, and Blue Ai are best girls.

Red Ai = Blue Ai > Char > Cake > Lolis >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ginko

>IP count didn't increase

LRD's existence is God's mistake.


I love the cake

there's already a thread up

shit thread

>more hags than lolis
why is this allowed

Maybe they will cut it in favor of just JSken bathing, since it's not like anyone wants to see old ladies bathe with lolis.

It's a hot-blooded shogi story, you know.

>The moment I've become a lolicon
>Don't hide, come out of there. I'm a good lolicon you know
>If it's for her I'm fine with getting economy class syndrome
>She's small. But the sight of that small body lifting her hand with all her might has moved my heart greatly.
>Her saliva has drawn a thread. That thread is like a suspension bridge to the hope.
>A beam of light in her eyes is like a explosive fuse. It will surely blow away my heart.
>You're looking up at me and the distance between us is several dozen centimeters. I could reach you with my hand, but if I touch you I feel like I'll never meet you again.
>My heart is beating faster after touching her warmth. And I hear the sound of sirens in my ears.


Who would make the better wife? Blue Ai or Red Ai?

Blue has all the skills necessary and loves you a lot, maybe even a bit too much. Tsun is cute but it's only good to a certain point, not for a wife.

Blue Ai. She can do the housework and cook

The director is a huge lolifag so yeah, hopefully it'll be the research group. I appreciate Asanagi drawing one for this series as he seemed to have inspired many others.


Sometimes I do wonder why do I even bother with this series...

I REALLY like lolis.

Sometimes I do wonder why tripfags exists

Because some idiot tried to impersonate me the last time.

Sorry if I don't understand sarcasm.


>10k yen bluray
Jesus, I want to support the show but that's way too much even for lolicons.

Char's cunny.

That may be true but hear me out. Red Ai is tsun right now but she's still growing, yet she's already got a good head on her shoulders. She's confident, intelligent, and (To a certain degree) grounded in reality. Blue Ai does have a lot of good wifely skills, but her yandere-tier jealousy could either get better or worse. Like way worse.

I'd rather have Red Ai, personally. Good companionship down the line.

10k for 2 episodes

what the fuck are they thinking

Not actually these BDs have 3 episodes.

>actually liking bratty tsunderes

I came here to laugh at you

Jesus, it's Meguca all over again.

>40k for complete bd set
>360$ plus taxes

Those prices are pretty typical for Jap BDs, probably the limited edition or something.

Just get the translated LNs off Bookwalker, it's like 5 bucks per volume and you get the full story like the Meijin peeing from a building and Kuzu vs blind guy match in the second volume.

imagine when you finally snap and give her a nice strong slap to the cheek and she's completely confused and scared and she pees a little god

It's 7800 animu coins and it's only 4 volumes, yoy idiot

Why do lolicons lack the deep pockets typically associated with furfags?

Yeah, but user, look at how she reacts to handholding.

Just imagine how she'll look when given the D.

Should I pick this show for the lolis?

Why don't you watch at least the first fucking episode to find out?

The show went out of its way to preserve the loli's screentime at the expense of everything else. Still, it's a pretty good anime even if you only watch it for the Shogi.

She's a grand-daughter of a former yakuza boss and I hate criminals. Blue Ai is only yandere when you cheat with other girls.

SOON4 months

Loli can't be this sexy! It's impossible!!!!!

I don't think he's asking for shogi, you know.

I hope someone translates the double Ai doujin in the meantime.

Is it bound for Comic 1?

Do you think we'll get a beach episode?

where do these sketches come from? They are so fluffy

We should get a Hawaii episode but not quite beach. More like a mindbreak episode.

It would be nice but how do you even shogi at the beach?

I wanna rub my fingers under her lolibra

>grand-daughter of a former yakuza
Shit, I forgot about that. Now I'm just imagining what it'd be like if this setting had Kiryu and Majima.


This one is much better than the other daki image I've seen.

In spite of the lewd, I just want to rub her head and tell her she's a good girl.


Wrong Ai

Only being able to like one of the Ais is the highest proof that you're a plebeian.

Nice, but probably not something you want the police to find.

Is it even legal for a loli to have those lolihips?

I only like blue Ai out of all the bunch of girls in the show.

Anyone have any screenshots from the shogi sleepover during episode 2? I need them for research purposes.

I wanna cum all over and inside her tiny loli body!!!

>no plans for a full doujin
I hate pixiv artists sometimes.

epic meme dude

Need to add "muh boogieman"

Why don't you take them yourself, streamer-kun?

Releasing a full doujin takes time and money, you know.

I'm not a streamer, just a bit lazy...

Going back over that bit in the episode, I didn't realize how cute and comfy the background music was.

I am the police, and I approve.

The one where Yaichi got fired up during the training was really good, I'll definitely download the OST once it comes out.

5 mins

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Rude. He swings both ways, you know.

isn't he very strong




Reminder that red is a homewrecker slut.



calm your tits obaasan

ginko is smooth down there


Do not post ginko please