How do you keep track of the anime you've watched

Does anybody else notice they have an unusually good memory for anime?

I'm a lazy rube who's fucked up his life by not going to school, who has poor life skills, but for some reason I can remember each of the hundreds of anime I've watched in my life. Even the ones I've dropped on ep1.

I think it's because I keep meticulous records (on documents) of each anime I've watched, when I watched it, and what I thought about it. I even keep a parallel archive of screenshots and images to help jog my memory, although I haven't really needed it.

OP, not going to school didn't fuck up your life. Being born an autistic faggot did.

Just use anime list you faggot.

spreadsheet, to simultaneously manage your downloads too


it has auto tracking when you play a media, it'll automatically update your list, thanks to this I never open MAL again.


I laughed

I'm too old and lazy to bother spending 80 hours transferring the data. MAL is a retarded waste of time for redditors to use to interact with each other. anidb is better because its algorithm can actually provide you with rec's. MAL is useless

Sometimes I scroll through my anime list and wonder what if highschool dxd, seven trinity, adn the 4 other demon animes I watched were really any different from each other.

Sometimes I'll see a title and not know what the fuck it is until I the promo picture.

And yet I can remember watching samurai pizza cats at 4 am because it was like the only time it came on back in 1994, but I was a kid, and I loved that shit.

I don't, if I can't remember a series it's probably because it was not worth remembering

yeah. i even forget those i rated 8/10 unironically. probably has something to do with internet allowing for non-stop marathons, even the good ones become indistinguishable at some point

Don't you want to know what you've watched 10 years from now?

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ive never interacted with anyone on MAL
just use it to index stuff and to link it when asked what I have watched

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I forgot, between 2009 and late 2010 i reckon

Kill yourself for using cancerous websites.

Anilist for less cancer and better UI.

Go look at the created date on some of the first images you've saved.

>How do you keep track of the anime you've watched
With my brain?
Also it helps that I learned how to discern trash anime decades ago so I don't fill it full of forgettable seasonal shit. Maybe once you get another 10 years under your belt you'll learn to be a little more discriminating in your tastes

>its algorithm can actually provide you with rec's
Is this better than MAL's human recs?

i don't