Name an anime with a worse second half

Name an anime with a worse second half


all of them



The second half wasn't that bad. It's just that the first half (or more like the second quarter) was so great that it was a huge step down.

How the fuck do you go from a gripping, 5 episode long, 3 man debate in the woods where the fate of the world relies on a fucking huge tree, a science room bone zone, and an ultimate destruction gun wielded by a kid who doesn't give two shits if the world ends or not . To bullshit waifu romance and friendship.

A huge step down is putting it lightly

it was always waifu romance and friendship

pay attention more

It wasn't front and center though. It was hidden in the background shamefully where it belongs.

the whole story revolves around 2 dudes doing things for one girl



Guilty Crown sucked shit from the first episode

Zankyou no Terror
Little Witch Academia
Subete ga F ni Naru
Kill La Kill and it still hurts to admit it ;_________;

No it wasn't, the princess was actually a cool character with agency in the first half.
But to me it's not even about that. My problem with the second half was the complete lack of tension - there's no antagonist, all the characters work together, they just find the guy with the hakai powers, they formulate a plan and just execute it with barely any opposition. There were no twists, no opposition, it was dreadfully boring.

Aldnoah Zero.

I thought the first half was okay, but the second half went full trainwreck and had one of the worst endings I've ever seen in anime.

>mfw never finished the first ep because it was so shitty
My only regret is missing out on the threads.

>Little Witch Academia
I still don't understand... what was wrong with LWA's second half?

This. Everything post gunshot was horrible.

Iron Blood Orphans S2
Bahamut: Virgin Souls
and more but I forget

I will never not be mad at Hakaze turning out to be a shitty tsundere, winning best boy and ruining the second half of this anime.

I'm still mad
Also this

Arc V

I watched because of OST but dropped 1st episode 2 times.

fuck synchro arc

I dropped this every week.

What was his name again?

Seikaisuru Kado went from AOTS contender to garbage after episode 9.

Honestly had to think for a bit, but then I remember SAO exists. This is a close second though.

Hakaze getting her shit pushed in by Aika was fucking golden though.

>how to destroy a series with 1 card.
Smile world was the bane of that season.

The second half had Hitler Shu, so it's better than the first

Aquarion Evo

Knights of Sidonia

Of course.

>Iron Blood Orphans S2
Buttblasted ratfag detected. S2 saved the show from a shit bog.

And a yurifag as well.

It's not really a 'second half'. Only the ending sucked.

You don't need to be a yurifag to see that Hibikek S2 was garbage.

It wasn't. You really need to watch true garbage shows, like Argevollen.

Hibikek S2 is full of pointless melodrama of boring character. mizore and asuka can go fuck themselves. focus on competition goddamnit, this is why they got last place!

Orphans S2 after gaybro died, it just went full braindead shit, wow everyone is dead what a mature anime!

RIN NO LAGRANGE S2, It still hurts.

>wow everyone is dead what a mature anime!
You seem to be mentally underdeveloped. Are you triggered by dramatic irony and tragic stories in general? Better go back to your safe space moemoe animu.


The execution is complete garbage, all characters suddenly become braindead, dying right and left just because. that's not how you make a bad ending. I wrote an essay about how Orphans sucked hard after gaybro died long ago, too lazy to write it again.

Flip flappers.
Manga was straight up garbage.


t. pleb

>execution is complete garbage
You have no evidence.

>all characters suddenly become braindead
Were you even paying attention? They made idiotic decisions as far as S1, they just never backfired so badly, because luck.

>dying right and left just because
Yeah, you weren't paying attention at all.


More specifically the last quarter, but still. Why couldnt it have just stayed a cute generic harem throughout without turning into the most convoluted ending I've ever seen.

True, but how do you explain that it was interesting in the first half and totally boring in the second?

orphans was always shit though

i got the exact same feeling you did many times during s1

It was great as a mafia show, once it turned supernatural it got kind of shit.
Obviously, episode 1 would have to be revised as well.

What the fuck are you talking about? That last quarter was the greatest thing to ever come from your favorite trash-ass genre

i hate this meme opinion so much

the mafia half was better but there was nothing majorly wrong with the second half other than it just feeling kind of out of place (but you should have been expecting it based on the first episode)

especially since the last episode was incredible

Thankfully, S1 is so MARU that you can just pretend S2 never existed, but don't forget the songs, especially JERSEY DAMASHI

But S2 was cancelled, user. It never happened. Shame about Ran, but she probably came back to her waifu in the end.


I like harems and I loved it when Flag turned into the Matrix.

Hakaze never should have put clothes on.

Agree with you entirely about the second half. First half was packed with neat bits - the tech-eating magic, Hakaze blasting a hole in a mountain, iron butterflies turning people into stone. Second half just had trees being crappy cops and getting /fit/ with worst trap.

S1 had the best ending between Madoka and Ran to cry openly about.

but s2 had 3 way kiss right?

Gurren Lagaan.

>Muh Kamina

People who think TTGL post timeskip is bad is the most reliable tell to identify retards.

Zetsuen was absolutely kino, fuck off.

ultimate plebs

Dragon ball super
Digimon Tamers
Digimon Tri
Gaogaigar final

When you say Pokemon You're talking about OG Johto right?

>watching DBS

It was amazing

Everything in general. It should've ended with the first season and that's all, back when the premise wasn't overdone to death, but then the endless cycle of repeating the same shit again and again happened, with him ditching tag alongs and pokemon with every new region in favor of new ones, losing the league and repeat. He even constantly suffers character regression as in some seasons goes back to acting like a rookie at the beginning and for some reason everything impresses him as if he had never seen strong or quirky pokemon in his entire life. Dude even pokedexes pokemon he already pokedexed ages ago.

Gundam 00

Not even close.

Valvrave. Dunno why they decided to start explaining all the stupid shit that was happening.

> anything by Sunrise
> anything by Trigger

For ZnT the second half was like an entire different show, I don't know what they were even thinking.

Hibike was fantastic and high rated everywhere. You say this because you are still a newtrash letting IRC influence your judgment regarding the show because they shitted up ALL the threads.

I thought it got better in second half. The only bad part was the romance drama.


Aquarion EVOL
Macross Delta
Seed Destiny

You're all wrong.

Shangri-la (I don't care what anyone says, I don't think it can be topped in this regard) A shame because Range Murata's designs are always amazing.