I want to marry Rie Takahasi

I want to marry Rie Takahasi.
Okay, that was all.

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Season 3 never

Interesting to know, but might i ask if you've seen this man?

I want nakadashi Ai kayano and pimp her out to Sup Forumsnons.

I want to fuck and creampie her. But you can marry her still.

She is goddamn adorable as all hell, op. How tall would you say she is, anyways? She looks like quite a little pixie!

>Date of birth: 1994-02-27
>Hometown: Saitama, Japan
>Height: 160 cm
>Skills & Abilities: Playing electric guitar

>160 cm
About 51-65 kilograms? She's very slight, let's estimate she's roughly 52kg.

E N V I S I O N ?

I want to deflower Rie Takahashi!


I want to make Aya Hirano fuck the bass player, thus breaking the curse and allowing a new Haruhi season.

Cursed post

A broken egg can't ever be whole again. You can't fix her reputation.

You are absolutely right.

I want Tomato-chan to be relevant again.

Someone draw Meg from Family Guy as Megumin

Zero Two?
Did she always look like this?

She's used goods.

She's pure like Risa Taneda, Aoi Yuki and Asami Imai


>Asami Imai

Get in line

that cosplay is so bad. hat needs to be wider.

width should match her shoulder.


Nobody cares. New Haruhi would wipe any past sins (remembered by few in the first place and a concern to even fewer, none of whom matter). It would be a purifying flood of sheer glorious divinity the likes of which anime has never seen. Love can heal broken hearts and rifts can be mended. Haruhi would smile upon us all if we but wish and pray hard enough.

~Love, Not Aya Hirano



>marrying a thot

you idiot anons don't you know that when she finally marries someone she won't have any reason to stay thin?

She's in a lot of popular shows since 2 years ago. I don't know if it's luck or that she's just good in picking which shows will do great.

There's no way a noobie would get as many roles so quickly. There was sex involved, you have to accept it. And Taneda Risa literally had a kid not long ago - you don't get anymore used than that.

Hey man, I want to marry fat Uehara. The heart wants what the heart wants. Give OP a break.

Is it bad if I know the truth but still deny it?

I was to impregnate Rie Takahasi. You can raise my child if you wish.

Anyone else thinks Hara Yumi is the pinnacle of Japanese femininity?

Furukawa Yurina is my wife

>curled hair

JAV code?

She is so adorable.

She looks like a small titted version of porn star Hana Haruna

don't think, imasine


>tfw there are now seiyuu younger than I am
>the VA of Hazuki from Marchen Madchen, and Gab's VA, are both almost three years younger than me
>tfw there are already VAs born in the 2000s
I'm getting old.

overrated VA from a one trick pony show

But she's cute, fun, and has nice taste in underwear.

>has nice taste in underwear.
Hold up, what?

> G E N E R A T E A P I C T U R E I N Y O U R M I N D O F T H E P O S S I B I L I T I E S

You don't know about Rie's upskirt? I had it on my laptop before but I reformatted my laptop last month so I lost it.

O-oh. Like who'd wanna see something so...distasteful. Heh.

she can actually be 45. i met an asian that was probably 160 and said she was 50. but her mom told her she got fat because she used to weigh like 43 before eating all our dutch chocolate and Liquorice. though she looked really normal. i bet asians are just fucking skinny as hell.

She's certainly bottom heavy, look at her stumpy legs and complete lack of boobs.

For 3DPD Rie is actually pretty cute.

You can literally google it.

Someone please tweet this to her.

fuck off 3dpd fucker

>You can literally google it.
I could but it's just not right, man.



>3DPD worship

Why? She wanted her pantsu to be seen. How do you think she got so popular in so little time?

...her talent and sparkly personality?


Are you a manlet? 160 cm is pretty fun size.

How many dicks do you think she's had inside her?

As many as in your throat



As someone who's 185 I am rather confused how anyone can find 160 to be large just because you compare them to other short people

Aqua is pure beauty

I got that reference.

Only mine.

>tfw want to marry Yoko Hikasa but she's already married to two people

>tfw want to marry Hayamin but she makes a better couple with Aoi

I would be sad if someone bullied her like that. If she saw it here it'd be fine, for obvious reasons but we know not many va's browse Sup Forums. Aya Hirano visits Sup Forums but she is just a Sup Forumstard.

>a girl would find it bad that anons find her attractive and feel lust towards her
Where the fuck do you live? Bizarro Earth?


>exactly 2 days older than me

Are you cute?

I wish

>Aya Hirano visits Sup Forums but she is just a Sup Forumstard
Wait seriously?

Dork can't wink.

Rie is really fucking cute and a huge dork. There's a series of her cooking various Japanese meals on YouTube that's pretty awesome.

>Implying Aya Hirano would save Haruhi and not Sugita
Sugita was the only person that mattered in Haruhi


Post winking seiyuu then.

Pretty sure it's a joke user.


Born on the same day as me holy shit

>tfw born in the same month

Well link some then nigger.

Bullshit. As inarguably core to the show and iconic as he was, there is no Haruhi without Aya. Without her, he's just monologue with no purpose, motivation, or even a tone to react to. No Kyon can ever be any better than their Haruhi allows for. This is the very quintessence of playing off of and elevating each other as actors.

I want her to cook my sausage in her oven.

lets send her pics of our dicks like Sup Forums did

How old are you user

You're several years late.


>you'll never fuck Rieri in the butt while she talks in young boy voice

Is that the upskirt the other user was talking about?

The entire series as of right now I think.



Way too heavy, TakaRie is your average skinny asian girl.
My wife is 1.72, and weighs 48kg, but has a great figure.

are the majority of japanese actually so light?
i thought it was just a meme in anime

There was also a scene in some precure show where she rolled on the floor and revealed her secret place.