Why does everyone look so weird

Why does everyone look so weird

Shit art style and shit studio

You don't know shit

Shit art style and shit studio

I know shit when I see shit

Good art style and good studio for once

Shit studio imitating a shit art style.

Wada a shit

Good art style and shit studio

#screencap ;0


Should use Watanabe's design. Wada a shit.

That rin made me realize that rin was hot.

wada is good tho


Post more Extra Rin

Tamamo never.

Wow bug eyes so good

>SHAFTfags will defend this

She was in this episode though

They really are



>people wil like and defend what I don't like
So weird and wrong. Clearly those people are worse than ISIS

t. I prefer ufotable's rhinofaces


Why does Rin use dollar bills as bandages for Hakuno?

it's from the old men she have pleased, she got a lot of it.

Better than ufotable.

it's a last encore of the same shit. T
he animators are tired of drawing old waifushit who pleases old men.

Why is the pokemon filter so strong?

Because they all got SHAFTED.

Buy BDs and/or watch on Netflix

If think takes place in 2030 something why are Rin and Shinji the same age?

Where is Shirou?

There's no group ripping netflix?

Only (You) look weird

suck dick Kirei as usual

Chyuu. But they're taking their time for some reason
Netflix episodes also come out like 3 or 4 days after the japanese airing

Digital avatars
Shinji here is an 8 year old kid
Rin isn't actually Rin but some relative of her who is basically blonde Rin

I just booted up Netflix on my PS4 and didnt see any LE episodes

She looks exactly how she looks in Extra game tho

I'm talking about Netflix Japan, obviously
The only reason Violet simulcasts is because Kyoani had god-tier scheduling for the show and finished the episodes with enough time for Netflix to release dubs and subs in a bunch of languages a few hours after the japanese airing.

Who wore it better, Sup Forums ?