So who dies next episode?
Half a pair? Whole pair? Multiple pairs?

I'm really hoping for the midget & canon slut team, though I'd be fine with all of them dying except Hiro and 002 honestly

Everyone except 02 dies, she moves on to a new team.

Plantation 26 is getting wiped out thats for sure.

That will be the final episode, a direct mirror to the first episode.

>who dies next episode

kokoro and fatso

One thing's for sure, and that's that Hiro won't die. Why? Because he's piloting the Strelitzia.

>A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower / plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise.
>The bird of paradise represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness
>The 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple
>Freedom and the ability to travel, due to the flower’s resemblance to birds in flight
>Magnificence, excellence and success
>Joy through challenges and successes alike
>Faithfulness in romantic relationships
>Optimism towards the future

>no blondes or reds or pinks or blues or greens or purples or any fancy color
>all plain boring dark colors
First deathflag

I will miss eyepatch bro

Wrong, first deathflag was their plantation being named chrysanthemum.

They're gonna build the happy place where they belong together

care to explain user.


It's the flower put on someone's desk when they died.

>The nameless/faceless platoon does as well as expected, showing off their veteran experience holding the line against hundreds of Klaxosaurs
>Eventually it's too many though, they a breach opens up in their line and the monsters pour through, needing plantation 13 to come forward and help
>Even then there's too many, Hiro and 02 rush forward and help fight them off
>Strelitzia tearing into Klaxosaurs left and right, Ichigo calls out for Hiro to be careful, he tells her it's fine
>Tide turns but the battle culminates in a massive showdown between Stretlizia and a giant Glaxosaur, they're locked together hand in hand in a battle of pure strength
>Hiro's roars of anger mix with his roars of pain as he and 02 pull out their full strength, it's horrorfying to hear, as if the whole battlefield is drowned in his screams, the others can't help but give pause. Even so he furiously holds the Klaxosaur in place for the others to finish off.
>Finally it's defeated, just as Strelitzia is thrown back, slumping to a knee
>The face image shimmers and disappears
>His friends cry out, "H-Hiro! Hiro!?"
>Shot of Hiro in the cockpit, slumped forward in a Joe/Kamina pose, his hair hanging over his face and his body drained to the last
>"HIRO!" Even Mitsuru calls out in alarm for him
>Hatchi: "Strelitzia has ceased movement."
>Nana: "Hiro's life signs have disappeared... Did she?"
>Hatchi: "She isn't stampeding, did something happen to Zero 2?"

>Right as the screen focuses on the two of them looking over Strelitzia's operational damage/condition, a sudden scream rings out from the remainder of Plantation 26
>Cut back to the action, another massive wave of Klaxosaurs are incoming, including multiple like the big one they just beat!
>Plantation 13 is taken by surprise, and too overwhelmed with what happened to react in time, they're blown away and quickly frantically/desperately just fighting for their lives
>Ichigo can't/won't focuss on the battle, "HIRO! HIRO!"
>The rest of the calls ring out, "Hiro."
>A soft voice echoes, "Darling..."
>Cut back to Hiro, slumped in his chair
>His head lifts up and his eyes snap open, glowing a dark, bloody red. The outline around his eyes is now a vibrant blue, just like Zero2's red.
>Episode ends.


Ripperino, lil' dino

>>They're gonna build the happy place where they belong together in the afterlife*

If anyone dies it will be some of the squad members from Plantation 26.

>P26 wiped
>P13 about to get wiped after Strelitzia goes down because Hiro collapses
suddenly elite fuccboi squad shows up

You got the wrong reference son.

The leader of the fuccboi squad fall in love with Hiro in first sight and start competeing with 02.
There are too choices for Hiro
1. Escape from plantation with 02
2.Live with fuccboi in the city

One thing for sure it will likely spawn a 2k replies thread and several others.

Doubt it since they are on the frontlines.

NO. They will be fine. Kokoro and Fatty are nice and don't deserve pain.

>the cast gets continuously smaller until only 02 and Hiro are left in the last episodes

Hiro would be wounded all over
survives the fight
goes to ICU

and he'll live an empty life

Not in japan you fucking idiot

As i see it most likely ones to die are Goro or Fatso.

>implying anyone will die this early

Someone already died though?

How can dino kill a stamen without harming a pistil though?

Who? The girl from episode one didn't die, she was just sent to the "hospital".

And the horse from animal farm was just sent on vacation and not to the glue factory

>white butterfly

Hiro dies and Ichigo is main character.
If Hiro doesn't die next episode, he will die before episode 13.
The only way he is surviving the next episode is if he and 02 fall out of sync mid-battle because she wants to do something reckless that puts someone or maybe even an entire squad or maybe even every other duo in danger.

Ichigo, stop posting.

>Hiro dies
Yes and Oni Hiro is born

They said that to not shake up the squad, their numbers need to be stable

I'm just saying!
The robot designs are all female. The end credits exclusively show the females. The final shot of the end credits is a paniced Ichigo running up to a fence she can't break through and staring at grafitti of a bird.
I'm just saying!
Ichigo has had just as much screentime as Hiro and five times as much character exploration.
I'm just saying!

They even remarked the fact that all their franxx look the same as opposed to 13.

And only one of them has a VA

>Because in any fiction let alone anime, when a character is dead but there is no body/firm confirmation that they're dead, means they are 100% without doubt dead and not inevitably going to return.

No one. Hiro is going to go Super Saiyan Blue and save them all.

>if there is no body confirmation she is 100% alive
She ded

>if there is no body confirmation she is 100% alive

Did i say this you faggot? I'm saying that without 100% firm proof that she's dead, we can't tell if she's dead, it's a trope for characters that are "dead" to come back.

So if some chose to believe she is dead then why do you argue against it if you can't be sure either ? Besides, even without the Klaxosaur fuckery she would have been dead anyway. No children return to the garden. Why would anyone want that ? I think it's even implied by Kokoro or Miku at some point

what would Hiro feel if a situation comes where 02 went out of control and started murdering other franxx and pilots/his colleagues?

>later episodes
>Mitsubishi tried to backstab Hiro when he was not in the robot
>Oni hunted him down the Plantation like a slasher film villain.

The episode will end with a shot of an unconscious Hiro bleeding from every single orifice he has with a visible tumor even when he's wearing clothes.

The episode after that one will show the whole team wondering what's the status of Hiro while the higher ups hide him in a hidden hospital room to rest, episode will end with Ichigo discovering where Hiro is, seeing his status and tumor and going ballistic blue oni on 002. Catfight between the two both in oni form.

Episode after that will reveal that their numbers is an indicator of how diluted the klax blood they all have is. 002, Hiro and Ichigo have the highest chance of going into an uncontrollable oni state since they have the highest density of klax blood. Ichigo now still have a blue horn on her left side even in human form and now sucks the life out of her partner when piloting like 002, Goro is in deep shit because of that.


Is that Delphinium's core getting crushed?

It's too early for anyone of the main team to die. We don't care nearly enough about any of them to have the emotional impact it deserves.
Heavily injured, maybe.

>Why would anyone want that ?
so naomi can lose her shit seeing that hiro can pilot just fine with 02 like ichigo did, and to raise hiro's love interest/02's love rival numbers, being hiro's first partner

let's hope not

>It's too early for anyone of the main team to die.
tell that to mami from madoka

No, I meant plotwise. Why send failed child soldiers back instead of getting rid of them.

>mfw I tried not to like this show but it’s slowly becoming my favorite show in years

Same feeling here, ticking all my boxes and even boxes I didn't even know I had

objectively I am not really interested but after watching the first two episodes I am really hyped. It's weird. I don't even have a favorite girl

Dafuq? Is Hiro about to reveal his Stand on the last panel?

>don't have a favorite girl
allow me to offer a suggestion

Different show, different writer, different plots.

Urobutcher is unique because he does what nobody else does.
Imitating the B-movie slasher plots in everything he writes.

Are these Hiro clones?

I'll consider it

it's a fascinating way to write things, but it's super trashy
doesn't help that the only good thing he wrote is Fate/Zero

>bird of PARADISE
>won't die

The hair is different in every character so no.
Probably children who get into the Garden via cloning/orphans.

We don't know much yet but I think we can safely discount cloning since even P26 characters show different characteristics and hairstyles, which dictates that cloning trope isn't used for the children, at least.

if you ever think something is a TTGL reference, it's probably a reference to something older.

she's coming back as a robot or a half klaxosaur, screencap this post

I'd be happy to

Nah, they probably going to subvert the muh dying rival trope by making Naomi coming back as a nurse/engineer/cook/waitress who can act as 02-Ichigo bonding factor by being Ichigo+02 2.0 who publicly dote on Hiro only and with an even heavier crush on him.

It does not make sense for them to throw away to and kill people they been raising and spend resources for 2 decades just because they can't make it as a pilot and it make more sense to reassign them other jobs with less glory and expectation.

God damn it Mato confirms the spider metaphor, it's over for Hiro.

>you're cute, darling


Yo, hold up a moment. How does this work? He literally named them after their numbers. So wouldn't saying the others' number sound like names too?

Hiro dies and Goro becomes the new MC

Don't they spell their codes in English? Like zero two.

There's pronouncing 401 as yon maru ichi and there's pronouncing it as Shioi.

well, there are at least 666 different ones, probably 999, and perhaps a code is only reacitvated (cloned) when the previous clone dies.

Interesting is that the codes are stitched in the collar in but are missing in pic.

It's just like how Latin is for college-educated burgers.
Just for the foreign mysterious feel.

those are some really flat chests

Well, they are Japanese.

Not exactly.

It's quite obvious to see how much of an influence Hiro is on the kids. Literally every single conversation are always somehow revolve or return to Hiro, with or without his presence.


Hiro wants 02, no matter the cost

Who is Naomi?

Holy shit that last shot looks so much like a spiders web.


I don't think any of the P13 cast are going to die this time. They haven't received too much development yet, so killing them later has much more potential for heartache. Episode 6 should have sufficient drama potential with Hiro's blue heart tumor and the P26 generic squad receiving the meatshield line against 100+ klaxos, then spurning Strelizia.

Is that a FranXX control pod Strelizia ripped out?

Ichigos robot
Shes getting revenge

Hiro looks like he's about to desync

Reminder that if Hiro was replaced by any of pic related...

Hiro, the STD takes over his brain and he is no longer Hiro.

damn, bully never stops

hopefully kokoro so I can furiously masturbate

Must put penis inside Kokoro-chan.