Opinion on GrayyyLmao

Is he officially the worst villain in all of the Dragon Ball franchise, if not, the worst villain in this era of anime?

I had my expectations of him adjusted to be very, very low, and yet he still fails to meet them.

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he's not a villain though, he's a good guy

trying to win so your universe doesnt get erased doesnt make you a villain.

there's no real villain in this arc, just fighters and assholes.

its all so fucking awful, theres no good design in super
at least gt looked good

I wouldn't know about the transformations. Ss4 Vegeta magically changing his clothes while transforming comes to mind.

Nope, still better than General Dildo and Super 17.

blame toriyama for not coloring them
oh and that happened with gotenks and gogeta

>theres no good design in super
What is Beerus?

A cat on a stick

the whole thing started badly with that overpowered cat and the dumb god transformation

what a retarded cliche generic piece of shit stupid boring lazy uninspired overdone letdown backstory ever manga>anime

>The worst villain in this era of anime?

Naah, just wait till they start making Hunter x Hunter again and you see this guys and his asspulls

He has the personality and fighting style of a brick wall. That sad attempt at giving him a backstory only made him even more dull than he was. In a way, he's the perfect embodiment of Super: a lazy character, with a dull design and even duller powers, done in the laziest possible way.

>at least gt looked good


Hit is dank af. Jiren looks bland and boring I agree on that.

Just randomly putting out words at this point

>strength is absolute
>deals in absolute
>believes strength can bring back the lost ones
>1 master 1 apprentice no more no less

I bet he hates sands too.

toei jiren is not canon
manga jiren is great

Ya, you got me. I was actually shit posting.

why did they give 17 so much air time while letting Gohan job so hard?

because a producer is an A17 fanboy. Not even making this up

GT was made 1 year after Z, not even by toriyama and turned out crap.
Super is made 20 years after Z, by Toriyama and still turned out crap.
What's your excuse for Super?

Fusion Dance is a mystical technique, magically providing clothes is well within the realm of possibility.
A genetic/evolutionary transformation like turning super saiyan 4 providing you with cool looking pants is absolutely retarded.

Because he is not evil, dumbass.

It has way more interesting world-building than GT, and quite a few actually decent new characters. It's also not set after z, so it doesn't ruin Z in the same way as GT did. Other than that, Super does have a shitload of flaws.

it did

>more interesting world-building than GT
yeah by making hundreds of gods who didnt do shit to buu because reasons

> It's also not set after z, so it doesn't ruin Z in the same way as GT did

this doesnt make any sense

>yeah by making hundreds of gods who didnt do shit to buu because reasons
Beerus was asleep, what other gods are you referring to?
>this doesnt make any sense
Taking GT as canon, any reading of Z comes with the knowledge that Goku becomes a canonically weak as shit literal child a few years after he flies off with Uub(who is a complete failure of a student).

what i meant with 20 year after Z was that they had 20 years for writing a good show and still turned out like shit, not even counting the crap animations

What the fuck is the point of an excuse?
If GT is shit, its shit and having excuses doesn't change that. If Super is shit, its shit and excuses don't change that.

I also think having to make the show 20 years after Z ended is massive disadvantage, not an advantage, its hard to recapture that magic 20 years later in a completely different context, and with Toriyama even more senile and laier than before.

didn't GT start airing immediately after the end of Z?

Jiren's stupid cliche backstory was all worth it for 17 to immediately make fun of his dead parents immediately after telling the story

Fuck this entire tournament has basically been worth it because of 17 alone, MVP of this entire arc.

HxH has been off of hiatus for 4 weeks now. The 4th prince hasn't done anything

It started airing literally a week after Z ended if wikipedia is to be believed.

It also ended within less than two years, which is an even shorter run than Super.

Well by taking super as canon everything the z fighters did was useless cause whis beerus zenosama el grande padre or jiren or who the fuck else knows anymore couldve defeated buu with one hand, fuck mystic gohan right? goku blue red and more colors incoming
What was the deal with buu anyway oh he destroyed planets, turns out there are gods that do that legally and zeno gary stu could wipe out whole universes
Superman destroying galaxies by sneezing eat your heart out

Super is garbage, big surprise.

Friendly reminder that spics actually got the best OP for Z.

why did we get the shitty Linkin Park OP?

They actually found a way to make a backstory worse than Broly's.

Fucking Bravo.

GoD's are supposed to destroy shit to keep the universes balanced and make sure something like Kid Buu doesn't go around fucking up the entire universe unchecked.

It's like controlled forest fires to promote regrowth versus a 12 year old with a flamethrower set loose on the amazon.

Beerus was asleep and incompetent.
Zeno could not give a single shit.
Jiren literally lives in another universe.
If Goku and the others hadn't stopped Buu, he would have destroyed most or all of Universe 7 before waking up Beerus and being killed by him. The Z Fighters were still the only ones in a position to save the universe.

Super has heaps of flaws, but you're nitpicking what isn't really a flaw at all, basically asking why King Kai didn't stop King Piccolo.

Im fucking tired of this balance shit, it wasnt needed in star wars and its not needed in dragon ball
Beerus is silly as a concept
He shouldnt be that old, older than the elder kai? Cmon

King piccolo wasnt a threat for any other planet

Buu wasn't a threat to Jiren or Zeno, and Beerus was hibernating. What's your point?

From a Z movie

>why is a country influenced by taoism (yin and yang) writing about balance REEEE

What about whis? Was he hibernating too?

Whis doesn't give a shit what happens to a universe, he's immune remember?

Angels don't give a shit about mortals. In fact they don't even give a shit about their GoD's.

So why kill buu? Didnt he bring balance?
Great Super, babidi did nothing wrong now

Yes. Shit design, no personality, shit backstory.

His design was fine, it's his backstory that's complete and utter garbage

>Well by taking super as canon everything the z fighters did was useless cause whis beerus zenosama el grande padre or jiren or who the fuck else knows anymore couldve defeated buu with one hand, fuck mystic gohan right?

Because Z totally didn't do that right?
cough "Kaioshin can kill Frieza with a single punch" cough

He's just Beerus' caretaker, so he was probably chilling in their castle. He has no responsibility or reason to be checking in with lessers like the Kais.
Even Future Trunkverse's Zeno didn't realie the whole of Universe 7 had been wiped out by Zamasu. Gods above the Kais are very apathetic.

Kid Buu is literally pure destruction, no balance at all

the first thing he does is start teleporting around the universe killing any life he can find

Japan has very little taoist influence.
Shintoism > Buddhism > Confucianism > Taoism

Killing a couple of shitty planets while the Kais encourage better ones is balance. Wiping out the entire universe isn't balance.

They needed at least an episode of developed backstory with him in order to feel any sympathy, which I guess is what they were going for.
Instead, we got the glossed-over abridged version from Belmod, and then back to the fighting. It was almost comedic how shoehorned in it seemed.
Speaking of which, the clown himself and his relationship with the big guy is pitifully underdeveloped.

Normal frieza

>not a shitty ripoff of Taoism


look like utter garbage? Yes it did. That's why spics and retards like it.

>Is he officially the worst villain in all of the Dragon Ball franchise, if not, the worst villain in this era of anime?
That'd be Toei Animation themselves.

Talking about influence

But zeramus did it

Can you really blame babidi for destroying some planets when you pledge alliance to someone that destroy 4 universes?

How did gt look worse than dbz or db?

That's the best thing in the arc, for once a non-Saiyan gets to be relevant. It's actually refreshing for once.

If Taoism basically made Japan's major religion, then Taoism influenced Japan. Are you a brainlet?

Toriyama didn't have a good editor to reign him in. The staff gave him way too much creative control.

GT had much better world building than Super. At least Goku, Pan, and Trunks get to travel to different world and planets.

It was the late DBZ style with slightly more accentuated shapes and slightly different colour tones.

Saying GT looked like shit, is pretty much saying DBZ looked like shit. Considering GT is a visually flanderized DBZ so to speak.

Who pledges allegiance to Zeno? Goku is friendly with him, but has said he's only a servant of the gods 'for now'.

Who is Zeramus?

Do you know what worldbuilding means?
What worldbuilding did GT add?
Are the Black Star Dragon Balls and joke planets really better than Beerus and Whis?

GT had fucking terrible animation, although its actual artstyle was better than Supers.

Beerus is a good concept and frankly I'm somewhat impressed Toriyama managed to come up with a believable way to surpass Buu. This is the difference between him and Toei writers. If Toei wanted a stronger villain, they would just asspull some random alien to be stronger than anything before without actually justifying it. Actually 'would' is the wrong word, because that's exactly what they did in GT. Random robots are Buu tier, with no explanation about why there's so many beings with the power to wipe out the entire universe and kill Gods. But hey, it doesn't matter, because we've reset the powerlevels back to where destroying a city is considered impressive. But Toriyama knew they reached the limit of their universe, and instead of backpedaling and saying "actually, they didn't", he wrote a multiverse. And even then he didn't go crazy with that idea: With the exception of a few rare freaks, saiyans are still top top tier at a multiversal level. You can still claim that there's no point in writing Super of course, but in comparison to GT it's far better.

GT had absolutely laughable world building and only spics who don't care about internal consistency are impressed by it. "Woah Goku gets to travel around and do whacky things! Just like old DB!" "Wow a guy wants revenge on the saiyans, thats actually a cool idea for a villain!" "Wow what if the Dragonballs were the final enemy? Genius?" Except none of those ideas make any goddamn sense, the first arc was awful because Trunks and Pan are unlikable as fuck. The Shadow Dragons are full of plot holes in practice.
>random namekian creates shitty weak bootleg Dragonballs
>Dragon is so weak he can be destroyed by King Piccolo

Babidi did not create the things he destroyed, nor can he create anything to replace them.

Zeno can literally undo every bit of damage he does by clapping his ass cheeks together. Not to mention that he doesn't make anyone suffer outside of the fear caused by the knowledge of it.

Yes, at least the dragon wasnt as big as the universe

What the fuck kind of answer is that? If you're not looking to have a discussion, then fuck off.

The Shadow Dragons being born from the wishes the heroes make, A Truffle getting revenge on the Saiyans for exterminating his people, the Black Star Dragonballs being a prototype to the real ones. Beerus and Whis don't really contribute anything to the plot and the heroes could've solved all their problems by themselves if they just developed a brain.

Zamasu, Black, Champa, Vados, Hit, and Toppo were the only good things that came out of Super. Everything else is shit because the show is the Goku and Vegeta power hour, even in arcs that don't require them to be the main characters.

not in the anime

>Kami, the CARETAKER of Earth,creates dragon balls that will destroy Earth if ever used
Fucking retarded.
>Kami, the guy who wouldn't even be able to stand up to Nappa, is able to indirectly create 7 (SEVEN) beings stronger than Majin Buu
Fucking retarded.
>Beerus and Whis don't really contribute anything to the plot and the heroes could've solved all their problems by themselves if they just developed a brain.
They are the main antagonists of the first arc, and introduce the whole new God structure of Super.

Nobody cares about the God structure of Super. This is the same show that forgets King Yemna exists. Freeza was a much better God of Destruction than Beerus.

Was this post meant to be coherent? I like how you ignored the fact that GT worldbuilding is fucking retarded.

The dragons have much more power than their creators

>Beerus and Whis don't really contribute anything to the plot
They're the catalyst for at least three out of five Super arcs. Four if you want to be very nitpicky about Zamasu arc. On top of that Beerus is the permant goal the saiyans are training to surpass.

Gt was not allowed to have worldbuilding

Reminder that Belmod is the one who killed Jiren's buddies, and he's retiring so that Jiren's eventual "kill all the gods" wish will hit Toppo instead while he runs and hides somewhere.

Super's world building is even way more retarded than GT. It's too much telling and very little showing of what the other Universes look like. The show doesn't really care about the other 11 Universes because they're just obstacles for Goku to overcome rather than actual settings. Jiren's backstory and the Pride Troopers are terrible because they're the Ginyu Force without the charm or personality that makes them interesting. Am I supposed to believe that a team full of Jobbers was able to protect the galaxy from evil threats?

I've always wondered what your Pedrolevel must be to enjoy GT. A show so bad that even 12 year olds who have zero standards hated the show when it aired.

Krillin could do a fucking great job of protecting Universe 7 now that there's no super evil heavy hitters running around, no doubt the Pride Troopers, who are above Majin Buu but mostly shit-tier compared to Goku, could handle their own universe.
You may not like Supers worldbuilding , but its not nonsensical and filled with plotholes like GT's.

I had hopes for him to be an interesting antagonist and was even rooting for him to win the ToP, but after he turned out to be just another overpowered arrogant cunt, I want Goku to style on him hard so he can cry like a little bitch much like cell did.

>two Troopers are close to Goku tier
>one Trooper is way above them
>hurr how are they able to protect their universe against what are probably monsters with a powerlevel of 20000 hurr durr

Toei really shat the bed with Jiren. I loved his attitude when he was just a silent badass but now that he's gloating and flaunting at every opportunity he's become so unlikable. Then his shitty backstory just finished him off.

Nearly every villain in Super is capable of beating Goku, only losing because of an asspull.

GT had better character development and ideas than Super. There's just no incentive to care for the any of the characters introduced because they're all going to be erased by Zeno anyways.

Please, they'll all be back from the dead by the end of the arc, just like every other good guy in the whole entire Dragon Ball series.

They're not really dead, just permanently erased by Zeno. If it was that easy, then Future Trunks would've used the Dragonballs to revive his timeline.

You are an absolute idiot if you think all those universes are staying erased. Maybe you SHOULD stick to GT.

Goku didnt in gt

Lets face it, zeno and the gods of destruction were a massive unnecesary asspull

His back story was fucking horse shit.
Fairy Tail's writing looks like Shakespeare compared to this shit.

You're an even bigger retard if you believe that the Super Dragonball can restore things that Zeno erased