Why the FUCK this trash is so popular? 3 episodes in, nothing of value has happened

Why the FUCK this trash is so popular? 3 episodes in, nothing of value has happened.

Are you the fucking Citrus guy again?

Who? I'm allergic.

>just watching Oregairu now
>complaining about one of the best harem anime in recent years
Are you new to anime and Sup Forums?

I've been an oldfag before you was born, son.
>just watching oregairu now
Are you one of those newfags who watch anime on-going? Never do that.

It's always a good time whenever we have a Hachiman thread. Fuck you OP

>not watching anime as they air
Yeah, you're definitely new to Sup Forums.

> Yeah, you're definitely new to Sup Forums.
That's a conclusion only a newfag would come to.

Jokes on you I've been on Sup Forums for five years now.

>best harem anime
Being the best in a sea of shit isn't something to be proud of.
Haremfags are just a step below shonenfags.

It's fucking trash. I didn't know how it got popular. I dropped it during the time it was aired and never got into it.

A diamond in shit is still a diamond. Though I wouldn't say it's the best it is far from terrible.


The MC is literally most of Sup Forums, people say self-insert a lot about characters they don't like but this guy actually is exactly that.

8man is better than almost all of us

8man self-inserting only works if you hate yourself

Yeah nah. 8man is a fucking faglord.


God don't even get me started on him. They're both fucking trash.


Real answer:
Edgy 8th Graders and Betamale Incel failures realte heavily to the show.
Surprise surprise, those two demographics comprise most anime fans in general.

I only watched it for Yukino really

>8man self-inserting only works if you hate yourself

everyone hates themselves, those who dont are just arent realise yet

because the MC is like me

>not self inserting as the superiour autist

>Why the FUCK this trash is so popular?
It is the ULTIMATE wish fulfillment show for teenagers, between 14 and 17.

Honestly it is amazing how the show created what is probably the greatest self insert character in all of anime.

Hachiman, is what every single slightly edgy and unpopular teenager wants desperately to be.

if you are outside the age range 14-17, are female and either an uber Chad or a complete looser then it is absolute trash.

What's the difference between Hatiman and a complete looser?

He eventually becomes popular.

In school you got the "loner" types, which this series appeals to, these are the people who want a gf, but are to beta and insecure to talk to girls.
These are the people who *want* girls to talk to them and day dream about cute girls approaching them. (which obviously never happens, except in fiction)
This is probably were most Sup Forums falls.

Then there are the legitimately autistic children, who know that they will never get any female attentions and are in constant hatred and fear towards women.
Go to /r9k/ there you will find people calling women, half a dozen leagues about them, roasties.

Haha, i was once the second type but now i seek asylum in 2D

i only like this because of saika

That’s some incredibly shit taste fampai.

my nigger
it's 2020

Yes and people have become bigger faggots with shit taste.

Same reason why Classroom of the Elite and Saekano - SHIPPING WAR

Because of Iroha, the best girl of the series. She is likely to win too.

So much shit taste in one post should be forbidden.

This. Iroha a best girl. BEST.

Stick to DB/S.

Only if you have shit taste.


I have excellent taste user. Iroha is always correct choice.

You say that, but then the opinions you share, tell a different story.