Danchigai chapter 43

You know the drill.

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Strict line breeding is the only way to maintain and expand the phenotype...

thanks user, looked all good today.t

Please Please Please translate the previous chapters

they're all done


This would normally be the set up for hentai.

sekret club is incomplete. Mangadex?

I think it's just all mixed up I'm pretty sure they're all there, if not check archives for the mega link


This? And anyone upload the translations here to other place?

MUH, all the sisters are great

The way I do this now, and I think will do in the future, is that I upload a chapter here, then after all the extra "t"s are pointed out to me I put it on mangadex, and from there it goes to the mega and any aggregator sites, like kissmanga and what have you. The things is, I don't have control over what happens after the first version goes up, because updating a chapter on mangadex doesn't really do anything, so the version that's up on mangadex is always gonna be the most recent one and any other might not be.

Maybe I should be putting stuff like that in the OP.

might not be a bad idea
unlikely anyone's gonna waste time uploading it to mangadex if they know you'll do it eventually.
but the QC is important, so the delay here is sensible.
Mutsuki pushes the limits of what's an acceptable relationship with him

Thanks op

Thank you, may 2D god blesses you with one thousand virgin anime girls

Cute chapter, thanks again OP

Remember to tell your sister you love her.

but i love your sister, sorry that you are last person in family to know

Whats this warm and fluffy feeling?

I really can't get a read on Mutsuki. Like she's most definitely a brocon, but does it really go that far into love? Like she doesn't seem opposed to kissing him and sleeps in his bed, but at the same time she doesn't really seem to react to other people's reaction towards her relationship with him.

Her body wants him because he's a convenient male, but they grew up as siblings so she treats him the same as always in what she thinks is a normal platonic relationship, she doesn't realise the implications because she's an airhead.

Except Yayoi

>keep dry
thats not why i bought it

She is the mother of them all, including Haruki

Some of you should google The Westermarck effect theory.

Thank you again user. You are making every day comfy for me by translating this.

Yayoi a shit.

How stupid is this guy?

When will the bugs be fixed?
It keeps skipping pages when you go back to read a page. It also incorrectly chooses a previous chapter when you're done reading one and want to move on to the next one.

>t. Yayoi

>bothering with Yayoi
>not using every opportunity to bully her




why all the hate? she is the best!
>tsundere incest

>why all the hate?

Asukafag pls

I don't know, it feels like it could easily cross the line. Mutsuki wouldn't mind at all it seems.

>where to, next
where to next

The sibling banter between Haruki and Yayoi was the best part of this chapter.

Just Mutsuki and Haruki going away alone on vacation or somewhere isolated together with alcohol but no access to Haruki's games, the internet, phone signal or TV.
Would lead to awkward questions when the bump started to show a few months later.

I wonder what'd happen to the girls if Haruki either ended up leaving for college or up and died.

there will never be a running gag where Haruki and Yayoi accidentally kiss and she gets all embarrassed

>Haruki dies
plot twist
>Mutsuki is pregnant with a son
>refuses to name the father.

Are they not blood related?? Rereading early chapters and it says foster parents,
Haruki x Yayoi is cannon right?

He should have put his dick in her butt

translation error, the context was they'd be foster parents for the cat.

They would all die from severe depression

>Names him Haruki in memory of his uncle...

You mean father?

quiet you
it's purely a coincidence that they look the same
isn't that right Mutsuki-nee

I like nee-san but she is too much like a mother already. I want a sweet but still full of life elder sister, not a second mother.

Nobody cares about what you want, stop wasting precious bits with your bullshit

Motherly nee-sans are the best for impregnating.

>not wanting a motherly nee-san

No, just another guy with the same name

Reminder that all the sister a best.

Because after the first time it wouldn't be accidental anymore.

Yayoi is shit though.

You take that back.

I should make a montage of every time Yayoi acts like a piece of shit.

If you do I'll make a montage of every time Yayoi acts cute and it's gonna be twice the size of your montage.

>it's gonna be twice the size of your montage
You need to go back Bizarro.

Well, half of it is probably gonna be just your entire montage, because I think tsundere is cute.

if you do I'll make a montage of every time Mutsuki and Haruki almost push the barriers of decency and it'll be 10x longer than both

This user gets it.


Why isn't it done yet regardless of anything else?

If he were, how closely related would he be to the kid? 50%? 75%? how does the genetics work here?

Theoretically, anywhere from 50-100%. Just like any other parent/child relationship.

50%. The kid will also be 50% related to the grandparents

>The kid will also be 50% related to the grandparents

....true, which means he'd share 75% with each of his parents...
it's really a matter of luck whether they're mostly heterogenous or homogenous allele pairs on critical loci

>parent's room
What are those?

You should probably learn how punctuation works before you try to tackle probability.

...the probability of me giving a fuck about punctuation is....
the same as your chances of procreating

>50%. The kid will also be 50% related to the grandparents


need illustrations

The loli service is great.