Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho (Yorimoi)

Episode 7 preview has come out

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Why are they all so cute?

nice boat

It's amazing how just from the preview I can tell the episode is gonna be great.
This is AOTS no doubt.



I want those cakes to smear their lipstick all over my dick

So more or less skipping straya and finally getting on the ship. Looking forward to the cakes.

>skipping straya

>finally on the boat

How long does it take for a boat to get from 'straya to Antarctica anyway?

Is it tomorrow already?

For what reason might they be covering their faces?

Looks like they conclude Kimari is too ugly for camera too.

Around 20 days, though i suppose it depends on ship and load.


I don't know but this shot in the preview made me laugh.

Lots of flashbacks to the frozen mama. This is going to be a sad episode.

Why are they so fucking crazy

They are going to steal the choppa so they can go look for Shirase mom deeper into antarctica mainland.

kimari ninja-mode

Just being dorks.




>Chad in the background
you just know

pretty lips







dork milf

Living the thug life.

Hair down Hinata is a miracle.

Sneaking into Chad's cabin.

Mi wife is so cute.


I want to impregnate these dorks.

one for one or all at the same time?

Give me milfs instead.

My girlfriend Hinata is so cute and likes it in the butt



Isn't she just? We need more of that.

Swiggity swooty, I'm coming for your penguins


Kimari is too adorable

Shirase SMELLS like durians. Could you still love her?

Hey dudes. Help me defend Ishizuka-sensei in this thread of mine against incoming naysayers.

>Caring about seiyuu's.

>fanbase wars
>against kyoanizombies
you dug your own grave faggot

This is the only unequivocally good thing she's done though, and it's not finished yet so it could still faceplant in the second half.


That's Sora Yori's director.


That's even worse.

Just leave them alone you retard. Why the fuck do you feel the need to drag fanbase war here?

This, all anime should be voiced by synthetics, like vocaliods, I still haven't forgot the shit they pulled with shimoneta.

Humans are the only weakness in the industry.

No, what then fuck. What is wrong with you?

I still can't decide who's the best girl between Shirase and Hinata.

The answer is Shirase

It's Hinata.


Let Sup Forums decide for you. It's Hinata.




Not your personal army

That's true love and dedication. Unless you're a SEAmonkey.



dumb lesbot

Fuck off.

That's kinda hot.


I can kind of understand it more than seiyuufagging, although unsubstantial argument is so tiring.

YoriMoi's direction and composition is amazing, with all of the tricks it uses to keep long conversations visually interesting, but those threads are always less about celebrating the good and more about trying to nitpick the bad. Which I'm not down for. Unless it's KoiAme.

>MFW her pussy stinks and when you start eating it it really sweet to the taste

>MFW it's just like a durian

An amazing traditional beauty.

No bulli.

How can one cake be so drop-dead gorgeous

So many Shiramom flashbacks.
Simply picking your favourite of the four is no longer enough.

Fuck you, smug cunt. All these options hurt me eyes.

Kill yourself, my man.

Jesus Christ dude

I've never been on an extended boat trip before. What's it like? What do you do all day?


>Megumi is my favourite (meme choice)

If you're just a passenger you basically fuck around and try not to get in the crew's way, though you can also help out with small stuff

Now i'm curious what hinataicon 2 is

It is too dangerous for mere mortals to behold.

It's cute, just like the rest of them.

I bet she knows where Shirase's mother is.

What do you even do though? Tour the ship? Hang out in your room the whole time? I mean I get bored on overnight trains, I don't know what I'd do with myself for three weeks.

I hope this isn't the thing we remember from this anime.

It would be hard to forget where you burried your last murder victim.

Everybody knows that.

Watch anime in your room, like the rest of your life.

throw up a lot, seasickness is awful

It's a research vessel, not a passenger train. Unless you're a PhD you're probably doing your share of work, even if it's just scrubbing the deck or peeling potatoes.
The girls might not though, because they are making video logs or whatever.