What the fuck happened?

What the fuck happened?

Were you living under a rock for the last couple months? It was kill. Someone used necromancy. Now it looks like this.

block the domain name and stay away from it forever.

We mangadex now

This looks fucking awful.

Fuck off mangadex/doki shill.
Bato.to is still the original one but some deviantart artist persisted to redesign that site.

the worst thing is that every comic is added like 5 times and each have different amounts of chapters, shit makes no sense

I don't anyone is that retarded to believe bato.to is still the original one, shit bait

Thought this site was kill? what the fuck.

looks like that other manga streaming site. can't place the name. Definitely not the same batoto website.


Someone bought the domain.

mangapark, mangawindow, they're all the same shit

Is mangadex the best alternative now? not a fan of madokami desu

Look like literally deviantart tumblr shit
>those gookshit weeaboo art

>tfw forgot my madokami account

Only use madokami for download.

Everything is cartel.

So use mangadex from now

Except the pages for some manga are using the pages from other mangareaders complete with watermarks instead of it being uploaded directly by the scanlation groups.

>Not having a SNOW account

batoto is now an aggregator of other aggregators, mangadex isn't

Eh, I'll just bookmark both in addition to Our Goddess.

Sold the domain for more or less 5 grand just to be fucked by some aggregator. Nice joke.

I can't upload to mangadex, is it down or am I dumb?

mangaherechads is where it's at

this plus downloading a good comic reader programme and you will have the best manga reading experiment

Upload was disabled for an hour, it's back up now

Mangadex reader is shit and the site is too laggy right now so I just use it for finding new manga and I just read it somewhere else.

Just use mangaupdates and read it on mangarock or the scanlator sites

I hate how you can't return to the previous page. Is it so hard to do something like dynasty?

You can using the back arrow key but yeah I agree with this.

Bro give it some time to develope. The site only started being coded from scrach for about a month by a small team. More feature will come in the future.