ITT Characters that are LITERALLY you

ITT Characters that are LITERALLY you

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You expected an autistic character

... But it was you, an autistic JoJo fan!








Is this accurate?


No not again.


Me on the left.

Fuck off.


Are you telling me you aren't an anime character?

literally me

donut steel*

rare leaked image of me





"literally" me.

Femanon redhead who chainsmokes and shitposts all day.

in other words, a faggot


you goddamn degenerates


Girls don't exist on the internet!! Good day to you sir!!


Are you daijoubu?


Also looks like me.

Stop this hit too close to home


How did you get this picture of me.

Me to

this gentleman right here


Literally got the same haircut as well.
Ironically studying entrepreneurship so got an excuse to dress formal as well.
haHAA btw xd

There always has to be a smug closed eyed man somewhere or else the universe won't be in balance.


Which person are you again or are you all three?

Let's be real, this is what we all are

But user, I'm not a woman. If I was one, people would give me attention for existing even if I was a loner.

im the cute one

Looks like a turbo slut.

No single other character comes as close as Inaho does.

Are you okay user? Do you need a hug?

Hmm... I've always wondered what this anime is, can't remember the name and I skipped it due to how generic it looked years ago though I don't know, could go and watch a couple seasons come night-time.

Nice trips, you must be sweet by the way~ then I guess its in the name.

That quote cannot be argued.

Bless you user, hope you're doing well today!

>that yu-gi-oh! gx villain was named after a mere muscle

That's pretty cool.

Do your best today user, best of luck!

You're going to have to be petted user, apologies for how incessant such delicate head-pats may be.


>grey-haired shop owner in his mid-20s
I am one step before him, but I am also one step behind, as I don't have Horo accompanying me.

i am Kino

>Tfw no wolf gf to love and support you

Why even live?

are you a slut?


Because if you have a wolf gf, I'd fucking have one. I WOULD HAVE ONE user, WE WOULD ALL BE MAKING IT.




You're a shit-tier plot device, pulled from your mother's ass by the power of bad writing?

same goes to me, but for a short time, I also was some kind of Shinji

>get triggered that easily
>screaming pol that easily


You know that racism is against the rules, right?

Grey-haired person who loves tediously explaining things and considers becoming a writer - that's me!

wait you are just baiting never mind

Ya'll are bunch of cucks.

this also applies to me


dis nigga
is this your 2nd or 3rd day on Sup Forums?

You forgot the hambaga, user.


But are you cute?


Girls don't exist here


You will not post any of the following outside of Sup Forums: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry") or grotesque ("guro") images, post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.

She is the physical embodiment of autism and Sup Forums

depends, cause a cuck usually likes it to get cocked, doesn't he?
if yes, than I am definitly not a cuck


you would be surprised user.

If autism means I dislike people. If it means I can't talk or introduce myself. I guess I'd be a tomoko.

Of course.

>implying this is tumblr where jokes and microaggressions are bannable offenses
obvious bait

Stop playing dumb or I will report your post to the moderators of this forum.

seriously i know you are just baiting but screaming pol on little joke is just too much
if he is from pol his most likely baiting and by screaming pol you are doing just the thing he wants and his laughing at you
if he isnt then its just harmless joke and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it because this is Sup Forums and you are just ruining thread with pol screaming

Hello, St. Valentine? Yeah I know it's 2 days early for your holiday but can I get a uhh boneless valentine thanks

Yeah, well I'll report you to the admin!
He'll go nagasaki on your punk ass



No, but seriously user. It's either death or sorrows for me.

>if he is from pol his most likely baiting
Sup Forums is full of garbage humans and racist, there is no doubt of my mind that his attack on other people was motivated by genuine hate.
I really couldn't let it stand unchallenged, this is simply not acceptable, even when you are "edgy" you shouldn't be racist that is just too far.


Very funny, I am laughing hahahah.

>jokes should be banned

Welcome to Sup Forums, now fuck off newfag.

>there is no doubt of my mind that his attack on other people was motivated by genuine hate.
Is this a picture of you?


I just told you, being edgy is okay, making jokes is completely fine, but racism just isn't, that is why it is against the rules here.

Do you not know about Charlottesville? People are DYING because of racism.

This fucking guy

Are you screaming inside user

No and white men are not all terrorists, that is just exaggeration/bullshit, but there is racially motivated hate in the US, that is just reality.

If tomoko and hachiman had a kid It'd be me.