One Piece

So what exactly is Smoothie's power and how OP is it?

Sponge Sponge fruit

This, she absorbs people juice

Reminder that Katakuri will be the new Boa Hancock


Is this some good foreshadowing? Will LuVi happen?

Lets keep the thread clean boys

Gas the kikes, fujos and shippers

>In One Piece, the Jews control the world by demanding special treatment because their ancestors established a world government
>In real life, the Jews control the world by demanding special treatment because muh six quintillion
>tfw the reality of the One Piece world might become a possibility in the distant future if we let the eternal filthy Jew establish a New World Order

Imagine. It's already forwned upon to question the Holocaust. Can you imagine what would happen if Jews managed to seize complete control of history?

That... is a really good guess. That explain a lot things about her.

>kills the thief

Maybe it's a spongecake? Would fit with the Big Meme pirates having food based fruits.

i want smoothie to drink my juices

How does she make juice out of people, tho? If it was a sponge it'd be water, I'm guessing.

>went to go see Oda
>bankrolling the anime
is that you shitposting Mohammad?

She can manipulate things as if they were sponges to squeeze out liquid.

Daily reminder the best ship that isn't Sana or Luna needs more fanarts

how about this: doffy drawn like char and monet drawn like kamille???

She's juicing.

By golly, that's just crazy enough to work


I will post LuKa until you like it.

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?


Can you make my friendly old person cannot be this cute edit?

This is Katakuri's snakeman version

>tfw Sup Forums is breaking the conditioning
feels good man

Juice fruit maybe.

It's why she can squeeze people and bulk up (juicing).

Oda, where's Luffy's pirate queen Vivi?

Is it called shipping even if it's canon?

Is it called discussion even when it's shipping faggotry?


>Sup Forums posting
Fuck off. I'm tired of you and the SJWs. Both of you fags are pussies who need your safe space. The worst part is that you both never shut the fuck up. Nobody gives a shit is the truth.

>SJWs need a safe space from having their feelings hurt
>Sup Forums wants to keep murderers and rapists out of their countries
Basically the same tee bee aitch. Guy was joking, go hug your dildo.

fuckm off, subversive kike

she's juicing to GET BIG

And nobody wants faggotry and fujoposting on fucking ONE PIECE threads.

while fighting buggy pirates, Zoro stabbed himself.
Luffy is too weak to fight Katakuri. Katakuri could bury luffy in mochi, and stab him was he tries to escape.

>tfw pretty much guaranteed break next week

She's awakened

>the same tee bee aitch
you go gurl draaag him mawma yasss

nami is friendly with sanji now cause she knows he is a rich prince

Nobody gives a fuck. Go be woke some where else. Sick of your crying, cry baby. The fact that you don't realize how equally annoying you are along with those pansy SJWs is funny though.

This thread is already shit with those shippers and now you're bringing your garbage over here. Thank god the nips largely don't give a shit about politics or religion. They have the right idea. Don't got time (we have time) to get offended at every little thing.

So she is a sponge herself. And shes awakened as fuck so she can extend that to other things

We might get 5 chapters in a row after though. Maybe. Problably not. Hopefully.

we can wish

Sup Forumsposting actually ceased shippery and faggotry posters

Can't find any two-kana word that would mean "sponge" though


Bisho Bisho

Sucky sucky no mi

You seem to care a lot lot though, lol. What's wrong noseberg, pissed you can't keep spamming poz fanart without me running around screaming fuck the kikes, race war now?

what is a poz?

supo supo from suponji

Lets make buggy a yonkou level shichibukai. How would You use his fruit for It to be op?

>Inb4 atoms

People of Zimbabwe

spanju spanju no mi

na mi pusy pusy

Think Janemba from Dragon Ball + that filler cube fruit for awakening.

AIDs? Ah alright

Carrot doing something again when

Range of splitting increased.
He can fly far as fuck thanks to that
He can send any body part to wherever, perfect spy
His inner organs are hidden somewhere to avoid lethal damage, if suffered

Awakening: something like law. He can split you in half or more pieces. You don't die because of this, but are CCd as fuck

>meme rabbit
>amounting to anything
ever chopper cares more about inu and neko

He can split however he pleases so no attacks actually harm him.


Actually hes doing that now. His real body is hidden and only hands, feet and head are there. He's using a blanket or some shit as a fake body

Possible with future vision

so what did she juice there? crew and ship seem to be fine.

also not so sure about the awakening thing. if she could expand her powers onto others shouldnt she be able to make them big too? BM spend a fortune to make exactly that happen.

She's in the middle of the sea. Have you been on a beach sometime? You actually breath water, air is so humidified

How big can she fucking get? She's at least the size of a giant now and she could still go bigger according to the other Charlottes. Also what does she extract from people/giraffes when she wrings them out. Just tasty juice or actual vitality?

>she's a jobber because she hates big Meme and doesn't want to fullfil her dream of having Giants even when she can turn anyone into one easy as fuck
>katakuri is the same
>Not a single son or daughter loves big mom
>They just fear her
>Only peros actually loves his mama because is the first one
>Oda is trying to warn abusive parents that their attitude will cause bad results
>Maybe he had an abusive mother himself and this whole ark is therapeutic for him

her actually absorbing seawater would be... well things would get crazy for sure. those long legs would serve some purpose if her upper body is the only thing visible when standing in the sea.

also with such bizzarly long legs no one will complain about botched up perspective. Oda is one sly motherfugger.

>Long arms have 2 elbows
>Long legs have 1 knee
Oda is such a fucking hack.

Brulee loves Mama, she cried when she saw Linlin falling off the castle

Salt is not included in the vapour

She just need to discover adoption with Pekoms.

>Also what does she extract from people/giraffes when she wrings them out. Just tasty juice or actual vitality?
She can apparently even juice a chunk of volcanic rock, which I'm pretty sure shouldn't contain any liquid.

Brulee is so cute

i see it now.
>Bege, at the heels of Giga Smoothie.
>a tiny Crew mobster looks out of bege castle.
>he is holding the user of the flea-flea-No mi
>flea-flea No-mi: "Well fuck"

so whats the idea on snakeman?
extended limbs?
tongue manipulation?
i cant even get any real ideas because of its name

whip limbs, leg attacks, and constricting

Takoman upgraded

i assume something like enel fight but improved

Can eat a whole enemy and then construct from the inside until submission.


Look at this nigger faggot and laugh

Viz user when

Yeah, OP was never absent of a double issue and the issue following it ever since the lighter schedule was established, if this pattern is kept than we are probably going to get a 5 chapter sequence at some point in the next months

Dont disrespect the heroes you fucking faggot

>Gear 4: Snakeman!

Go read a girl's manga

All tea all shade kween!

>supo supo
I'm getting flashbacks from Hadaka Shitsuji.

This will be snakeman. He will stretch his arms and keep them tightly folded close to him so he can manipulate them like whips.

never happen

snake man
lanky man

Would be neat. In anime they usually say whip motions are hard to follow/ read.

Does anyone have the raw page of when Luffy declares his new 4th Gear? I want to confirm if it's スネークマン (suneekuman) or ヘビマン (hebiman). Cuz so far we've had bouncer and tank, so snake wouldn't fit thematically. I was thinking, could it actually be heavyman instead of snakeman?

Hopefully all the way to Oars tier.


Alright, thanks user.
And it was スネイク, huh.