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Are you dumping the guidebook? Whats with the Precure? I'm confused




floppest of the year

I want to be happy showered so much.


Fucking Altair.
Mamika didn't deserve this.


She deserved everything for being a filthy moralfag.



What went wrong?




Haha no fucking way

I dont understand anything

>I finally get what this thread is about

Holy shit I'm retarded

They both have big hats, dummy. She's definitely not Black Rock Shooter or anything like that. The author may have said it but that doesn't mean anything.


>the hat is the only issue

I’ll never understand this. This never happened when I watched it


It's an edit that collates that long, basically uninterrupted exposition dump into two screenshots.

>this thread

Shut up, Asuna!

Wasn't the point of Re:Creators that they were parodying famous heros and villains from popular japanese media?

The creations are shaped by their creators traits rather than the characters they looked like. If you start picking apart the details you'll probably end up missing what makes their characters. What they generally go through in their own stories largely don't match different characters.



Wasted potential the character.

Mamika a cute, CUTE.

Mamika a best

I love how this man is a proxy jojo reference.

But she wasn't wrong.

She was though. She wasn't able to stop Altair like she said, nor would she ever be able to save Setsuna's soul.

these producers didnt have the budget to actually buy all that media
ironically some media giants actually have the money to make crossover fighting games

She was the only one who confronted Altair on how fucking stupid her plan was though

Widespread hearsay, never was the plan from the start. Aoki got asked directly about that last year

>She was the only one who confronted Altair on how fucking stupid her plan was though

>Hurr durr lemme save you ooooo sprakles

Good thing she died desu

That fucking show was stupid.

You were stupid

Why? It's 2018.