Am I the only one who wants to bully and dominate this bad girl or is Sup Forums full of beta's?

I'm pretty sure you already know the answer to this one, OP.

Wanting every girl to be dainty pushovers is pretty beta.

I want to be corrupted by this bad girl.

I want to play 02's game!

Being forcibly tied up and raped makes a girl a 'dainty pushover'?

rape is not very apha

>wants to bully and dominate
>it's a RAPE picture
So, for you, if we don't rape girls, we are just a bunch of beta? I think that the problem here is not us, but YOU.

>half of the board was defending MC getting cucked and being ok with it
Your guess OP

>those tears
Muh dick

I want to see user get beat down attempting to do so.

Are you mentally challenged?

>Sharing her with other guy

Half the board can watch a show without getting their Sup Forums bullshit involved? Pretty sensible then.

>Not raping girls on the side with your bros
Do you even have friends user?

Not by you.

I for one I'm all for breaking "dominant" girls, but your pic is rape, which is obviously different. Then, you have the problem of the girl in OP being a cesspool of space dinosaur HIV, which is enough to make me not touch her with a ten foot pole.

Rape don't make you an alpha, just an asshole.

>can throw a fully-armored adult male across the room by flicking one of her arms
>thinks he has even a tenth of the strength required to rape her
Keep dreaming faggot

I want to get in the robot with 02.


Anons here think and try to convince people they work out. Even working out they'll get fucked by Zero Two.

But the reality is "working out" anons are fatter than regular anons.

>japs are so insecure they have to draw completely impossible scenarios against a confident woman

Wanting to bully and dominate women is the most beta thing you can do. True alpha Chads want to BE dominated an bullied.

True chads don't see the world as some kind of alpha/beta, bully/bullied, dom/sub dichotomy

>says True alpha Chads want to be dominated an bullied.
>post a tsundere who are always really submissive on the inside.

02 is a slut so she is not even worth rapping

>True alpha Chads want to BE dominated an bullied.
>source: my ass
There are no real dominant women, by the way.

What's the point?

I only get into Rape if she shows signs that she's secretly into it or wants to fuck but doesn't want to feel like a slut for it or she's in the mood and submissive and I'm horny and want to take.
Raping a slut(clean one and hasn't been up to any cagey shit or is bi or something like that at which point it's not worth it) is like going into my own garage and stealing my own car.
She'll give up the ass for free and if she knows I'm packing and can fuck like a beast she'll want to rape me.

Rape to prove strength or manhood is meaningless.
I train to improve strength and my manhood was earned a long time ago.

you do realize she has AIDS, right?

True alpha makes the girls rape you.

How do you know the guys in OP's pic aren't Saiyan descendants or something? Look at you getting all worked out just because the fictional space gonorrhea lizard is getting raped. You should feel bad for those idiots since they might catch some of her nasty shit.

Why is she in that outfit when the guys are from the modern world?

No you aren't but Sup Forums is still full betas.

Wanting to dominate others is pretty insecure which makes you a beta.

Wanting to dominate is beta
wanting to be dominate is also beta
being in between is true alpha

So, chad is beta?

Aids thtat makes you superhuman

And the other half were Sup Forumstard shitposters screeching NTR at everything. Kidna like what you're doing.
Your point ?

I'm pretty sure it makes you a criminal, not just an asshole.

Wouldn't it still be criminal behaviour if 02 does it to you?

yes, only she would actually get away with it by saying you are rapist instead of her.

Of course.

I want to bully and dominate every bad anime girl, but not because I'm alpha. I have huge insecurities.

>i-if you don't like my shitty fetish you're insecure
Fendomfags are incompetent and passive-aggressive even while false-flagging.

I was being serious.

you said someone only a self hating redditor would say.

Alpha and asshole are the same thing according to the mating instincts of 3d women.

that explains why 50 shads of grey is popular among them including the feminists.

Oh,user, what happened to you to turn you into such disgusting piece of shit? Not enough love from your parents? You poor thing

The best thing about instincts is they never lie, and they always manage to leak through a person's self-control, one way or another.

>His friends don't have a rapemobile for those very occasions
What do you think normies mean when they say "Picking up girls" user? Did you even have a social life in HS.

>There are no real dominant women, by the way.
>source: my ass

And how much 3D woman have you had IRL? (None, of course, little thug)

Okay. Why does that matter?

Because you have low self esteem.

He also has low intelligence.

That's a prerequisite to enjoy anime

It seems like consent is a foreign concept to you. Pity you can't find a girl willing to sleep with you

user I'm telling you it's literally all the rage with normies wherever you go. You're just a sad neet if you don't habitually rape women with your bros.

Consent is a social construct, you nazi scum. If she stops squirming and begins enjoying it then it's not rape.

i feel like you are tying to make a joke that only Sup Forums would understand.

You could've said that first.

user are you autistic or something? Literally every week, me and my bros we get into a rape van, and we hit the town. Have a few drinks, catch the game, then do the deed. You've literally NEVER done this before?

You dropped your frog/wojak.

You're either old or a woman. Possibly both.

t. peggingshit

It's all fun and games until you and your mates pick up a fine looking JC lass looking for pun, but you get killing bites instead. Happened to a friend of mine.

Oh well, that's what killing bites is.


I want to fuck that badger

sorry user but I'm a Nice Guy(tm).
I don't like her though and wouldn't mind seeing this bitch suffer and getting punched in the guts.