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Must suck being a filler character.

Why is Meiling so based?

She's the most relatable character desu

Yeah. She's the only imperfect character in the series which makes every appearance so refreshing.

She saved episode 6

Toya has no cakes. Shame

Meiling a best. A BEST.

This man speaks nothing but facts.

I really found Meiling annoying when she first showed up, but she got the best development and still remains super based. Nothing but love and respect for her.

>he didn't feel anything
Smoll dick

He's a chink so what did you expect?
Meanwhile Yuna has the biggest D since he's from europe.

>tfw these 5 have only been in the same episode once and didn't even really interact

china was small then
but now china has grown larger

They were all together in the Leave it to Kero-chan short for the Sealed Card movie.

And a ching chong nip nong to you, cute loli.

>Tomoyo with a drone next episode

She's going to go full Big Brother on Sakura now, isn't she?

Will Sakura use Record every time from now on for Tomoyo's sake?

>That smile she puts on after she confirms that Syaoran loves Sakura
>She holds in her tears until she flips the fuck out in private
>The next morning, she tells Syaoran to man the fuck up and tell Sakura how he feels

She really did go from NIHAOOOO to completely based.

Ep 60 makes me tear up every time, user. Based Meiling and based Tomoyo.

Stuff that happen only in fiction

Why does Japan make Chinese girls so best when they in fact hate China in real life?

Is she sucking Tomoyo's girldick?

I'm glad that it seems that they're still close friends and talk a lot...Meiling spilling the truth about Syaoran playing the piano is not the kind of conversation you have when you talk with someone only once in a while.

they write chinese characters based on their expectations but the reality upsets them.

kind of like paris syndrome

>the japanese are so disappointed with the current state of europe that they actually have a condition for that

Old people hate the chinese, this generation still loves them as neighbors.

>"sorry for wetting your lap"

The same pattern exists in China.

Can she keep one card active while she uses others at the same time?

She could with the Sakura cards. She used others while jump and fly were active. Don't know about the new ones. Though actually she used the water card when Siege was active against the trees.

I just caught up with this new season and I bet it's been asked before but, are those clear cards an actual thing you can buy, because if they are I don't care about falling for jap jewishness. I need them.

I loved that they brought her back but god... she looks as bland as lifeless as all the other characters.
This show is the biggest disappointment since Lerche ruined nu-Kino.

How do I even go on after this?

Oh yeah, Sakura will show you her best spots alright... hehehehe

Probably not until the whole deck is revealed. Also it's gonna be hard to make them "accurately" because the front shouldn't be seen when viewed from the back.

>bland [and] lifeless
Your own pic proves you wrong though.

Just rewatch her scenes in the original anime and you'll see what I mean.
Everyone in Clear Card wears those plastic smiles and behaves like a badly programmed robot or an extra in a clumsy school play. The old show was never so slow, badly paced and theatrical.
Pic related: Meiling in happier times.

>it's gonna be hard to make them "accurately" because the front shouldn't be seen when viewed from the back

they could probably use that one way window graphics technology on the cards

it would make them look a bit tinted and the graphics might look a bit like full color halftone artwork when looked at really closely but the effect would be proper

Can you name all the composers, Sup Forums?

He's prob a top desu

Watch the ova.

Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, Mozart

There's Tomoyo for that


correct, based Satan.

Of course it's not Mozart, they're all pictures of dead composers, why would I be included?

Reminder that Beethoven is a creep that likes spying on little girls

Bach > the rest

>The person they love will never love them back
>Still they wish both happiness

>chink bitch
get this cao ni ma off the screen

>falling for their cousin/second cousin
That's how it all went wrong in the first place

Steven Tyler, Bon Jovi, Janis Joplin, Freddy Mercury.

>Not falling for your cousin

Shut up, Sonomi

Why do I feel like Meiling would be my favorite girl now if I went and re-watched CCS

Sure it is

>Ugh, hear that sound in the background? That's that dork Syaoran playing the Piano again.
>Eeehhh? He plays piano?
>Yeah, and he likes it too. What a freak!

And that's that.

She used two Clear cards already, so yes.

>has a quill pen

Just wanted to let you know you're not the only one who noticed. With all the circlejerking around Clear Card I sometimes feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

It reminded me of Rita Skeeter's quill from Harry Potter.

Is this just me or Sakura's reaction here was kind of irritating? Even considering how dense she is, normally she would have already figured out that she is the "certain someone" Meiling was referring to. Unless her phrasing was super confusing in Japanese, but then even Kero seemed to understand what Meiling was implying.

I miss competitive meiling.

The only thing that could save this shit if it they make Akiho a true antagonist, and ACTUALLY EVIL

Then you're wasting your time user. CCS is no "Muh edgy villians" kind of stuff and will never be.

Better than the "kinda fishy but not really but maybe but maybe not we really couldn't decide" antagonists.

Yeah because the world doesn't have evil or actual treats in the world right, everyone is nice and kind right?, what kind of world CCS is, then again considering the happenings in these series happen in a bubble vacumm when it just so happens NOFUCKINGBODY is even aware of the weird crap happening around.


Fine. I'm just saying you should find another anime that suits your tastes then. Perhaps SM, but you're prob a stan of that series already.

Reminder that she and that faggot are part of the insectoid race and therefore they have no souls.

When will Touya fuck Mirror?

How I wish I could bury my face in Tomoyo's crotch

Mirror is kill


Not for long, right?

>Sakura confessions

Mirror is fine. Just someone else is using it

But Mira is dead.

The anime's fucking with the pacing and rearranging scenes. And in the case of Meiling obviously adding them. They have to because they don't have all that much material and they seem to not be as good at it as they were with the original.

>fucking with the pacing
No, the story is just a slowbuild, the manga got really interesting lately but in the first chapters it left the same impression as the anime right now.

Sakura a shit

Fuck you too.

Actually that's supposed to be Akiho but whatever.

Why are manga folks so pissed? I read the Clear Card manga and now i'm watching the anime and I know they're two separate continuities and that's it. I keep enjoying both separately. Why is it so hard to do?

For one i'm glad Clear Card is strictly loyal to the original anime unlike other failed reboots and sequels.

I couldn't find that yuu-gi-ou Yami!Sakura image.

Little Chinese JCs...

I'm so booooored. We get 2 minutes of card capture action (simple wand smack at target) and 20 minutes of Sakura eating or preparing food.

The cards serve no purpose. Syaoran is not even part of the card capture process. Toya is pretending to know nothing again. Kero has become extremely loud and dumb and overbearing.

Everyone is sickly sweet nice. OMG Akiho you read a paragraph of that text book, you are literally an angel sent from God. Seriously? Who does that? No school kid ever.

The plot is so slow. What's even happening? There's no stakes, no urgency, no solid plot.

Thank god for the cameos.

>Akiho you read a paragraph of that text book, you are literally an angel sent from God. Seriously? Who does that? No school kid ever.

You are gonna be so dissaponted if this happens?

As it was said before, the setup is really slow, but the plot is there, it will just take a while to reveal it. And the card capturing isn't even the main point this time, plus they still have to introduce an important character. If you really can't wait read the manga or just marathon the anime once more episodes are out.

The manga is over?

>Sakura so dense and not putting out so Shaoran just steals the Sakura cards specifically for mirror so he can get some fuk

Well the clear card anime is not entirely following the original anime continuity as they introduced the Sakura teddy bear.

The bear is probably the reason the cards are now clear as they needed to shoehorn it in the anime too

No, it's up to 20 chapters, a new one each month.

>The old show was never so slow, badly paced and theatrical
You need to take off the nostalgia googles and rewatch the original CCS. Barring MeiLin, Syaoran and Touya everyone has always been super nice and compliment each other over everything.

It seems like the sealed card is actually canon in the anime continuity (though we'll know for sure when they mention the house Akiho is living in) so you just have to assume she gave Syaoran the bear before he went back after the second movie.

I just think they're making it worse by changing shit around for no reason. I realize they have a partially separate continuity with some different stuff than the manga but there's no reason to change a lot of the stuff that they are. The only thing that I really hate though is that there are some people that are only watching the anime and quite a lot of the stuff they're complaining about is stuff that was changed for the anime that has no purpose in being changed.

Yeah but Meiling is still the same (as much as she can be on the phone), Touya is still the same more or less, Syaoran has changed (I'm clinging to his little tsun moments in episode 5 though) but that might have to do with what's going on with him at the moment, or Ohkawa just forgot how to write him, but let's hope it's not the case. I just think that people are somehow expecting the same amount of development we got in 70 episodes in just 6 of the current one. Even in the original the story was barely progressing before Syaoran was introduced in episode 8 and then for more tension you had to wait for Mizuki to show up and then for Eriol, who only came in the second act.

You came ti the wrong show user. CCS is nicetown if that's a problem then it just isn't for you.

That's because the source material is shit, the new manga reads like Clamp has no new ideas at all.

My only one.

Considering how little they're sticking with the source material that's not a very good reason for the anime not being very good.

>quite a lot of the stuff they're complaining about is stuff that was changed for the anime that has no purpose in being changed.
Except for episode 5 which was completely filler, I mostly see people complaining that it's slow or the captures are quick and lbr it's the same in the manga. If people think Record was too easy to get in the anime, it's even less of a struggle in the manga. It's just that if you read the manga you have a bigger picture of the story and know that the captures aren't even the most important thing going on so it's fine if they're quick. Personally I like how they are handling things in the anime a bit better and for now I only disliked episode 5, although Gravitation has potential and if she is actually using it in the next episode at least it won't feel so out of place anymore.