Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

Just finished 3rei

I didnt expect to enjoy a spin-off this much. Also illya thread

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Reminder that china dress is god-tier


I want to eat her tan ass and pussy. Best Girl.

Those pajamas are too cute

They really are, the events at shirou's house were pretty amazing in 3rei, episode 12 definitely made up for the subpar two previous episodes.

I want more Angelica. Also more Sella and Leys too.

You didn't finish shit, more Illya soon motherfucker. And this time it's actually Illya instead of Shirou.

>more Illya soon
It's going to be a while before there's enough material for another season, unless it's basically all anime-original.

They announced more Illya back in October, no official dates though. They're stalling a bit for the manga to get ahead.

Yeah I imagine it will still be a while before we get more, so far now it's mostly events and such we get like the valentine cafe event coming up.

I hope they're saving up their budget in the meantime too, shit's getting serious and these fights are pretty good.


what the fuck


Hot damn

This artist's Illya is too lewd, but I love it

Now that I think about it, what does the title even means? I get Fate/ and Illya, but what does Kaleid Liner Prisma stand for?
Liner as in Sparks Liner High?

I think the assumption is that a "Kalied Liner" is the "proper" term for a magical girl.

I love how happy he makes her look, nothing better than a lewd little girl that loves being lewd.

Too bad his doujins are all group stuff with fat old guys

Miyu is so cute.

Disgusting OOC shit

Yeah I think I like the first 2 mana poisoning ones as the guys there at least look fairly normal rather than giant fat and bald men.

She is absolutely precious


The fights and side-characters kept me interested, like Bazette, shota Gil, and Shirou.
I couldn't care less about fake Illya and her slutty look-alike.

Suzuka is cute

Agreed. The cups are at their best when they're themselves.

A bit lewd.

I want to take her out on a deito to a fancy restaurant

I do wish she was a bit more in character but I just love his art, the doujins are so so but all his one off drawings are amazing.

It is a bit unfortunately how few yuri doujins there are considering Kuro and Miyu are completely gay and Illya is probably as same as Kuro, Gay but with an interest in swords.

Of the lewd doujins I feel the achromic ones are probably most in character as I can definitely see Miyu and Illya doing lewd stuff with eachother if Illya gets her switch flipped and Miyu has the courage to show Illya how she feels.

Just keeping it accurate to the manga

Somehow I'm only just now realizing that dress is different than her first one

Post that scene where she is walking around on street in that suit, while looking as rape victim.

Apparently Hiroyama still draws Fate doujinshi

His old ones are comedy gold, highly recommend if you haven't read them
Pseudonym is "KALMIA"

Are there better versions of those? Because damn.

Someone post THAT scene

Prillya threads are the comfiest threads on Sup Forums.

I haven't seen another version of that Kuro anywhere, unfortunately



I don't want to go to jail

Thats a shame, the Kuro one looks really lewd.

Such a wholesome anime.

I want!

watch the movie. i just watched the movie yesterday. now i've got an urge to rewatch the series. which normally wouldn't be so bad, if i wasn't already following 16 shows already this season (plus have altered carbon on my immediate backlog)...


Why is walmart so based?

that's through a third party seller, dingus

>naked apron cups
Thanks SL. Happy Valentine's.

my exact feeling after Illya scene in the end, and everything was just so nice and tight

altered carbon is a generic dramashit that you find every season, dont get baited because of cyberpunk stuff, it doesn't explore themes presented in it at all, not to mention its overfilled with progressive crap and diversity bullshit.

awesome. thanks for the headsup. bullet dodged. between this and the travesty which is star trek discovery i weep at what normal-fags have done to sci-fi.

Such good girls


I think they just have a checklist at this point of all the clothes/fetishes they still haven't put the girls in.

Why is Kuro so brown?

A Liner is something from deeper in the Nasuverse lore than I'm capable of explaining well, but you can just assume that it refers to a type of person who's above the normal level in some way. In this case, they are liners through the use of the universe spanning magic of the kaleidosticks, thus kaleid liners.

Tanaka is fucking adorable holy shit.

What do you want to see in original sol filler episodes in next season?

I personally love seeing cups get dressed in new cute/stylish outfits

Filler where they just be lewd and dress up.

The BD special bundled with the movie actually gave me an idea.

I want an anime original short talk show anime with the three cups just shooting the shit out of the franchise. Of course, every now and then they can show off some service scenes but it'll mostly be a silly meta comedy where they'll just take the piss out of the Fate franchise as a whole.

Holy fuck.

i feel like only kuro would be capable of doing such thing, with illya just making some innocent remarks here and there and miyu just sitting awkwardly silent and nod or blush sometimes.

That's fine.

The budget really isn't a problem. The problem is that SilverLink spreads themselves way too thin, taking on too many projects at once.
As a result, all of their shows end up looking kind of awful.

Sounds perfect. Pretty much what they usually do in the SoL parts of the series as well.

Kuro as the boke.
Illya as the tsukkomi.
Miyu looking cute in the background, being gay for Illya, and sometimes saying a really off the cuff non-sequiturs.

Why is Japan allowed to sexualize minors?

Because they have excellent taste.

Detroit Kuro when?

I want to take this responsibility

>anime original short
>Prisma event in GO adaptation
>ten episodes of 3rei
Any of them would be fine.

Agreed, but they seem like wastes on undeveloped bodies


Are Liners still the same genetically modified superhumans they were in Notes? Or has Liner just became a term for something else?

They're developed just right

If only she wasn't such a baka

Nurse Illya taking care of Miyu when?


Six years of Prisma.



>holding both sticks


I'd rather she take care of me.

more importantly, if only she weren't totally ignored


So, who's this guy? Waver?


a doll of julian's actual dad (not the fake form of him julian assumes for like 5 seconds in the movie)

Darius isn't Julian's dad, he's the founder of the Ainsworth family whose spirit was passed from family head to family head since the family was founded a thousand years ago.

Man, these comfy threads make me want to sit down and catch up with the series. I binged watched the first two seasons and I loved them, but I had to take a break because this show makes my dick diamonds and two seasons wore me the fuck out.

By the way, how different is the manga from the show? I've considered picking it up while waiting for a new season.

Fuck you Sup Forums, you made me a lolicon for the brown one.

Different enough for Hiroyama to consider the anime its own thing. I mean, I personally enjoy both, although I find the manga much more enjoyable in terms of action. I prefer the anime for obvious reasons as well. It's the best of both worlds (get it)?

You were a lolicon the whole time, Kuro just helped to release your inner you.

I released the inner me inside Kuro.

Makes sense to me. Thanks for the insight! Have a cute Miyu pic, user.

Reminder that this is the real Ilya.

When did Hiroyama say that?

God i wish that were me

I just watched the movie, it was actually quite good, didn't feel rushed or anything like that, I think I enjoyed it more than HF.
Read the manga, I know every elitists prick always says that, but in this case, it really's much better than the anime.