Regarding Eureka 7

Regarding Eureka 7.

Just watch from eps 20 to 35, then pocketful of rainbows. I can't believe you fucks tricked me into watching 50 episodes of this dumpster fire.

You're just as wrong as you were when you posted this a few days ago.

So is stupid to force myself watching 50 episodes? I already had trouble with the first 3

And is still as true as the last time I posted it.

is she 002-like?

>Watching pocket full of rainbows

You make Holland look perceptive.

More like 002 is Anemone + Asuka


But Asuka is the prototype
So Asuka -> Anemone -> Oni

you won't like E7 unless you haven't mentally moved on from being a teenage boy

You won't like anime unless you haven't mentally moved on from being a teenage boy.

I thought we were all little girls here.

are you the same user who posted this in the Houseki no Kuni thread?

user, I...

No, please don't fall for all the E7fags claiming they are similar. The only similarity they share is the character design and their obsession for think fluids. Those autismos are desperate for their series to be recognized.

Rip Off!

This will never not give me a boner. Anemone, you sexy beast.

>still as true
Well, yeah, that's what the user said. It didn't get any true since then.

are you ready to leave?

"truer" ESLkun, "truer".

The first 25 episodes are horrible, but then it improves, and it has a pretty nice ending.
It's not the worst way to spend your time, but you need to struggle through a lot of really annoying episodes before it becomes watchable.

Cynthia from King Gainer is literally the prototype

It goes Cynthia->Anemone->02

Asuka doesn't even factor in it, they're completely different characters down to their archetype

>it gets good after 25 episodes

Most shows would have ended there.

She needs her own see...

Never mind.

Use a spoon, god dammit!

you won't like E7 unless you have not mentally moved on from being a teenage boy