One Piece

How do you feel about Luffy losing?

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Why is he so likable, bros?

Don't know but how do you guys feel about SaNa winning?


Quite alright, actually. I'm happy with either of them winning or it even being a draw.

I hope he loses. If Luffy can pull a win out of his ass at the very last minute after receiving a one sided beat down for hours by one of the world's strongest pirates Kaidou and Blackbeard literally don't stand a chance.


How come the IP did not change? Are you the OP or the katafag?
Move on, Sana won

Is this your first battle manga? It would not be even a first for One Piece. Remember Crocodile?

I wish, but will it happen?

Crocodile and Luffy were at least somewhat even during their last fight. If you somehow condensed all three fights into one I would be calling bullshit too.

Too bad is SaPu winning but good luck brah.

won't be an asspull if it makes sense, we have to wait to see what Snake Man is and how Luffy came up with it or what conditions are now met that he can use it

Nah. SaPu is winning. Sana is stale like always.

Katakuri is seriously the best character in a long as time. Please let him win, Oda.

>hole in his stomach
>already passed out before from blood loss
you wot?

Will the snakeman hype grant us early spoilers?

SaNa won already it's time to move on

>implying the content ever mattered for early spoilers
Oh you sweet, pure, innocent toddler.

Both of them could actually trade blows with each other during the last battle. As viewers you could feel that the battle was somewhat even, and that Luffy wasn't being completely overpowered like he has been in this match. The situation didn't magically go from Luffy getting beat nonstop to a victory at the very last minute.

dont care just end this fucking arc, its like 20 chapters too long already

why do you people want to spoiler yourself so badly? reading the chapter without knowing anything and then witness crazy new shit is the best feeling ever

No sacred bows no progress. But good luck next time brah.

fuck off Wanofag

>he actually thinks it would have been ok to end the arc after the wedding
You would have be the first one to whine how unspectacular this arc was, faggot

Is playing dumb the new tactic? Unoriginal desu

Nah actually no pretty sure I saw a study somewhere that said it was actually more pleasurable to spoil yourself and then get the actual material when the stuff happens.

i don't even mean to disagree with you but everyone should remember that this is a special case: like many noticed, kuri is giving luffy a lot of room to breathe and i don't mean that in a "villain recites their monologue" way, he's doing it on purpose so it's definitely something to be taken in account when their fight finally ends, whether with a draw, a win or a loss from luffy's part

Seems to work for you, so I'm trying it.
Whe they exchange sacred marriage bows you'll have something, until then, you have nothing friend.

Sanji never carried her like that HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Oh and btw your sapu proxy won't work when we laugh at you at the end of the arc.
We will be laughing straight to your LuNa face

Again, user. They're not married yet.


>Any of these women loving Luffy the way Hancock does
>Any of these women winning the bowl when she has the highest chance

I doubt this study exists, but if it does its massive bullshit

>Suppotying SaPu
>Somehow that makes you a luha
Ah, so loosing the race is making you mad then.
Don't worry man, you don't have to grip so tight at sapu because you know in your heart luna is your actual way.
Too bad you are wrong in two fronts and Hancock is gonna snatch that price.
Cling unto your dreams, don't let luna die in your heart.


Shit is 100% filler and you know it

Because self inserting as outcast who has to be and act like a normalfag

Reminder that Absalom will save the day by using his inviisible powers to allow the SH to escape from Big Mom's fleet.

then Moria and Luffy will join forces to take down Kaido.

He playing dumb user he admitted it. Don't bother and just post SaNa

We allready proven you support luna, friend. So post that instead. Don't lie to yourself.

>I ship LuHan hahaha
Old old LuNa tactic. You need to change your talking points man. It's too easy to spot you

Anyone else feels the crew has been suspiciously dismissive of the threat Katakuri could be to Luffy? Every arc the crewmembers or someone else are more like "this is impossible... we can't win" and then Luffy proves them wrong. But this arc everybody has solid faith Luffy will win. Carrot even threw that line that looks like a huge red herring for me "i wonder if luffy's won yet". Like wew, way to jinx it.

your post is 100% shit, that is what I certainly know

Luffy would never forgive Moria for what he did to Brook.

Hey kiddo, you are the one who brought it up. I was just talking about SaPu so clearly you support luna.

He spent two years training, i dont think they have to doubt him anymore.

And even if it was filler its pretty entertaining so I don't actually give a fuck

It's just you being butthurt user.
You would love that wouldn't you?
I rather post SaNa since it bothers you so much and is canon

>Anyone else feels the crew has been suspiciously dismissive of the threat Katakuri could be to Luffy?
because luffy already "reassured" them that everything was fine and dandy in the mirror world. remember that only jinbie managed to see through his lies


It probably was. To each their own I suppose. Personally I really don't mind. I do mind when it's stuff about a series I never watched, but where the next manga chapter of a series is concerned I feel it's more pleasurable when the info comes little by little.

I re-read the arc recently and post-tea party has a bigger amount of great chapters than pre

Are you the Bullsopp user?

That's nice.

Nope, as stated before I support Hancock
You on the other hand are obsessed by luna, so you obvously like it more.

This bunny needs to get fucked hard

post more Sanji and Pudding please

holy shit I love this dorky as hell couple

Celestial Dragons were behind void century

It makes my snake go MAN

>those times apart

>Sanji hasn't had heart eyes at her since she put on her chef outfit
>Pudding will keep being a retard and make Sanji ignore her

Why do people ship them again? Especially when she shat on Sanji earlier this arc?

Go for it

How hard will Oda BTFO edgy faggots this time who think that Luffys Gear forms should look cool and badass?

the hole was pretty small, and luffy was superior than crocodile in combat, while kataluri is superior than luffy in every way

no user

1) she’s not nami
2) sana is old

>the hole was pretty small
so what? it still made luffy bleed like a pig, he even passed out for a short while

>But the times they'll be together.

bah, Sanji looks like Yonji in this picture

the times are less than a minute though?

>Sanji only has heart eyes for females he sees after a while or when they put new outfit
>Pudding being a retard is how love happens
Do you even read this manga user or did you jumped ship in this arc?

I didn't really want to discuss whether they were justified to think so or not my point has more to do with Oda's intent. Usually he uses that uncertainty the crewmembers have for Luffy's fate to further intensify the drama, but not here. I can't help but think this is gonna end with something like "we were naive, we entrusted everything to Luffy, we put all the burden on his shoulders and looked away. Never again!"

just stop
LuNa proxy wanting to get rid of Sanji

Pudding is Katakuris favourite sister. He will take her with him when he leaves Totland at the end of this arc.

Yeah, there's something about the narration... I think Katakuri is really going to win this.

Sanji ignores her. Nami is his true love

A dude looks like one of his cuadruplet brothers? Who would've tought.
>Just stop
I don't know how many threads people have told you that.

>Sanji is getting used to her
Spotted the luna shipper

You are so hurt. Just let it all out user.. I'll listen to you

>Luna shipper

aaw shit my nuts are quaking, bros

oh well, i'm sure that you've realized at this point this is no standard one piece final fight

Daily reminder that LuKa is canon

Sanafag is a patronizing autist. Oh gee I wonder how it got stuck here????


Yep, that's what I think too. The Straw Hats are too relaxed about this. If they're gonna escape unharmed, then Luffy losing to Katakuri could serve as a stain on that accomplishment, as well as a much needed reminder of the threat Yonkous are. It would also help make Wano more of a challenge.

Hurt? But why would I be hurt user?

It's okay user.. You can insult me I won't take it personal.
Please go on and tell me what's wrong

why is Nami dodging Sanjis attempt to hug her?

Insulted you? When?

SaNafag is female right? Didn't she even post her tits once?

Im not into the whole shipping shit but anyone who dosent want Hancock and Luffy together should be put to death.

Nope, that's why he is a male until vagina and boobs are posted.

Right you did no such thing. What else user? What's wrong?

How much?

There's nothing wrong user. Why would there be anything wrong?

Hancock IS the future mother of Luffy's children. It's literally her character, her role. People are being stupid with that. It's like saying Ussop isn't going to end up with Kaya.

He's fat reverse troll with a tiny penis.

no price yet but it will probably be around 97 bucks like all the other fanservice figs

Is it me, or does her boobs grew two sizes compared to the manga?