Eva 4.0

Are we going to get conclusion or is the damn studio in development hell?

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It's not in development hell. It's progressing smoothly when director decides to fucking work on it, finally. It should come out next year. And it's gonna be shiiiiiiiit, nothing can live up to anyone's expectations.

I don't want the conclusion. It's just going to be Anno jerking off his favorite character yet again.
You're stupid if you still take Rebuild seriously after 3.33.

Also don't listen to Obviously a lying zealot. Six years of nothing is apparently "progressing smoothly".
>but it does when they work on it
in other words, it's not progressing smoothly.

>a lying zealot
Oh, we've met again!

I want Shinji to ejaculate inside Asuka's pussy

>Hiramatsu at MAPPA
>Hayashi at MAPPA
>Matsubara at MAPPA
>Maeda most recently seen storyboarding for MAPPA

>Honda with Miyazaki
>Higuchi with Bones
>Inoue with PA until recently

>Iseki doing Cutie Honey
>Yatabe doing Kitaro

Really activates the ol' almonds.


It still in development? i thought 3.0 was last episode.

Get that shit out of my face!...
If only it was canon

hate the clone babies shit

3.03 was pretty shit, like the last nail to the coffin for NGE.

Given how shitty and all-over-the-place 3.33 was I'm surprised people want 4

Production truly started last year, shortly after Gojira aired. Everything prior to that was who the fuck knows what.

people will fanwank until it is considered deep and meaningful just like they did before.


he was busy with shin godzilla

if only it was teri

I predict reset ending. or something like the Manga's ending. I hated the manga end soo much. why?

But DintF is already airing user. It won't get better than this.

Why is Asuka African now?

Rei is to-

In an interview from last August, they said the goal for release was march/April 2018, but seeing as how we still haven't heard anything, we can assume that's not happening

Best case theyre too busy working on it to do any PR

The twitter page is full of this stuff since production began
>if only it was teri
What is teri

Man those kids will have a miserable childhood

God, imagine your dick rubbing up against Asuka's plugsuit ass.

>What is teri

What were they thinking with 3.33 and the 14 year time skip?

Anno wanted to distance the story away from 2.0's bad direction.

>At the end of the first chapter Asuka asks Shinji: "Shinji-kun, I'm bored. Want to fuck?"

3.33 is TLJ of Evangelion.

>best film of the new series
Makes sense.

I wont even call you a faggot for what you just said, I'm sure someone else already did.
But I mean it tried to take the concept known to everyone and take a shit all over it for the sake of making something new and failed miserably.

Hope it fucking retcones the shitshow that was eva 3 if it come out

>It should come out next year
That's what they said three years ago.

That doesn't describe TLJ though. You seem to be mistaken.

He was doing godzilla 3 years ago.

They can retcon the rebuilds if its a reset end, that way they can keep the franchise going.

I'll be haply if they just fucking show what happened in between, even as an extended flashback about the Eva Failures all over the place and the Nerv War

Oh really?
>make the first movie (TFA) a bunch of Nostalgia bait with pretty much the same plot of the first one
Eva 1.0 & 2.0
>after the refresh kill off beloved main characters, (Solo and Touji/Kaji/Rei)destroy personalities of the ones left (Luke/Misato/Rei)and force whoever's new down the audience's throat(Overbite/Mari).

>Are we going to get conclusion
A conclusion plus canonical SoftPink.
>Reminder that Asuka and Mari share a bunk despite their being two beds available
>Reminder that their clothes are 'strewn and intertwined together'
>Reminder that this was the stealth endgame
>Reminder that SoftPink ending, and all it entails, is fucking awesome
>Reminder that I don't have the source on this but it came from one of the interviewers that attended the art exhibit

Did anyone else notice that the Shin Godzilla tail creatures looked sort of like the Failures of Infinity?

You fail to mention TLJ still managed to be deliver a solid film despite killing muh solo and luke. But we digress.

I could argue the same about 3.33, both films are "solid" if we ignore all their flaws.

I still think 3.33 is great even acknowledging its flaws. Same with TLJ.

And I agree.

I took your impression of "taking something new and failing miserably" to be your overall opinion. My mistake.

Not quite, I wish 3.33 had given us the stuff that happened during the timeskip as a movie with shinji in the background,
Creating the conflict that ended as the 3.33 world and saved the actual fights against the last angels, Seele, and Nerv for 3.0+1.0 so we as an audience could really feel that "shit was going down" with everyone going all out on the last movie. You could even have had maybe a end seen on that 3.33 depicting a small 2-3 year timeskip with the Wunder crew flying away and another at the start of 3.0+1.0 showing the actual recovery of 01 if you wanted to move the story so far ahead.

Same with TLJ, I like what they did with the whole "your past doesn't matter, make your own story" sort of thing with Ray being a literally who and Columbine 2.0 being a shitty fanboy of Vader. It was a fresh direction so new audiences don't have to rewatch the Skywalker Show but there had to be better ways of getting rid of Luke and Leia.

Why would you want someone as pathetic as Shinji to take the virginity of your waifu?

Put it this way, it would probably mean a lot more to him taking someone's virginity than some other chad out there.

Asuka isn't my waifu

Because Shinji x Asuka is the cutest thing anime ever managed to produce

>Are we going to get conclusion
3.0 IS the conclusion. 1.0+3.0 will be a flashback that shows us what happened immediately after they shafted Shinji in 2.0: Eva-01 getting thrown into orbit, WILLE coming into existance;, and even Ikari and Fuyutsuki as mountain men. People will see it, then, stunned and disbelieving, they'll sit through the credits, getting nothing post credits but an image of Anno flipping them the bird.

I prefer someone cool and confident, its more realistic that way. If you waifu Asuka, though, you'd want her for yourself right?

AxS is never in the OTP thread, its time to start watching more anime if you think that's a cute couple.

Honestly, I'd be down with Anno basically giving the audience a huge "fuck you"

I would give the motherfucker a standing ovation

I'd rather not think about such impossible things.

the biggest "fuck you" is if he paired Asuka with Mari, Kaworu and Shinji, Rei and Unit 01. Anno doesn't give a fuck anymore.

It never is because this board has undeniably shit taste in matters of cuteness.
Shinji x Asuka is just the right amount of cute for it to be believable, not obnoxious and put to good use in the story and the character development.

How can it be shit? 3.0/3.33 already set the bar for expectations. It honestly feels like Anno intended to explain what happened between 2.0 and 3.0 that got shit in such a state (How Shinji was in space, what happened to the other EVAs, etc) with another EVA anime mid-quel series but couldn't get the funding or the green light and decided to bring his "talents" to Godzilla to rake in some money for himself instead.

She's seen more hard dickings then Sasha Grey and Ellen Page in a black fraternity combined.
And she's canon getting fisted to the elbow by Mari.

>not a cute couple

Shut up queer

> not wanting Asuka and Shinji to try and slowly work their issues together around a campfire in the wasteland before falling asleep and ending up cuddling and h*lding h*nds to keep warm
Heartless sociopaths

I would be okay with that.

Asuka is getting her pussy fisted by Mari and Shinji already lost his rebuild virginity to Kaworu before he 'came off a little too hard'

>Ellen Page

Anyway, canonically speaking, Shinji and Asuka are the series couple. But I'm sure Anno will try to edgelord it in 3.0+1.0. Get ready for Shinji and a small green alien that only Shinji can see!

The Rebuilds could just be smut of Asuka fucking Rei's brains out for all I care, they're nothing of note.

Mari and Kaworu will turn these relationships into a foursome, forcing Shinji and Asuka to have sex for their enjoyment while watching and smugly grinning (and maybe stuffing various objects into their victim's anuses but maybe that's going too far).

>young woman in hollywood
>basically a relatively spoiled TINY college lesbian,
>Is "open minded"
>has lots of flamingly unmistakably heterosexual black male friends

user...she's had more semen on her poop deck and in her hind quarters then then every air craft carrier then the united states navy.

Oh and there's that movie of her getting plowed in her makeup trailer by someone's bodyguard.
She is talented at handling dick, but dear god is she terrible at giving blowjobs.

Shit man. I don't keep up with celebs. I assume almost every girl is fucking for roles.

I'd fuck her ass regardless

>redheaded German girl with an Asian guy

>implying that Shinji looks like an Asian with those big round eyes

>implying this x cute jap shota isn't cute

Forget about 4.0, when are they gonna do 2.5 or something like that? There's a huge timeskip between 2.22 and 3.33 and I won't rest until we see ALL of it animated.

Do you even know that Khara put up a twitter feed that covers the day to day work on Shin Eva? every other day theres a photo of Anno, or the Motion capture studio, or the script revisions that are happening. They even shared Anno┬┤s music playlist for work.
So theyre doing the movie and this is just an ignorant meme.

Shinji would be a fantastic dad (as long as nothing made him go nuclear like his own dad)


I think Asuka would be a territorial soccer mom. She'd care about her kids though.


>EVA anime mid-quel series
Admit it, you'd watch it.

What's the best Asuka Shinji pairing fanfiction? I need some love in my cold heart.

>implying you wouldn't

Then you dont know that last year Shiro Sagisu and others confirmed 3.0 was missing it last chunk of footage because there wasnt time.

"Until you come to me" is based on the missing parts of the movie and considering that something was gonna be explained about third impact and whats the deal with Shinji.

I have a soft spot for The Second Try, despite the grammar issues and whatnot

>he doesn't know about the leak

fake and gay


reminder that if you think shinji x asuka is a working pair then you need to rewatch eva or fucking kill yourself.

I'm watching it alright.

Actually on 28 Jan 2018 khara posted this image on twitter

replied by this

and this, the image in is 3+1 new version of (pic related)

kaworu is such a shit character

the twitter is a riot.

also apparently this is the earliest versions of unit 01. kinda resembles unit 08

Mari is hot desu.

That is all.

>Not realizing that Gendo was the biggest pathetic loser in the Eva franchise.

>using fan art
Yeah, choking and masturbating over comatose bodies is so "cute"

Asuka deserves someone that is tall and handsome, not someone that probably can pass for a girl.

Holy fuck is that Gendo?

So Shinji basically?