Boku no hero academia gave me a thing for invisible girls

Boku no hero academia gave me a thing for invisible girls.


I have long since had a thing for invisible girls and I thank Boku no Hero Academia for including one so I can collect art of her.

Funnily enough I just finished reading The Invisible Man. It was alright.

I wanna suck her invisible cock

There is no way an invisible girl thread will meaningfully linger on Sup Forums but thank you all the same

Betcha shes the traitor

That would be boring.

la creatura...

Will Tooru ever do something of any importance in the series? Shes right there with Sugar dude as the less developed(nothing at all) charachters in BnA. I mean, yeah, not being able to see her expresions makes it harder to put her in important situation or show a flashback, but she needs to have something, Sugar dude too.

Do you fags have any fan characters that you romp around bnha
universe with? Or fan stories?

Do not lewd the invisible girl, it's not allowed

Exactly. It makes sense why Hori never gave the official quirk description for her.

Do you?

Are you sure that's her?

Part of me wants to but the next part of me thinks that’s for austistic children.

Meant for

Invisible girls are the best.

Do what makes you happy user. Despite what people say on here, the REAL autism is avoiding fun things because you're afraid of being judged.



Okay user I’ll embrace my inner man child!

>part of me thinks that’s for austistic children
user, you are currently browsing a Mongolian basket-weaving forum to talk about teen superheroes marketed towards 12-year-old boys

what does she look like???

user after the advent of chrischan and the sonic fan base can you really blame me for that opinion

I only ever make a quirk based on lurking and nothing else, but the setting is literally perfect for all kinds of Donut Steel
>basically modern-day japan
>main setting is high school
>everyone have a superpower or you can choose a hard more and be powerless
>Mundane, everyday shit still exists



The cutest girl you can imagine







Godspeed user. Find your happiness.

All these lewd Hagakures need to be deleted right now

This thread is for SFW only!
Never gets old



I like to pretend there's a zaibatsu that's a front for black market trade run by a big wrestling stable-like gang

I feel like they would be the kind of guys Giran deals with for supplies


>Training to be a superhero with 3kg weights

Not everybody can be Shouji.

how many more rounds will these two lads go through until Deku finally finds a counter to the trusty *explodes behind you* it's all personal, Deku technique?


>the REAL autism is avoiding fun things because you're afraid of being judged.
No, the real autism is actually having the condition named autism.



This isn't a boku no pico thread faggot, it's a thread about invisible girls. Now gtfo.

Until he finds a way to maneuver mid-air
So quite a while unless he can reliably imitate Hampshire smash

Makes me wonder if wrestling still a thing in bnha. Can they use their quirks in the ring?

I don't know why, but the anime version of Muscular bothers me. I think it has to do with his color scheme, especially in his scar. It feels off, plus his body seems a bit too wide. What does anyone else think?

more greens of Jirou's dad humiliating her in front of Kaminari

It’s not NSFW if you can’t see it

christian imageboard user, please delete this from this board and your hard drive

can i stay now

What a sexy motherfucker

Eh, I think he looks alright.
Like an adult Bakugou on steroids.

She's comic relief

I don’t get the appeal she’s just floating clothes

God he's so hot

He's a big guy.

He gets another O MY ASSPULL

Of course she will eventually, I don't know what exactly, but I fully expect her to get some minor development.


Mina is clearly the best girl

Oh so none of you want to fuck her then?

Mina is a shitty alien whore

>his body seems a bit too wide
I don't know what did you expect.

When is Aoyama going to rapeconfess to Mina?
When is Mina going to kill Aoyama?

She's as human as you or I

for you

He was built like a tank in the manga. Infact I'm sure the anime slimmed down his calves.
The animator did a good job drawing him. The colour palette is the same as the manga too.

doujin of Muscular raping Kouta's mom as the dad watches when?

Mina IS best girl. But Toru gets points for being such a sweet girly girl.

I wish Hori would upload more twitter sketches

Idk, more of a raging, primal sorta thing?


Aoyama is clearly too in love with himself

I don't remember him having such feminine eyelashes.

She needs to go back to her home planet

Take it back!


>In love with himself
That's just an act user-kun. Did you forget chapter 108? He thinks of himself as a failure.
By how obsessed he is with Mina I'm sure he has some feefees for her.

His thing is literally being muscular, like massive muscular and then grow even more big ass muscular. You know that people with massive muscles are wide and not like the anime-fallen-angel-like-soyboy-slender-faggot right?

Damn he's hot, hope he gets more fanart after next season

If she was on a deep cover mission and had to take a dump would the feces just like appear on the ground where she was standing?


I wonder what he can shoot out of those canons

He did.
You can see them if you look closely.

>raging, primal sorta thing
The fuck do you mean? Are you ok?

Wait a minute...
are those Deku’s shoes?
W-What happened?

How do we kill All Might, villain Sup Forumsros?


i am ultra serious

>ok, the hardening and limited time increase strength kids go fight a fucking living wall that can box them within 20 ft of solid concrete on the fly
>this girl has extremely sensitive hearing, pair her against the living LRAD so he can rupture her eardrums from miles out and completely shut her down
>the invisible girl that also has a built-in flash bang attack? Uuuuuuuh make her fight the sharpshooter, that'll teach her!

how much dick did you think she sucked to get that placement?

You don't say if it wasn't for the scar he would look like some delinquint out of a yaoi manga.

Nice nice, looks exactly like how he was in the manga
The only change I see is that they removed his goatee.

Everyday until canon.