Why is it that the western fandom calls some shows by their japanese title, but others by the english translation? Like...

Why is it that the western fandom calls some shows by their japanese title, but others by the english translation? Like, who decides?

Whichever names sounds better.


It's hilarious that Cr*nchyroll makes up shitty English titles for literally every anime. Like "Laid-Back Camp" or "Saga of Tanya the Evil" will ever catch on.

You can't tell me Neon Genesis Evangelion sounds better than Shin Seiki Evangelion.

How are they any different from 4kidz at this point? Just stick to the fucking Japanese.

It does.

Laid-Back Camp is the most literal translation possible, and sidesteps the mistake of confusing yuru with yuri for the illiterate normalfags using crunchyroll.
Saga of Tanya the Evil was a stupid localized title though, I agree there.

Only dolts use the English name.

This is the correct answer.

english names are used mostly for series that were aired on american tv, it's just weird to suddenly start using japanese name for something that was advertised with it's english name for years

I hate the "Recovery of an MMO junkie"

Unless the English name has dominated all usage for over a decade, you use the Japanese title. English titles are a legacy architecture from a time when the fandom was more dependent on a handful of localization outlets.

Everyone still says Boku no Hero Academia even though there is zero other ways to translate it except as My Hero Academia. The only English titles are ones that have been localized for over a decade or are already Engrish. Some people are just weeaboos like that.

The normal order is usually:
Abbreviated Japanese title >= Japanese title as an acronym > whole Japanese title > localized English title > Assault on Eotena

to be fair Saga of Tanya the Evil is a more marketable name than Diary of a Little Girl

That's "The Eotena Onslaught", thank you very much.

>who decides

Wouldn't a more appropriate title be Young Girl's Military History or something? Youjo means young girl and Senki means military history, so at the very leadt you could also get away with calling the show A Young Girl's Military Chronicles or something.

>Land of the Lustrous

And "Is it wrong to want to pick up girls in a dungeon" is more marketable than "Familia Chronicle" but that doesn't make it any less retarded of a title.

house of cunny sounds better

>Diary of a Little Girl
I would definitely watch a show with this name.

>cunny not a single gem has a vagina.
That one doujin that hasn't been uploaded on sadpanda isn't canon either.

If all the gems were human, they'd all be really cute girls.

Wasn't "Saga of Tanya the Evil" a subtitle even in the original Japanese version? In many cases the English title actually came from the Japanese themselves.

>implying anyone calls it by its full name and not simply Evangelion


Mangafans call it by the jap title.
CRcucks call it by the eng title.

The year is 19XX. You're on the localization team for some show called Lodoss-to Senki.

How would you translate the title into English?

Lodoss Chronicles of War

Diary of Parn

Mobile Suit Gundam, Kidou Senshi Gundamu, who gives a shit as long as people can understand what you're talking about?


>My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU


>Young Girl's Military History
>A Young Girl's Military Chronicles

sounds lame tbhh

for me, its whichever the fandom reacts to, the most. which is proabably the one the distributor decided on. LIke, Neon Genesis Evangelion is nonsense, but it is intriguing nonsense. Revolutionary Girl Utena is the same.

some shows don't have titles that you can translate, not if you want it to make sense, anyway. Toradora comes from (I think) the words Tiger and Dragon. just calling the show Tiger Dragon kills the joke. I think Yurikuma Arashi is the same thing. Durarara is another example.

Finally, some japanese titles just sound like incomprehensible shit. Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu is a fucking garbage title that was probably used as a meta joke on super long garbage titles. Even venerable shows, like Macross and Gundam have pedantic, pointless titles that are there because of tradition. just call it Macross, Sailor Moon, Patlabor. nobody calls Gundam Wing "New Mobile Report Gundam Wing", and nobody ever would call it Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing.

the problem with that is how boring it is. a lot of japanese titles are extremely boring, directly translated. or, the words describe more complex concepts than their literal translations. Anything thing with Shin in it must thrill japanese audiences, but New makes it sound like focus grouped marketer speak

*Maiden's War Records

What stupid English title did they give Kemono Friends?

Kemono Friends.

The more autistic the fans, the more it tends towards the japanese title.

How terrible.

Joe's wacky adventure

People just call those Eva or Utena, just like Gundam or Macross.