Basilisk - Ouka Ninpouchou

Finally a good scene in this anime. Did we all drop it yet?

Very close to dropping but will probably watch until the end.

The person they got to write the sequel to this cannot write an engaging story for shit.
Fuutarou Yamada must be rolling in his grave.

Well at least it seems slightly better post-timeskip?

I like the ninjas better when they're not using giant laz0r no jutsu and summoning hindu lightning gods.

It's slightly better but it's still too slow.

Fuutarou knew that you needed to keep the watcher engaged the whole way through, hell he began the story by showing how powerful each family was and equal they were. He even fucking killed both their leaders in the very next scene and threw some hints of tragedy of their past.

Meanwhile this took 5 episodes to get past the prologue and was full of characters who job despite being hyped up and making ridiculously uninteresting powers for the villain. The time "skip" ninja is naruto level bullshit and I hope he dies really quick, that technique requires just about zero brain power.

>The time "skip" ninja is naruto level bullshit
Yeah, out of all the things that bother me about the show, this one is the one that bothers me the most. He basically can't be killed without eye hax or some bullshit sneak attack.

many semen demons in this show

I already dropped this.

But it has a gripping plot and breathtaking action.

The plot before time-skip was just so boring so I dropped.

It's still boring

Well then, it's good that I dropped this show.
I remembered the time I was hype for it, even re-watched the first show.

But the Onmyouza OP is still 10/10.

I would rate the OP 8/10
1st show's OP is a 10/10 for me

Eh, I own the majority of the band's discography so I'm pretty much a fanboy for them. Pretty much anything they do is 10/10 for me.

Eh, it's not the best show in the world but it is entertaining enough. I'll watch it.

I still don't know why they made a sequel no one ask for in 2018. If they made this in 2008 everyone would be so hyped.

Because the sequel novel only came out in another author

Wait, the gun ninja is a reverse trap?

I didn't realize the gun ninja was a girl until this episode either.

Gun tombboy and giga armor nigga have the best relationship. The worst is that dyke and the creep with the floating eyes.

alpha chad beating off to the most current porno magazines in the sexmusk shed

beta creep hanging out in a dank cave honing his mental powers by playing boardgames by himself while controlling several flying drone eyeballs around the area


Why is she a pirate anyway?

Too much semen went into her eye

The original Basilisk was better.Even the characters are much sexier.

I literally thought the gun had been given to some other person until you pointed that out.

I liked her better as a kid.

can't run a show off waifus alone

>hating /ourguy/

A shit