Laughing Salesman

Just started this, switching back and forth between the 80s and 2010s show.

Fun series, wish the manga was available in English beyond one horrible, horrible looking scanlated chapter.

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The 80s one has some really neat art direction.


Is the philosophy in this show too japanese, or is moguro just a dick? I feel this disconnect, like I'm not "getting" it.

There's some standard advice buried in there, like
>don't drink in the middle of the workday
>don't be a cunt on the internet
>don't force the ambitions you never realized onto your kid
But mostly, Moguro is a dick.

>wish the manga was available in English


From what I gather, the problem generally is that the people he fucks with give in to their vices too easily or just happen to be extremely gullible, failing to realize that something is obviously too good to be true.

So far as I' watching, some episodes at first feel like they have no point to them; that they're just mean for the sake of it, or just preachy. But when I think back to them, there's something that makes me think "hey, that was a really clever observation about life" or "this one thing should've made it obvious that the proposition was too good to be true".

For example, all the people who never consider asking why he's a "salesman" if he doesn't ask for money. Obviously there has to be a catch.

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Is this like Kimba/Jungle Emperor where only a tiny handful of chapters are translated as part of some 'learn English' thing?
Or this story; the idea of the club only being interesting during the day, when they were skipping work to go there, yet being absolutely nothing special when they actually had free time. That's EXACTLY how things like this can feel in real life; the "I shouldn't be here" slacking appeal makes things far more appealing than they logically should be.
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Of course it does, they actually cared about quality back then and also digital sucks dick so yeah.

>Is this like Kimba/Jungle Emperor where only a tiny handful of chapters are translated as part of some 'learn English' thing?

The "don" is that I'm not giving you a source.

New has some good looking moments I think, but it has the meh-tier digital inking and colors most of the time sadly.

I won't even care to search for it if it's not complete, Kimba was frustrating enough.

why did this anime fail? Not even a second season?

I looked at Japanese user reviews and noticed the New one is liked far less than the 80s one, but I can't read Japanese so I'm not sure why.カタカナ&url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=笑ゥせぇるすまん

Looks a lot better than a lot of anime nowadays but still shit compared to the old one.
Hate the fucking CG

Funny thing is that both the old 80s version and the new one were done by the same studio.

Just goes to show how inferior digital to cel is.

I don't get why they don't release all of it. It's just 5 volumes long.

I doubt it's the same main staff though.

I don't think digital is inherently worse but you need to be really good at coloring and inking to make it look as good. There's a bunch of things about traditional art that make it easier to come out looking inherently more natural, like the inconsistency and lack of perfect smoothness of the lines or the fact that the colors actually exist in the real world and aren't being picked from a color wheel.

Dang. The original got a lot of positive reviews while the NEW anime got no more than 3/5 stars.

There's actually 6 volumes if you count the red one. It looks rare. I wonder what the chapters are like in comparison to the rest?

I noticed companies like Seven Seas Entertainment are releasing more and more old manga in English. I didn't think the original Devilman manga would ever get an official English release but it is, so who knows? I don't know how companies like SSE choose which manga to license. If there's a way to get them to notice Warau Salesman, that would be super.

I dunno if Japan actually hates the new show; from my experience, pretty much all remakes get "FUCK THIS GARBAGE THEY RUINED IT" review floods on Amazon Japan so it might be hardcore nostalgiafag autism and not the general normie audiences reaction.
>I don't know how companies like SSE choose which manga to license. If there's a way to get them to notice Warau Salesman, that would be super.
I'd rather have a good scanlator group like Hokuto no Gun or Sup Forums's own Hox do it since I'd rather support the lame-ass western manga industry as little as possible.

I never said all Japan felt that way. I was just observing the Amazon reviews. Some Japanese fans of the show who I follow on Twitter seem to have fairly enjoyed the new anime. Overall, I think the new anime was decent, but it doesn't hold a candle to the original. That is something I think most of us can agree on.

Keep in mind that Amazon didn't exist when the 80s anime aired. You're comparing nostalgic reviews to fresh ones.

I haven't seen the show and it looks like the 80s version really is better from what's shown here, but your methodologydoesn't work.

I thought its failure in sales was kinda unusual and we never seem bring it up until now. So i'm glad we got a chance to talk about this.

Personally i like the show and the threads about it when it was airing. It was a decent adaptation, kind of a weak writing but they tried to add new modern perspectives to the series. But maybe it failed because the newer generation find the idea of a creepy old man running around causing trouble to be a turn off and the old audience isn't interested in the modern take of the reboot (plus the old voice actor passed away and got replaced)

But i think the straw that broke the camel's back is the fact that the show make fun of and preys on regular Japanese people. Notice that almost every victim that Moguro had are businessmen and young males. In today's anime climate, making fun of the otaku is a no-no. If you do that, the sales of your anime is gonna tank hard. It may be okay back then back when people were emotionally tougher, but Japanese people nowadays are sensitive and want to watch anime only for escapism.

I hope this explains that.

Is there a good rip of the ED song anywhere? It's really catchy.

Not either of the ones you replied to, but you make a good point.

The isekai boom suddenly makes sense.

>No bully REEEEEE
Modern Otaku are such fucking babies I swear. Conversely, Japan has some of the best prank shows, so I don't know what's going on there.

I'd love to have the OST of the 80s one. It's done by the Diebuster/Gunbuster/One Piece/Gravity Rush composer and I love that guy.

I suspect that, outside of nostalgic fans not liking it and being very nitpicky, it failed with otaku for the same reason it failed with lame-ass western weebs.

Is this a motherfucking Sazae-san reference

Seven Seas routinely runs a survey on their webpage where people can suggest titles they'd like to see translated. I'd probably wait to see how they handle Devilman and Captain Harlock before you go giving them ideas, in case they fuck those up.

Adult characters and lack of waifus?

Cartoony style without "justifying" it by having waifu/husbando appeal like Osomatsu did, not feel-good or a power fantasy.

It's a very normie work meant to be relatable to the everyman.