Made in Abyss

Ozen could have made a killing(no pun intended) selling these.

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Thread in abyss

selling wut

Bonedrewd* I'm sorry. I'm very drunk.

I didn't forget the subject line though.

what does he stand to discover by selling them? you don't understand bondrewd's character


Wouldn't you want your own bunny thingy?


I know he is married to the abyss and cares not for wealth.

But goddamn if he couldn't make at least 7 dollars off of these furballs, I mean they even have bugs for the bugophiles.


How much are they worth you smelly guy?

The way Bondrewd touched Bun can also be considered lewd? or it was more like Riko?

I think he treated her more like a a father. He picked prushka after she left.

Speaking which, if Nanachi was around 10 or so when she left. And bonedrewd got prushka after. It is quite possible that Nana-chan is in her 20s and not a loli bunny.

How much are you asking?

It’s likely, Nanachi implied that is likely Bondrewd had prushka at the same time he was experimenting with the orphans, there is also the time dilatation thing, but it also works against Bun since time would move faster in the fourth layer, so yeah there is a chance Nanachi is incapable of aging

I'd pull her tag.

valentine Bun


Are there any Valentine Reg or Riko, I have mostly seen Nanachi

This is my valentine.

S(he) probably bakes delightful treats.

Better than Reg or Nanachi for sure

>hang to dry

Summary of now

>not fucked up hand

Made in Abuse spin-off when.

How about a alternate world styled spin off where they all go to middle school and dress in sailor fuku and Ozen is teacher?


Should've waited a week until a new thread is made. There's literally no point in having threads right now, last one died before hitting thread limit.

When was the last chap released

What did we do to deserve such an incredible anime adaptation? We've been getting a lot of shitty adaptations of non-shounen manga as of late (like Berserk, Tsugumomo, Centaur no Nayami, Kokkoku, Inuyashiki, Jitsu wa Watashi wa), and especially for a more obscure web series, the staff completely blew it out of the park.

>last one died before hitting thread limit
It was like ~490 posts long?

Chapter 44 was released 34 days ago.

Not even. It was 450 posts.

Still a good size.

5 minutes ago


The animation isn't "bad". It adapted what was written in the early part of the series. If anything, blame the manga for being so generic and boring in the start.

>Centaur no Nayami

Literally no-one wanted to pick this series up. It fell to the hands of a Chinese studio since nobody wanted it.


I didn't watch this one but from the .webms and shit it looked nice.

Who wouldn`t?

The studio are pretty great.

Rest in pieces.

A lot of talented people were involved in the making of this show. Thank whoever is in charge at Kinema Citrus for choosing this manga and putting such a great team together.

Surprising the best manga gets the best adaptation?
Berserk adaptation is a money laundering scheme for all I care. Made by a trash studio
Tsugumomo early manga was trash and adaptation was made by a trash studio
Centaur no nayami manga is good but inconsistent, its kinda aimed at adults with its themes, adaptation made by ultra trash studio.
Meanwhile mia is made by the studio that made the most intelligent cgdct anime.

how do i get a cute good smelling bun gf

Go on a sweet elevator ride with your regular gf

Good food.

we also got a really cool adaptaion of houseki no kuni too user, dont forget that! Sometimes things are a-ok!

I've heard mixed things about Houseki, should I add it to my backlog?

Be a cute genki oppai loli.

Sea Bun

I want to cook for the bun

so im all set then?

I kinda wish we would've seen a Sea of Corpses inhabiting Narehate, but we can't have everything

With your imagination.

>good animation

Backgrounds, music, pacing, everything was good. Animation wasn't one of them.

literally best animation of the year

Well, they are hiring new animators for Best Dad, I hope they'll make better choice than with the guy, who animated .jpeg spider.

It was the best cohesive unit we've seen for a while. That doesn't make it perfect. I watched Your Name yesterday and holy fuck that is way more technically impressive than MiA.

True. I'm holding out some hope that Bondrewd will be animated better.

Comparing a movie to a series is unfair.

Yeah, I sure loved the Ozen stills.

It was utter bore to watch if you watch it for the story or character interactions.

Hopping spider mantis*

I think visuals were always Shinkai`s strong point.

>Sales in Abyss
>terrible animation
>2nd season probably lower budget than the 1st
>fight heavy so there'll be tons of animation

Can't wait until MiA gets exposed in S2.

Yeah, I watched garden of words for the pretty scenes and when it started to focus on relationship/school drama I just stopped watching it. I got the pretty visuals already, everything else is worthless anyway.

Is "mia has bad animation" some new thing you decided to force today?
Man I wish we started euthanizing mentally ill people in the west already.

How's it like being contrarian? Multiple people pointed out flaws in the anime.

>b-but this show is flawless!
>stop talking bad about my show!

Yeah, a bit.
I will admit that the whole high-school basis was a bit of a turn off for me, but it was still enjoyable to watch. They didn't fuck around with time too hard.
Pointing out flaws is different from extrapolating into the ether.

He's saying the animation was bad at important spots (Ozen?) not that the whole show was bad. Chill the fuck out Nanazi.

The pacing was bad at ep5-8, the animation wasn't.

Was the spider from episode 3? That was pretty bad too. Check out the live threads, everyone hated it.

But it led to Reg's white sticky goo covered hand, which I think was a good enough payoff.

people here always hate everything and then keep watching

That was so cute. She honestly was proud of her effort for Reg and didn't know any better.

I think the concern is that the Ozen fight had a lot of stills.

Watching it now. It's pretty good. Bor

user are you alright? Did you miss the rest of your sentence there? I'll add it to my backlog anyways.

nanachi getting to eat good food for the first time is one of my favorite moments

If I recall, it was one of the Kinema Citrus producers who first read the manga, and suggested it to his peers and contacted Takeshobo about producing an anime in 2015. So thank god for him, and the director Masayuki Kojima for forming such a talented and strong team.
Not to mention, thanks for Takeshobo the publisher and the production committee for letting the team take the time to produce the anime. It's rare to see studios take 2 years to work on a 1-cour show before it airs. Notably thanks to Cygames for helping to fund some of it too.

>Berserk adaptation is a money laundering scheme for all I care. Made by a trash studio
Yup, it was clear that they just wanted a quickly-made advertisement for when the manga returned from hiatus + the PS4 game. A huge fucking shame, though I doubt it'll be the last form of anime Berserk will receive (maybe an OVA in 5-10 years?)

Yeah, the MiA and Houseki no Kuni anime have been GREAT. It's all thanks to having staff very much interested in making actually good adaptations.

This page gave me more feels than any other.


Its really good I thought. The cgi is actually used to the shows benefit and gives it a really cool and unique look. Definitely worth a watch. is not me lol, had to afk
I think they meant the style looked kind of off-putting. The animation was fine, the monsters just looked kinda fuzzy
agreed, its so nice when the team wants to do the adaption and it turns out how they want.


Sodesu, watashi wa Fluffzen.

They did that same art style with the Scarlet Maw in the first episode. Probably a stylistic choice, but it didn't work out really.


wasn't there a fuzzy bird when they entered the second layer too? I thought it was done to make it look creepier

The animation in MiA was okay, it was more that the characters were on model like 95% of the time and the colors+backgrounds were great, which still made it visually impressive.
Definitely all the visual details made the anime look "better" than most other TV anime. Like for example, Mahoutsukai no Yome is sort of similar visually (fantasy-esque backgrounds) and looks good too, but the character designs and the background art are more simple (not to mention most characters tend to suffer from sameface syndrome).
Comparing this
to this , you can tell which one looks more visually interesting.

All the moving creatures had this effect from what I remember. It was a style choice yeah, but I think it worked fine. Kind of reminds me of seeing a wild animal in real life, theyre usually just blurs with how fast they move. Although they didnt do it for tama-chan so, not sure what the idea was....

Actually did they do it for the Scarlet Maw in the third layer? I think they might've decided against that style after doing those scenes and just cut their losses on them.

The other monsters were only seen from the distance and had like 5 seconds of airtime, I dont even know why anyone cares about them when they're so irrelevant.

Just checked, they didnt. It was only for the first few episodes so what your saying might be the case honestly...
The distinct change in art style is why i remembered it. Its not a problem to me I just found it odd.

Animator Kou Yoshinari was in charge of the monster designs and worked on those creature scenes; the blurry/sketchy look is a part of his style as of late.
You can see some other examples here

The fuzziness wasn't a problem, it was the way the thing moved and the director fucked up by making this scene not feel like an ambush.
The crimson splitjaw and corpse weepers were drawn in the same style and looked great.

ah i see, makes sense.
I think I understand what you mean. I just felt it stood out either way. The spider sequence couldve been done a bit better.

does Ozen's clit become a penis if you put a thousand-man pin on it?

I don't think there's anything left if you do that user

another valentine Nanachi

The day that episode aired people were triggered due to the way it moved, it was weird, almost funny and that Bug feel more intimidating in the manga

There's really just two problems with the shot that I can see: 1) it zooms out way too fast relative to the movement of the spider and 2) the spider is basically a static image. The legs don't move at all and it doesn't feel like it's jumping at all, especially when it lunges forward.

Who's excited for more Mitty merch?

So how come simply being in the 6th layer doesn't kill you by mutating the blood cells that are flowing up inside your body into little cancer cells?