But instead of posting the plot, post 5 screenshots from other shows with scenes that you could see in your anime...

But instead of posting the plot, post 5 screenshots from other shows with scenes that you could see in your anime, and let Anons figure the plot out.

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A normal family anime about an abusive tsundere girl and her masochistic lolicon parents.

>Cute beautiful high-school girl
>Wants to be astronaut
>There is a space club at school
>She doesn't choose it
>Everyone is shocked and try to convince her to choose this particular club
>She chooses volleyball club instead
because it's about coordination and teamwork
>She choses another club
because it's about everything crucial that isn't done in the space club
etc. etc
each episode is a new club
at the end of season 3 she dies but she's happy because she had all those necessary skills and knowledge. The space club is named after her name

Picked up

man discovers little robot
little robot can fuse with other robots
little robots fuse with so many other robots bigger and bigger than him that he trancends humanity
little robot man fights universal threat
little robot man becomes the hero of the universe

I call it Little robot gattai cancer

nobody did this thread right. lmao

Because the challenge proposed was fucking dumb.

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Screen 1: A strange girl in a glowing ceremonial orange pointy hat and robes steps of the mouth of a giant eel
Screen 2: Close up of comic relief guy making a goofy face while jet skiing. He is wearing a skin tight suit.
Screen 3: A black girl and a girl with ENORMOUS pink hairbuns (we're talking bigger than her head) are setting up a campfire on some giant yellow and green alien tree trunks.
Screen 4: Sheer white, vaguely female shaped tree entity is standing against a moonlit sky
Screen 5: A group of 5characters (Main character girl, a really fat cartoon faced guy, the aforementioned hairbun girl, a shota with a yellow helmet covering his face, and aforementioned comic relief guy) are having a picnic on a giant blue mushroom, overlooking a red body of water. Multicolored vaguely jellyfish shaped light balloons are floating in the foreground

Alright anons, what's the plot?

I'll just steal plots.

"I can't believe that my chad roomate is this alpha!"
1.- MC is in relationship with childhood friend, this would be the ending of most slice of life stories, but the happy ending starts to decay as she grows distant.
2.- Turns out she had been seeing someone in secret, your typical tall, blonde, faceless NTR guy
3.- one day she abruptly breaks up with MC, telling him that the magic is gone and that she'd love to go back to their old friendship if possible, that if they went on with this they'd be wasting their time. NTR guy listens in secret as he grins
4.- then she gives ntr guy a love letter and confesses her feeling for him infront of all the school, ntr guy however laughs at this and says that he was just hanging out with her and that he was unaware that she was in a relationship when he did so, and that he'd be 'wasting his time' if he went on like this and leaves.
5.- MC is sulking in the park before he feels a sudden cold pain on the back of his neck and then looks back, just to see NTR guy smiling and holding out a can of coke.
"Does being heart broken hurt like I remember, or is it worse?"
He then moves in with him for reasons and meets his new ikemen roomates, a 5'5 ripped asf guy that dreams of being an MMA fighter, a 6'0 gay bro and a guy that got rehabilitated from his NTR fetish
A little rough but i've had this idea for a little bit.

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>a middle school girl runs an unagi store
>her only surviving relative is her grandfather who has early onset dementia
>she fails all her tests
>her worst subject is english
>she keeps falling asleep all the time because she has to get up at midnight to buy eels
>she's poor and smells of eel and looks tired
>all the other kids at school tease her all the time
>stray cats follow her but won't let her pet them
>every episode ends with her sobbing and clutching a photo of her and her parents in a happier time


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>at school she does her best to stay happy but she always ends up fighting back tears
>at the eel store she's foul mouthed and won't take shit from anyone
>grandad always mistakes eel girl for his wife or his daughter in law
>her only friend is the middle aged fishwife who runs the store next to eel girl
>fishwifes son goes to school with eel girl
>fish wife hears that eel girl was being teased for only eating eel and rice every day
>she starts making her a chara bento every day
>fishson gives eel girl the bento at school
>eel girl asks how he got the black eye and bruises on his face and he says "I told my mum I wasn't one of the people teasing you and she said that didn't matter"
>everyone makes fun of fishson
>fishwife keeps making the bento but her son starts throwing them in the trash instead of giving them to eel girl, eel girl knows but lies to fishwife saying that she eats them every day
>eel girl while riding her bike in the rain to buy eels gets clipped by a truck, it doesn't even slow down
>police tape everywhere
>it looks like eel girl had to crawl a long way to a bus shelter to get out of the rain
>it's obvious that it wasn't quick and painless
>eel girls desk has some flowers on it but you can still see the graffiti that hasn't been quite erased under the pot telling her to kill her self and that she's worthless and other mean shut
>hypocrites in class saying hypocritical shit about how they tried to be eel girls friend
> grandfather is sitting on a stool outside where the store used to be and says to fish wife who now looks a bit older "Hanako is going to be home from school soon. her dream is to become a stewardess, she's so great at english I'm sure it will be easy for her"
>grandad looks up the street towards where Hanako used to go to school

Not anime. YET

What about a series where a finally confesses to his childhood friend, and she agrees to date him but says it has to be in secret since her parents would never approve of her being in a relationship. He agrees, but one day catches her in bed with another man. Before he can say anything, the other guy starts freaking out and it turns out that he's yet another childhood friend of her and she did the exact same deal with him that she did with the MC. The two of them both decide that the girl is a piece of shit, dump her, then end up finding common ground together and become friends.

Working title: Does my daughter know I'm still a virgin?

MC is a thirty-something-year old hugless kissless virgin he lives a alone and works as a webmaster.
When he was a teenage NEET he donated sperm to get cash to buy a rare prize figure of his waifu.

One day a high school girl shows up at his door claiming to be his daughter, coincidentally she also looks a lot like the figure he sold his seed for.

She wants to know more about him is he married, does she has any siblings?

MC panics, unable to keep up the pretense he is a normal adult any longer, he admits he is a wizard who has never held hands with a girl.

Undaunted by how pathetic her father is, his daughter vows to to do whatever she can to help him find a woman and lose his virginity.

This actually could be pretty cool desu.

But if in season 2 he end up fucking his daughter and falling in love with her you are going to be executed by firing squads.

Execution is too far, but yeah.

Usagi Drop manga end a shit.

Yeah, and if he DOESN'T fuck his daughter then it's the electric chair. Pick your poison. (as in, it's death by poison if you try and somehow make them not blood related.)

Isekai except instead of one guy, it's an entire Japanese village/small town, both people and buildings. And they're moved to the middle of knockoff Mordor.

Now the people of the village must fight to protect themselves and maintain independence from the dark lord. A main theme of the show could be community, as even the most secluded shut-in must get out of the house now and help out.

The world has been reduced to rubble. Humanity is nearly extinct. The half-destroyed cities have become uninhabitable through radiation. Beyond their boundaries, they say, lie endless burned-out deserts and the remains of splintered forests. Survivors still remember the past greatness of humankind. But the last remains of civilisation have already become a distant memory, the stuff of myth and legend.

More than 20 years have passed since the last plane took off from the earth. Rusted railways lead into emptiness. The ether is void and the airwaves echo to a soulless howling where previously the frequencies were full of news from America, Europe, and China. Man has handed over stewardship of the earth to new life-forms. Mutated by radiation, they are better adapted to the new world. Man's time is over.

A few score thousand survivors live on, not knowing whether they are the only ones left on earth. They live in the Tokyo Metro - the biggest air-raid shelter ever built. It is humanity's last refuge. Stations have become small states- nationstations, their people uniting around ideas, religions, water-filters - or the simple need to repulse an enemy incursion. It is a world without a tomorrow, with no room for dreams, plans, hopes. Feelings have given way to instinct - the most important of which is survival. Survival at any price.

Nakano-sakaue Station is the westernmost inhabited station on its line. It was one of the Metro's underground stations and still remains secure. But now a new and terrible threat has appeared. Hinako, a young girl living in Nakano-sakakue, is given the task of penetrating to the heart of the Metro, to the legendary Otemachi Station, to alert everyone to the awful danger and to get help. She holds the future of her native station in her hands, the whole Metro - and maybe the whole of humanity.

Tons of lonely women, girls(the occasional lesbo) and neet men would be all over that shit.
Cakes furiously shlicking to the latest ep with a doujin in hand/on her cellphone would be common place.

Bonus points if the guy starts getting letters/emails from his daughter years before she shows up and he scrambles to unfuck his life and eventually becomes fit as fuck.to help pretend that he has his life together .

They all die in the 1st episode
Try dropping them into a hostile environment but not somewhere geared for total war. Try somewhere like !Australia which is next to !Mordor but those guys are busy fighting elves or something so can't exterminate the village immediately

Sounds too familiar
If your going to do it you'll have to do it right and you will need to hook the watchers with some bait early on
Just make Hinako hot as fuck or throw in some quality comic relief to keep the viewers. If you value your integrity more than sales you can keep it mature and gritty and nkt pander to your audience but you can't ever fuck up and you will have to pay close attention to your pacing and consistently feed answers and not just dump them info sporadically because everyone already knows the story they just want to see if they are right

it will be a "dream sequence" bundled with the BD release

Maybe near or at the border of Mordor, then. Still in danger, but far enough from the dark lord to be able to prepare for an invasion and a bit more likely to find allies.

>Sounds too familiar
It's a repost and literally Metro: 2033. Some autist even wrote the entire book into episodes.


Cool give them a solid defensive position to help them out like thermopylae to make it a plausible that a random bunch of unarmed civilians can not get fucking exterminated and I'll watch it

Did you ever see the Buffy spin off angel?
Cavemen fucking destroy Astronauts


I know people like pasta but really?
If it's not your OC then are they really your (you)s?
I thought keitai was just people trolling but reposting rewritten ideas to fish for (you)s upsets me even more


Damn, the remake looks amazing.

>I know people like pasta but really?

Did you forget where came from?

Already a thing.



ED2: youtube.com/watch?v=m4DyTjrruVo

Cyberpunk setting. For 15 years a rebel group has occupied Southern Japan. During their reign they forced the local population to trade with their own cryptocurrency which automatically taxed all transactions for the rebels which contributed to their longevity and semi-legitemacy. Now as the rebel state is crumbling adventurers, mercenaries, japanese military and groups looking to fill the power vacuum are searching for the lost keys to the taxes collected over all the years.


I only visit these threads for this, I was not disappointed, cheers!