What was the point of this transformation?

What was the point of this transformation?

To deliver the seasonal new transformation.

Goku is retarded, no, is not a joke post, SSY3 is an useless form that just consume all your stamina in a single moment, it would be a good idea for an attack, but not for a base form, even in the same Buu saga the SSY3 got prove to be useless.

Selling new toys

Pandering to spics with aryan envy

Pretty much an evolved form of that form with the huge muscles that wastes a shitload of stamina

To make Super Saiyan mean even less.

fan service

This. In DB games I play up to SSJ2 at MOST. SSJ and oozaru are the only non-ass saiyajin transformations. Everything else is so bad it might as well be not canon.

Buy time so trunks could get the radar

>Daaamn aryans look like that!?

I'm more confused by why his eyebrows disappear and his forehead pushes forward.

To give gotenks a new angle. Speaking of which, a teenage Gotenks would be near invincible if one assumed Goten and trunks maintained the same rate of power increase as when they trained to fight Buu. Too bad this was never explored in the arcs showing the future

to go even further beyond

God that took so fucking long.



To distract majin buu and convince him to wait for a fighter even stronger than him.
Bear in mind goku only discovered this form because he was dead and so had unlimited stamina to experiment with. It was practically useless on inception because he either runs out of time on earth or runs out of stamina outright. It served it's purpose in this fight though because goku used it to both buy time for trunks and to negotiate with buu to wait 2 days for a strong fighter. If goku fought him at ssj2, he wouldn't be able to convince buu that waiting for a fighter would be worth his time

>only dubs
Guess you can't go further beyond

>still not quads

selling toys

Its only ssj3 trips are perfect

Honestly, I think our friend's in need of a haircut

I think it was meant to look more primal as a nod to the giant ape form. Only thing I liked about GT was how they remembered that form

>base is singles
>SS1 is dubs
>SS2 is trips
>SS3 is quads
How can you not know this?

Holy Shit.

it was cool as fuck the first time I see it 20 years ago

SS2 was more pointless honestly. It's just SS with electricity.

People write off One Punch Man as a joke anime, partly because it is, but still has some depth, but it's making fun of shows like DBZ.

Through until SSJ2 it wasn't that ridiculous, but now it's like a hyperactive 10 year old wrote the story for his action figure fight against his friend.


It's so dumb


Goku forgot the lessons learned during the Cell saga that you're better off training your base form and mastering SSJ energy efficiency than pushing the transformation further.


But DBZ doesn't take itself seriously user.

To give Super Saiyan 2 a shorter name.

Well. The idea was that SSJ3 incomplete at the time so he couldn't fully control or handle it.

Much like how SSJ was originally a limited thing, but later they got better and better at holding it. Then they did the same shit to SSJ2.

He can't control it, it's established as that. It's an all-in tech.

The ideal form is base, not even the SSJ thing, like Gohan does.

it was a stunt, a distraction.

to sell more manga

Toriyama sensei always dreamed of being in a hair metal band

It's so easy to pick out the pedros

It serves as a flag for defeat in most circumstances.


>aryan envy
>implying spics don't want to be anglos
>implying anyone wants to be a cuckboy

to give way for this transformation.

underage please, ssj3 was the coolest thing back in the day. there's a reason the transformation scene was so iconic, before super butchered it and everything else related to dragon ball

at least gt had the decency of only ruining itself

It did a good job of showing that even while dead, and with all intention to stay dead, Goku was still training and trying to reach new heights.

He needed to go even further beyond. Duh.

What's the point of ANY transformation these days? We know a bigger badder enemy is going to come next time rendering the current ULTRA SUPER MEGA transformation useless. The power creep has gotten out of control.

It was literally just for Vegeta is 'mire. People read too much into it

To bring Goku back to the center stage of the plot. Make a new transformation for the season.
Also to make a limit to super saiyan transformations. Also to show that this form is impossible to obtain unless you are fused or you are dead and your body wasnt given limitation to the transformation. Being dead helped Goku a lot to achieve that power and got nerfed when he came back to life.
Theb later Toriyama makes a statement that the other forms of ss are just power ups. Which makes sense, just do the same ss transformation process already ss then get the draw backs of said power up.

To show that Goku trained a bunch in heaven and reached a level no one else on Earth could obtain.

To keep things interesting for those who just watch this for the transformations.

If toriyama stuck with this look, we would never have a need for 4.

To become stronger so he could beat Majin Buu.

I always thought it was the dumbest looking form out of all of them. Lose eyebrows and weird bump things in place? Longer hair?

I like the concept here but I don't think that guy's face looks anything like a "realistic" Goku's would

Like most things in buu saga, it's taking the piss of all the cliches dragon ball had worn out so heavily by then.

it's explicitly stated to be useless and that goku deliberately took a long time to power up to it in order to stall for time. compare that with how played straight a stupid concept like "super saiyan 2: now it has sikk lightning effects" was in the arc previous

I'm looking into watching the new dragon Ball show, Do I need to rewatch dbz to follow up on the new one?
I remember the ending being goku and uub? I think flying to the skies to train, I don't remember much of the buu saga, I kinda lost interest after the Majin vegeta fight, and saw a couple of episodes here and there afterwards to try and keep up but eventually fell through, each time with a new version of buu villain or a new transformation for the heroes.

So do I need to rewatch the show or at least buu saga to keep up with the new show or not? sorry if this is a dumb question, I haven't watch dragon ball in forever.

And this is what I call...Super Saiyan 4.

It looks cool and very different from every form so far.
It served to show that Goku was still experimenting and reaching new levels all this time and that saiyans still had even more potential for growth.
It further set Goku ahead of the his peers.
Plus it looked cool.

In universe it's just another thing Goku was basically experimenting with, they said it worked better in the afterlife and it was still in beta anyway. Perhaps it was a dead end or maybe it had potential, the only way to know would be to test it.

To look cool as fuck and give them all a new form to strive towards.

That's basically it.

In before toei shills who have to push that embarassing toriko shilling tie in blue hair bullshit and that retarded fucking SSJ2 CAN BE PERFECTED TO SSJ3 idiocy all so trunks can look like a fucking bishounen faggot and to save money on animating SSJ3 hair.

>I'm more confused by why his eyebrows disappear and his forehead pushes forward.
because he becomes whiter, user

Are we really talking about Dragon Ball? Because you described Dio

>there's a reason the transformation scene was so iconic
yes, because it lasted 6 fucking minutes


the punch the universe apart thing is somethign that was brought in with super
and we all know how shit super is

the rest of your sentence is stuff that fucking happened before and during the fucking saiyajin saga.

Even after all these years removing the eyebrow looks stupid as fuck

It looks more neanderthall and simian.

It looks bad ass as fuck.

What do you want?
Niggas to look all shiny sparkly and have crystal eyes and hair and....
I forgot

Excuse me?

to make goku better than vegita, but not better than buu.

this is why i wanted to see more of mystic gohan's stuff, that form didn't use up anything.

Newfags who don't even read some shit ED articles before going in

SS3 Is terrible.
>worse stamina drain than SSG
>weaker than SSG by far
>slightly stronger than SS2
>bested by SS1 Vegeta

Vegeta knows SS3 is terrible which is why he never uses it. He also knows conserving stamina as a SSG is shit too which is why anime Vegeta only goes base, SS1, SSB, and kawaii magical gay69.

>>worse stamina drain than SSG
LOL stamina being a thing post DBZ.

>>weaker than SSG by far
SSG still looks like shit.
Everyone thinks so.
There's a reason why Toriyama made it look like that then quickly discarded it within the very same movie.

>>slightly stronger than SS2
Fucking retarded.
Or do you think think fucking SSJ2 Vegeta was holding back rather then being outright BODIED by Kid Buu.
And Vegeta in canon is able to pull far more out of his SSJ forms then goku.
>>bested by SS1 Vegeta
The fuck are you even tarding on about you insane faggot?

Also Vegeta couldn't do SSJ3 if his life fucking depended on it. He had ot let Babidi make him into his slave bitch to even achieve SSJ2.

Go back to shilling in the Super threads.

>LOL stamina being a thing post DBZ.
Rewatch the Cell arc
>There's a reason why Toriyama made it look like that then quickly discarded it within the very same movie.
And then had it be brought back in the outline and agreed with Toyo using it again in the manga?

>slightly stronger than SS2
SS3 is 4 times stronger than SS2.
SS2 has a multiplier of 100x base, while SS3 has a multiplier of 400x base.

No, he didn't.
Because there is no fucking SSJG anywhere in the outline at any place.
That was Toyo trying to make the outline that "toriyama wrote" into something decent.

The blue hair bullshit was a Toei marketing scam.

Toriyama wanted them to have fucking WHITE HAIR but they told him TOLD HIM! HE SAID THIS! that he couldn't use it because it was going to go on some fucking. A VILLIAN THAT HE OBVIOUSLY KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT

The fuck out of here.

Not that user but ypu got the source on that?
Because what i remember was they were thinking about using white but it simply clashed with another villain. Plus toriyama said he chose blue because of the transcendence look.

Keeping alive the franchise.
Just like with Gohan and SS2.

Toriyama wanted to finish the series after Freeza.