Mary Jane is saving anime

Mary Jane is saving anime
Ep 4 preview video is up

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thanks for the fap


You can't say that without posting the link.

Consider me hyped, it appears they've done it again.

I like the music.


>yuribait loli hentai
fuck, can't all men just die?

My dick is ready. Definitely an interesting choice of music.

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Enjoy your ban.

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Don't reply to shitposters.

Are you talking about yourself? I wasn't the one who made an off-topic thread on Sup Forums.

Fuck lolis

Mary Jane is more than what we deserve.

It seems we're in anime(hentai) original territory

It's a shame we didn't get the pegging or ice cream scenes animated


mangagamer localization announcement doko?

Truly the Kyoani of H.

That was theirs too? Pretty sure people were mad at them getting rid of her clothes when things really matter.

This is a blue board. I'm waiting mod.

It's beautiful though. And remember to report and ignore.

Report your off-topic porn thread? Fine.

Still I want to take the bait, fuck you can argue it instructs newfags who are lurking but then you give the pleasure to the troll, plus mods nowadays left tons to desire. Such troubled days.

Thank God we didn't get the pegging, harem route?

I love you Sup Forums.

You need to fight the temptation. Distract yourself with lolis.

I love you too, Mikan!

What bait? You are talking about hentai in Sup Forums. There's others boards for that, go there.

Don't do it lads

I love it when the dyke gets the dick.

Did the VN have an overarching plot?

Please go back to /h/ or whatever.
Sadpanda threads and any porn threads are banned

The background music is pretty nice.

>do i fit in yet?


Fuck off newfag.

I'm not trying to fit in. I just don't want these idiots to spam the board with sick porn.

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>giving the troll the attention he craves

Why are lolis so sexy?

You'd have to ask God why he made them so.

on that note: this is probably one of the few adaptions where I prefer the anime art over the vn art

You're not alone.

Then I'll leave this to our dear lurkers, first of all rules on Sup Forums (except for those involving legal affairs) are meant to be guidelines, not absolute rules made up by some dictator, they were consulted by each board (that's why several boards have their own local rules) in order to keep their quality in a manner the board wants, of course there are several non written rules like the lurking 2 years before posting or watching at least 400 series but those are for other post. As for the blue board part, it keeps Sup Forums from being a desolated porn bump board because we are a bunch of horny faggots hence the need, arguing that making a hentai thread is illegal here is pretty much stupid since people discuss it's though provoking themes and worthy arguments are held and saying that hentai isn't anime (or doujins manga) is just plain retarded, but shitposters who want to see Sup Forums burn down just say fuck it, let's destroy this board's culture and get out of my way to enter a thread (with not even softcore porn on it) to tell people that they aren't living their lives correctly. Dear lurkers, you must know that this behavior is looked down upon on Sup Forums and any distortion of the rules (guidelines) in favor of such nature are a no go, please remember you are the future of Sup Forums and fight this cancer by engraving these words in your brain. Do it for Sup Forums, do it for you're waifu, do it for yourself, ganbare!

They are just cute. Only pedofaggots and virgins feel attracted to them.

>do it for you're waifu
>do it for yourself
That's what I'm doing to make this place more comfy, for me.

Thoughts on loli butts?

Seems like white haired loli gets cured from her disease thanks to the D

I don't care. Don't annoy me.

What was wrong with her?

This, dear lurkers, is what you should avoid at most. Saying such egoistical words as "doing X for the sole reason of tailoring a board to my persona" is the reason newfags who don't lurk are despised hell and back, you don't own the board, if you like it then it is because of how it is, not because people need to go out of their way to feel yourself comfortable, we need to thank our fellow shitposter for admiring their newfaggotry and serving as a clear example though, please a round of claps for him.

I wish this studio somehow made a remake of seikatsu shidou.

Hey, don't use me as a bad example.

Too many old man dicks.

And I need some sleep, I apologize for such wrong wording but you get the idea dear lurkers, keep the quality of the board up and remember, study the culture and keep lurking to tell these wrongdoers off.

No. Night-night.

Toshi Densetsu deserved more episodes.

And remember mina-san, unvirgin scum aren't welcomed here, if anything they taint this pure board with their bullshit and 3DPD desires, remember to tell them off too.

But she was cured by the Oji-san D?

>feeling proud of being a virgin
>girls are bad
How funny! You sound like a kid lol

thoughts on ramune?

Never had one but they look tasty. Thoughs on trains?

Again, thanks for being such a cancerous newfag to our dear lurkers who actually take their time to absorb this board culture, they need to know what they should avoid to not look retarded in the future.

What part of this image is the most arousing? I need your insight.

Acting as a group of kids in their tree house with a sign of "no girls allowed" in the door is not what I would call a good example, you know.

Dunno, let's ask the mods.

Not at all, you just fuck so lolis.

She had the gay

Mods used to give their opinions but at some point they decided that their presence should only be felt when doing a public ban, too bad. Also it is when it shows how someone of your ideology shits up the place with no remorse ignoring how thing came up to be, really mature of you by the way, unvirgin-kun.

I see. That definitely can't beat the D.

Weren't you going to sleep, virgin-san? Come on, to bed.

very rideable, convenient, sometimes limited in positioning due to infrastructure.
thoughts on headpatting?

How rude to tell me to get out while keeping me from leaving.


>breast sucking

I don't normally fap to straight up animated hentai, but this is a game changer.

The best when doing by someone you like, the worst when done by some literally who without permission.

Come on, virgin-san. Sweet nightmares wait for you.

Should be done as violently as possible. Thoughts on ghosts?

tanlines from their wonderful school swimsuit. See pic related

>he hasn't fapped to shoujo ramune already

I don't think the answer is that simple when you take the belly into account.

lolis are perfection, lolis are eternal. Ghosts are eternal, loli ghosts are thus eternal perfection.
thoughts on donuts?

I prefer the ones with holes, tiny holes. Regular glazed is the best and chocolate is the worst.
Thoughts on books?

I'll have you know I've fapped to the VN CGs

This is a miracle case where the anime actually looks better.

Still here, they are already on my backlog, thanks anyways. Also
>not enjoying different things
You should open your mind in that regard.


Last episode was boring though, girl was just a meido and was barely a ghost.

I could never watch this pedo gay shit.

That's why it needed more episodes. You can't expect them all to be great.

Not forcing you, everyone have their fetishes, the thing is when you shit another for it for some stupid reason.


like eternal lolis, even books thousands of years old have great appeal.
thoughts on rabbits?

Did the D cure White of her lesbianism?

there is plenty of straight sex faggot, fuck off

Post puffy.

Never touched one irl. Thoughts on dogs?

Synopsis says she fucks him as thanks for helping her get with the tanned girl.

Hey, pedo jany is here. He was waiting for me to leave to start deleting my post, how cute.
I do have a good reason tho. I don't like pedofaggots, that's good enough.

>I don't like pedofaggots
Such a nice thing there aren't any here.