Goblin Slayer

>The wicked are estranged from the womb; they go astray from birth, speaking lies
Psalm 58:3
>A child won't bear a parent's guilt
>Ezekiel 18:20
Who is in the right.

Goblin Slayer, duh.

Those passages are not contradictory.

If lions were any smarter they couldn't be tamed from birth.

History has taught us that you gotta murder the kids too. Especially if their parentage makes a later bid for power and influence more credible

both are right, whats your point? also goblins a shit, thats also right

Bible doesn't apply to non-humans.

He should have raped those babies. He should also have raped the humans too. And the elves. And the dwarves. And the cave itself.

Why are there no female gobbos, why would the evolutionary biological process of that planet create a species reloant of embrionic capacity of another species and why would humans be the only compatible vector for repo? Is it just lolololo magic or does it not matter with gobo slayer.

goblins didn't evole, they sprung forth fully formed from the evil god's power.

also, we see later with the goblin lord that goblin slayer is right, adventurer spares baby goblin, it kills them.

>Thou shalt not suffer a goblin to live
Exodus 22:18

Goblins in this setting are literally born to be evil by their creator god and rape and violence are hard wired into them, it's literally how they reproduce.

>Evolution having anything to do with goblins.

In this setting they were created by an "evil" god who made them basically just to fuck with the other god he's in competition against. They rape to reproduce because the other god favors female heroes.

So they use magic from their evil god to reproduce with human females, eh? What a jerk of a god.

goblins are like the typhon, they are just plain incapable of empathy. goblins only group together because power in numbers, and killing their tribe makes a goblin angry because it lost power, not because any of the other goblins are dead.

so in theory a goblin with a working empathy center of their brain would be capable of good. but since god powers are involved that's hard to imagine happening.

>So they use magic from their evil god to reproduce with human females, eh?

It doesn't have to be humans. The Elf lands had goblin nests as well and were raping elf captives. I'm not even certain it has to be humanoid races and that they just prefer them over like cows and pigs and stuff.

Remember when some female knight spared a goblin child? She is no longer with us.

>What a jerk of a god.

All the gods in this setting are jerks in various ways. Even the entire thing of evil vs good is literally just a game to them.

If they were genetically compatible with animals wouldnt pre zygotic reproductive isolation mechanism make them infertile to humans and vise versa and even if this werent the case im suprised that not even the gobbo king would see the benefit of capturing a fuck ton of cows and pigs and using them as beeding factories since at least cows are stronger than humans with a shorter gestation period?

Ya, all the "contradictions" I hear people talking about in the bible aren't really contradictions, They are 2 parts of the same lesson. Kind of like a new driver who turns a corner but has to compensate for turning too sharp.

Also this

First off, they're creations of literal god magic, stop thinking in terms of genetics. Second, the gobs aren't organized enough to have a central king/leader like that. They also get used as fodder and led by stronger monsters and demons sometimes like in the manga's current arc. They also aren't very bright. The smartest are things like the goblin lords but they're stupidly rare to the point where some seasoned adventurers have never even heard of them, much less seen one.

repent later, do what it needs to be done now

Well, just by walking into the cave, he did insert his penis, I guess. How do you tell when you have consent with a cave?

Priestess is in the right, Goblin Slayer is in the left.

white people dont bear parents guilt. shitskins do.


eh, there are plenty of real inconsistencies. Book of Matthew says 28 generations between David and Christ, Book of Luke says 43. It's what happens when you have multiple authors over the course of many years to begin with and then multiple translations over the course of centuries.

Goblins in that universe are a disgusting plague on humanity that seeks only hedonistic death and destruction. They have no higher purpose. They aren't people, they're especially vicious roaches and GS is an exterminator.

so, any new info about the 7th volume or new illustrations? Or of the LN version of Year One to be released on March as well?

There's also the inconsistency about the Roman centurion with an ill servant in Matthew and Luke.

In Matthew, the centurion himself goes to Jesus to ask to heal his servant, but in Luke he sends elders instead on his behalf.

sounds like the relationship between jews and hitler

So with the Year One side story manga doing alright I wonder if the artiest will make another side story manga for the Hero Girl that had appeared during the light novels?

>and GS is an exterminator.

You are now picturing Dale Gribble as Goblin Slayer.

Does this mean that he wants to be raped by Russian men?

Goblin Slayer did nothing wrong

Yes, it does.