Rip Maki (again)

I kinda dropped this shit after school festival arc

Any progress between president and vice president so far?

>Another update
This shit's going too fast, holy fuck

they know they like each other, but they are still fighting for a confession


>Kaguya explaining how having your man be taught something by another woman is unforgivable because it stains them from the inside while Fujiwara teaches Shirogane rap in the courtyard below them....
If she had looked out of the window, they would have been dead.

I fucking love this shit

>Rapping Shirogane
>yo yo yo
He reminds me of Onimusha from Tsurezure

>Ishigami back on “I wanna die so I’m going home” mode
What a throwback

>Onimusha is next on Waka's target list.

You had to remind me

>A heart necklace, huh
>He has great taste
The SC boys are the purest and the girls are slutty uncultured swines

He's gonna get the Yamada, user. They're too cute together, right? Don't do it, Waka.

What happens to /ourguy/ Ishigami?

Maki suffering still continue..

Subject F NTR Kaguya and Iino next

>Miko immediately falling back to her ASMR tracks

Translation fucking when?


if she falls on that as response to any stressful situation, I feel sorry for her, is no just a occasional "pick me up" thing, is becoming a dependency, the poor girl probably has a hard life



that would mean Fujiwara inviting Prez and Ishigami to something? maybe her house? after all her parent invited Prez and Kaguya, it could go all the way and invite the whole council.

>the poor girl probably has a hard life
bullying and absentee parents will do that to you

I want to hug Miko now, and I am not a Mikofag

There is a doujin already, is shame the second one doesnt follow the same path or went with Ishigami.

The whole council coming but Prez and Ishigami stay after F sister stop them.

Doujin when?

what sister? big or little one?

>Kaguya explaining how having your man be taught something by another woman is unforgivable
>That makes Iino cry

Now I feel bad for Miko.

Of course the sluttiest older one. And she carries them to Fujiwara (young) room.

keep going, I almost got a boner.

Is this the most bullied character in a manga?

>Kaguya complete mental shutdown
>Miko normal shock and embarrasment
>Fujiwara horny as fuck

that bitch.

> most bullied character
Maki > Miko > Ishigami > Kaguya

I wish Fujiwara was my mom

Dont make fun of her, all this trauma could lead to suicide.

Don't worry, /ourguy/ Ishigami will save her

I think this is beyond even the guy.
He understands a woman's heart, but that only helps him tear it apart. It's the inability to understand women that makes you popular.

> Prez saves Kaguya
> Ishigami saves Miko

Who will save Fujiwara?

Fujiwara doesn't need saving, she's perfect

Prez already saved Miko during the stuco election.

Fujiwara is saving Pres even in this chapter

It's for the best. Imagine Iino trying to introduce someone to ASMR.

Saving her from what?

We learned what his issues were, he solved them and got a possible love interest who currently hates his guts.

>Ishigami manages to cheer her up
>She falls for him
>Gets her heart broken again when he inevitable starts dating Miko
Probably a bad idea, would just make things worse in the long run.

women were a mistake

Well at least the guy is not cheating on the slut and will get a lot of anal sex that night.

Wait, do they know? Or is this just Kaguya being paranoid about Fujiwara again?

>when he inevitable starts dating Miko

thats were you are wrong, /ourguy/ deserves better.

She might be talking about the time when Fujiwara was teaching him to dance. Or Hayasaka might have tipped her. Which would have lead to a break down given how possessive Kaguya is.

>trying to sabotage Kashiwagi's relationship
Maki a shit. A SHIT.

She's talking about how it's unforgivable for a boyfriend to study with another girl.

She deserves it for purposely choosing a lame gift.

Isn't Maki the third best student in the year? Kashiwagi a shit.

Doesn't matter, this whole chapter was about how he was cheating on Kashiwagi.

Was it confirmed she's the same Maki Ichijou who is only one point below Kaguya?

She's Maki at least. Not confirmed but I doubt he'd give her the same name for no reason.
Kashiwagi in her first year was also 4th, it makes sense for them to be around the same level

Wasn't Shirogane 4th on their 1st year though?

Oh, it was just the previous test where she placed 4th, not year

He was 9th and 4th at different points in the year, but the final term (out of 5) had him in 1st and Kashiwagi in 4th.

oh wait, that's not a flashback is it? That's literally happening outside the window while they are talking.

I think "Previous Test" just means the 4th test that came before the final one. Since Ishigami wouldn't be ranked if it was referring to the previous final exams.

That's right, she doesn't know it's happening right as she says that.

Well, they're not studying. They're just panting as they moan and move their bodies, so that's perfectly okay.

Phrasing, user.

And technically he's not Kaguya's boyfriend. Yet.

Odd for Kaguya to say that, considering she was fine with Fujiwara teaching him to dance (until she started teaching him herself).

>maki chapter
>its more suffering

San Valentin chapter next week


me on the left

I don't think she was aware until after she already started teaching him.

How? They haven't even reached christmas in the manga.

She deserves it for trying to sabotage her best friend's relationship by recommending something she knows is lame.

Maybe- it never did say if she knew about it beforehand. Still, if Kaguya feels this strongly about it I'd have expected her to show jealousy at some point afterwards. As it stands she seems completely fine with it.
Plus it's hard to believe that she doesn't know about their training sessions in general. Fujiwara pretty much bragged about it from the start and even Prez talked about it with Fujiwara's dad in front of Kaguya.

It's custom in Japan to say that even if you don't mean it, and probably Kaguya took it as such.

I think they'll elaborate on it eventually, maybe Kaguya doesn't feel bothered because the latest occurrence she's aware of she was the one helping him instead? I don't think she knows how far it's gone in the past.

Perhaps she sees it as a sign that her superior teaching 'seduced' Shirogane away from someone who was worse at the art.

she wouldn't kill shirogane. just re-educate him a little.
she would let him out when she was done.

I think prez is keeping it from her because a) he doesn't want her to find out that he does have quite a couple of flaws and
b) she probably would feel jealous as well especially that he chose Fuji for training instead of her.

How many chapters have passed since the last how cute for you to forget that was the whole point of Shirogane not wanting Kaguya to find out?

>I think
a)The manga explicitly shows you that he's afraid of being How Cute'd
b)If he knew she would feel jealous he wouldn't be so insecure

Kaguya's probably just happy that President is spending some time relaxing. Beside from the occasional bout of paranoia, she doesn't think Fujiwara holds any special affection for him.

I srsly need more how cutes. We're living in a time where they are a rare commodity.

volume translations when?

never. we're stuck with bad quality scans

Ishigami "How cute" is god tier.

When did he do one of those?

last chapter

So is Prez mixed? Seeing as how he has blue eyes and blonde hair.

>yfw Shirogane's mother is now Kaguya's dad's new wife

When are we going to see those crazy girls that are attracted to Prez?

Holy shit, now I want this to happen

You mean Kaguya? She's still technically a yandere even though she's a little tamer now.

Probably never since Kaguya got rid of them.

>Kaguya got rid of potential best girls

Damn it

They couldn't have been that hardcore if Kaguya was able to scare them off.

They'e just lurking out there, waiting for a chance to strike

He didn't actually say "How cute", but his face after Fujiwara told everyone Iino was embarrassed fits.

> Prez x Kaguya
> IshiMiko
> boy x Kashiwagi

Come on, Hayasaka's husbando fucking when?