Danchigai chapter 44

Content warning: explicit sexual imagery involving minors.








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oh haruki you sneaky bastard, thanks user

last panel, 'scratches'

last panel, 'on tv'

Thanks for the dump friend.

These girls are too young for this kind of lascivious behavior!

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>There's a lot of people, so watch out for lost kids, okay?
this line doesn't seem to make sense
could you add a not? what does the big sign in 31:6-7 say/mean?
is the dialogue in 32:8 correct since they're stopping him moving


>this line doesn't seem to make sense
Places like that usually have plenty of lolis just waiting to strike, you gotta watch out.

Seriously though, I don't know how to interpret this line. It literally says "look out for lost kids". Is he the about-to-be-lost kid?

>what does the big sign in 31:6-7 say/mean?
The sign says "Megaka...", which is probably the name of the store, but I couldn't guess the full name so I just left it.

>is the dialogue in 32:8 correct since they're stopping him moving
You're right, I misread ね as ねー , which is way more significant than it would seem.

It's "Megaga", probably Mega Game?

pretty sure it's a "ka", you can see it in 33:1

Might be. Is it worth it to go back and add a "MEGAGA" in there? It doesn't really change much.
That actually makes it look more like "ga".

I took it to mean something like 'keep an eye out for lost kids' 'ohh lost kids, like you?'

no the gap for the diacrits isn't that wide looks more like the tip of a completely new katakana

there's another sign on the side maybe it's メガカメラ or Mega Camera?

Yeah, that makes sense.
That makes sense too, actually. That little bit at the end would be part of the second メ.

I guess I might as well typeset that, even if it doesn't really add anything.

perhaps leave it as a margin note it's not guaranteed....

That'd be a weird note, "may or may not say Mega Camera, do with that what you will".

your call

maybe something like
There's a lot of people here, watch out you don't become a lost kid.

Yayoi is so thoughtful for her nii-san, she'll make a great mother to their younger sisters when she marries him.

This is a pure thread, take your incest delusions elsewhere.

But user, incest is the purest form of love.

Bull shit, it's a corruption of family bonding instincts.

>Yayoi noticing such minutiae
She needs the d.

She gets enough Ds, what she really needs is some As.

She's sensitive enough about her chest and you want her to go down to As?

Oh, she's got ass.

Share with us more Yayoi ass.

I don't have much.

Yayoi a shit.

But she's got a good ass.

What comes out of the ass?

My semen.

it's muscle and bone it supports the pelvis and womb, so babies.

I think I'm slowly falling for Yayoi
Fuck, she's so hot, I wanna dick her so bad.


She's not that much smaller than Mutsuki.

Let's face it, fucking Yayoi would be far more interesting that fucking Mutsuki

Her tits are actually quite a bit smaller but she can always catch up. Doesn't even need to be as big as Mutsuki just a cup or 2 more and she's perfect.

shes the only one who sees her onii as a man and not a brother, she needs to stay true to her feelings

she'd have to act before Mutsuki's instincts make their own move.

>then, let's get crepes
then let's get

Assuming the dialogue in the last panel is wrong, it would be "so don't let him go to the game center!" and then "Stop him!"

>recently my skin

>said in TV
on TV

>but, it was fun
but it was

shell never see him as a man, shes way too comfortable,
>tries to practice kissing
>lets him see her in towel
>lays in bed with him
just like a mother

What moms try to practice kissing?

Your mom.

I really wish I had 4 sisters too. It seems so nice. I only have one and she's older.

How did you find out I practiced kissing with my mom? I made sure not to tell anyone.

there's a disconnect between what her body does and what her mind thinks.

I practiced kissing with her too and she told me.

Haruki is a lucky man. Such cute and fun sisters.

fuck you my boss came by and I got fired

How do I get this Santa to come to my house?

Be her brother?

I want to stuff Santa's stocking.

Be a good brother to your own aneki and Santa will make sure you two become a happy family with plenty of children

>Be a good brother to your own aneki
Does being spoiled by your onee-san count as being a good brother?

Haruki, man up and marry Mutsuki and Yayoi already.

As long as you repay her with hugs and love, yes.


Thankfully I have things ready for her for tomorrow then.

Only Mutsuki is for marrying, Yayoi is for bullying and ignoring.

Wait, did you get your sister something for Valentine's Day?


>wasting perfectly good semen that could be used to impregnate her

>a cup or 2 more and she's perfect.
She's already on the upper end of acceptable. Any more and she'll be in hentai imouto territory.

You can't impregnate someone who's already pregnant. So why not fill up he ass instead?

Cute. My otouto never does anything for me.

He'll marry all 4 of his 2d sisters

Haruki has a challenging existence.


This series makes feel sad knowing the fact that I could've had a little sister if it weren't for the miscarriage.

This chapter (46) wasn't translated, right? It's just the one picture?