What's wrong with lewding Kanna?

What's wrong with lewding Kanna?

She's supposed to be a daughteru, not a lewdfu.

Nothing, other than memeing.

Nothing at all, it's just a meme forced by retards.

so tell her to stop seducing my Riko

Literally nothing. Go ahead,

Nothing, thanks for the loli yuri.

Tell them to keep white knighting, maybe she'll suck their dicks for that.

>"whew the orange juice was sure something..."
>"saikawa stop pretending you are drunk"

She canmot wear bikini at all and wear ugly one pieced swimsuit instead.no one masturbates over one pieced swimsuit.

Not with that attitude, you ESL faggot.

Can you fap with it??I am not ESL,but less educated....

This ugly one pieced swimsuit is the worst swimsuit for main protagonist girl after the long sleeved tightshirt Which Asians wear instead of bikini.

For bikini is the best swimsuit for main protagonists...unless main protagonist has dick.

shes too fat

Can someone drop their yuri Kanna Saikawa folder please.

She is smol. Smol is not for fug.

*Nips,Chongs and Gooks...they will get punished by our Great president's Vengeful tax!!!!unless they could wear bikini like us....

Absolutely nothing, Kanna was made for swift rape.

>shes too fat

she's just right

She’s literally made for lewd



What’s wrong?

ravioli ravioli I want to rape the dragon loli

I want to have consensual, mutual loving sex with the dragon loli

this but only sumata

She looks like a fat frog.

>gif in 20 fucking 18

Nothing, just normalfags and crossboarders forcing their shitty morals on everything

Absolutely nothing. Kanna-chan and Saikawa were made to be raped, balls-deep animal fuck deep ejaculation by the fattest, baldest, ugliest, sweatiest old men alive.

absolutely nothing

but daughterus are lewdfus

Only her girlfriend can lewd her.

Kanna is onahole of the year

I don't think so


He’s right though

She's everyone's. One big party

th-that's just a lot of mayo right?

How do I know your not her girlfriend?

kanna is the universe's girlfriend

Because I'm her boyfriend


die ironic weebs


What the fuck are you doing?


Do NOT lewd

dipping my halve into some lovely loli-dragon. Wanna join me?


I'll share Kanna with you, user :3



she point

Oh nice! but my collection is limited.


ravioli ravioli

molest the sleeping dragon loli

She's mine I won't share



Riko pls

You're not a girl.




too bad she's everyone's now. No loyalty to you at all

Yes sir!

Much love to go around!



Kanna has something to show you

I have something to show her too



what is it?

Something bigger than her body's proportions that'd she'd enjoy


I don't get it!

You'll have to be more specific

Something bigger than her fingers and placed in the same area as this image

you're silly, user

what do you mean? i don't get it

can you not post her with boobs you killed my fucking boner

How do two lolis have sex?

That user has been dealt with

They 69 each other

they kissu and h*ld h*nds

>popular amongst normalfags
>normalfags hate pedos
I wonder why.

Given how well they get along, they'll eventually find a way.

Why are her thighs so plump and buttery smooth?

L-Lads this thread is becoming very unchristian at an alarming rate! Please stop this heresy!

What's wrong with these pictures? Only a pervert would be aroused by them, so there's nothing to worry about!

kanna's feets!

Kanna's entire existence!

ravioli ravioli don't lewd the dragon loli.

why is her ass so big its like 1/3rd of her body

Ravioli ravioli you're an insecure guy desperate to hide the fact that seeing Kanna being sexualized turns you on.

Because she is a miracle.

Do not question. Only worship


Some people just like it, baka.

baby fat. such an amazing genetic lottery

shes so thick and petite at the same time

god shes perfect anons