Ane Naru Mono

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How did he see the sunflower?


Probably the woman holding the flower is not human.



>ywn have someone love you this much


That's the end.
I wish Pochi would do a Darlifra doujin next Comiket

Thanks for the dump, user. This chapter had more drama than usual. Who do you think the sunflower woman is?

I hope that an Elder God or someone similar. Mostly because I want an outsider perspective on Chiyo doting on Yuu a human being while she is a being far surpassed him.

Otherwise, a ghost could be fine. I'd love having Chiyo and Yuu solving paranormal mysteries around the town as the main story.

It would be interesting to see Yuu learn more about the eldritch beings. He could see the paranormal, couldn't he?
Would Chiyo be the Outer God equivalent of a person that wants to fuck bugs?

>Would Chiyo be the Outer God equivalent of a person that wants to fuck bugs?

More like bacteria actually with how powerful actual Lovecraftian Gods are. Though I doubt it would be similar to that since she can take the form of such being as well as fully comprehend their culture/language. You may as well consider most gods/human relationships of myths and religions to be of the same nature.

Besides, my personal theory is that the current Chiyo is actually something like a temporary avatar of someone the Mother of Thousand Youngs knew before(remember the flashback in a previous chapter?).

Are they gonna be introducing a plot?

Caring for your sick mom for 15 years, Oh man...

>that neck
>those strings of hair

How can one woman be pure sex?

>digital raws
>don't bother nuking artifacts and leveling the blacks when it takes literally 10s

To have her hold you against her chest in the rain...

>Pochi goes from the lewd eldritch abomination to the cutest abomination ever
>Also draws mother-con isekai illustrations on the side

God bless Pochi, I want to marry her.

How'd you nuke artifacts without fucking up the patterns?

>ywn be held in her warm embrace as rain falls around you


>tfw everyone jokes about the japanese nape fetish
>tfw you unironically find it incredibly sexy now

She didn't stop being lewd.

The cutest lewd eldritch demon

They've been foreshadowing some kind of plot happening since the outset of the serialized version.

Btw is that the right term for telling it apart from the comiket doujins?

>I wish Pochi would do a Darlifra doujin next Comiket
It's possible. She retweeted some Darlifra at one point.

The waifu step can be done with TTA mode activated for better accuracy.

Thanks user