Is this some sort of insub group joke by now? Why the fuck can't these cunts just use Praetor...

Is this some sort of insub group joke by now? Why the fuck can't these cunts just use Praetor? They're as bad as Sean Schammal. God damn am I glad fansubs are almost dead by now. Everyone is trying too hard to be the next [gg] when they were a shit group in the first place.

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Praetor is dead, it doesn't make sense after that Nero explanation.

/u/fags BTFO!

It does when you stop being a self-centered dip who is obsessed with "correcting" a term that has been in multiple works and translated the same way and realize she was just being metaphorical how the fuck does Drake run out of ammo? That's bullshit SHAFT

>Chyuu still hasn't released episode 3

Are they just lazy or they dropped it ?

>tfw some professor of history or art at uni tries to google Nero's bust now during class

Frankly "ludius" is a decent alternative since it translates to "player." Reminds you of the roots of this setting.

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Drake needs mana for ammo and her mana is rank E

someone fucked up the encode
it'll be out soon with netflix video

But she is my wife user!

Are Chyuu's the best subs?

It's a multiverse, user. Your Nero loves only you, my Nero loves only me. The love for our emperor is what unites us.

Ludius is as close to a correct translation for "sousha" as it gets
APEX spent a fucking week researching that shit

>APEX spent a fucking week researching that shit
I think he just looked up "player" in the Latin dictionary and used the most suitable word.

Yes, if Apex translated it would be good too but as it is now he's just taking the memesubs and fixing some stuff but still kinda bad

True user and all Neros are cute

Only if you are male, since Nero only likes men.

You must enjoy all those (You)s

I think it was even easier than that.
Makes you wonder why the fuck didn't anyone else think of this.

/u/fags like yo/u/ need to leave.

Too bad I couldn't reply before the thread got archived, but it's hard taking something from this image with nero twisted vision of love, she loved tons of things of course she experienced, Hakuno is her true love anyway even she had experience he's the only one who made her experience that like she said.

I would feel bad for /u/fags if they didn't troll all of the first LE threads

>Hakuno is her true love
The male one anyway.

Nero says she's experienced in love because when she was alive, she was full of love. She loved her people, she loved Rome, she loved everything beautiful. That's why she's so flustered and so surprised - she has never experienced *this* kind of love.

Hakuno is male user Hakunon is female

stop /y/ning

And Nero only loves the male one.

Umu count +1

Sure, whatever.

Why people like memesubs ? what's the appeal of them ?

Ludio is dumb and misses the mark as well. Who woulda thunk Google translating from two languages you don't know wouldn't work

Organicus/organici or thymelicus/thymelici if you wanna get fancy would be much more accurate

Aye Maestro, its time roll out and kick some ass

The fucking delusion of Nerofags knows no bound. She had harems, she admits she's experienced in love, she is a pervert, she even said she had so many fetishes she needed harems to satisfy herself.
But somehow, a Nerofag will come around and say her harems weren't actually harems, her love wasn't actually love, her perversion isn't actually perversion, her fetishes comment wasn't actually about fetishes. How can someone be so delusional is beyond me. I guess Nero attracts fans that are like her, with EX Rank delusions.

I don't care if she pure or not fag, not my fault extella is fucking dumb and make her that way

>she blushes and stutters like a pathetic waifubait
No, it is all your fault. You're the retard pushing this meme here.

>She had harems
Which were more like friend-for-hire clubs, as explained in Extra CCC.
>she's experienced in love
Platonic love, as explained in her profile basically everywhere.
>she is a pervert
A pervert who gets flustered when you grab her hand?
>she even said she had so many fetishes she needed harems to satisfy herself
Pure bragging, as explained in her FGO profile.

You're the only delusional one here, because you refuse to listen to fact and ignore all proofs people throw at you.

No worries, Anons. Let me give you a lesson in Waifuology to put your minds at ease.

I don't get why you're so mad user saving yourself and not finding love is different, there are some incosistencies with her character which I assume a lot of them have answers in CCC, like in her fgo profile:
>indulgent emperor who was loved by the people due to her child-like innocence.
does this sound like a pervert to you ?

I was expecting dolphins. I'm disappointed.

>I can't restrict myself to just one!
Yeah, definitely a chaste lady there.

I think you may be autistic, mate.

Stop. Nerofags lack the brainpower to understand clear words. That's just boasting, according to their delusions.
It's not worth arguing with them. As I said, Nero attracts fans that are just like her. Stupid and delusional.

I want my penis head between those thighs.

>we're profeshunal translators we can't leave japanese words untranslated
>in know let's use a latin word instead
The state of modern fansubbing.

Bring back honorifics.

>character who spoke latin uses a latin word

>character who spoke latin
She didn't. She spoke "Sousha", a Japanese word.

There is no good-sounding translation for Sousha, but it's not an untranslatable word either. A Latin word is the next best solution since the character who said it spoke Latin in life.

which group is doing the best subs?

Thankfully, Nasu made sure that shitposters like you won't be able to meme Nero into some kind of a whore even if you tried.

>A Latin word is the next best solution
Or, you know, Sousha. Since we're using a language other than English, might as well be as accurate as possible. Sousha even sounds better.

Ludius is an interesting choice because it basically means "actor", or at least a "performer" of some sort in a play, which doesn't quite suit the Japanese "sousha" but does make sense given Nero's theatrical inclinations. The latin for musician is "musicus" (although "fidicens" and "tibicens" can be used to distinguish wind from stringed instruments).

So, we aren't translating?

Yorokobe has my vote

Might as well leave pronouns untranslated too then
>Is Sonata Yo's Master?
Look, it's perfect.

Better than translating into a dead language that no one wants.

Why did she summon all these ships and have them indiscriminately bombard the area if it left her without sufficient mana to shoot a gun? And that's simply an explanation that appeared online and was created by fans, rather than something said in the anime.

Also, why did Drake think that her guns would work when Nero wasn't harmed by one of her canons?

That chair is really fucking big.

dunno the context, but case is incorrect, should be vocative “ludie”
though theres 0 documentation of actual spoken latin outside whats still used by the catholic church, which is medieval latin anyway

Because Shinji told her "Use your Noble Phantasm."

because shinji is a shitty master

Yes, because Nero sure never brags and boast in any of the games and you fags still weren't able to show something proving Nero bride is an alternate Nero besides not meeting Hakuno.
As I said before I would not mind her having a harem or whatever I how she is but it just doesn't make any sense to her be that way dumb redman

I think she expected Nero to die after a single NP. And she would've been right, but Nero had Imperial Privilege and Hakuno's kissu on her side. Drake did not expect that.
She also miscalculated the mana cost and how much mana she actually had. All of that because she was completely unprepared and been doing nothing but drinking for the past 1000 years.

the perfect translation would be Operator /k/ would aprove.

even have the latin word opera on it.

Might as well translate everything, then.
>I am Shore Wave White Field, Saber
See? It's perfect. Or would you rather it be translated to Latin? Make it Litore Fluctus Alba Field?

Saber was able to dial back her excaliblast in order to conserve mana. Drake was unable to do the same?

In any case the entire fight was pretty anticlimactic.

I've seen some definitions showing that sousha can specifically mean a performer for the Imperial court, which makes it even more complicated.

Pick your translation.


man in prime

Ludius is wrong. Ludius means actor, a player on a stage. NOT someone who plays an instrument. It's literally a case of them Googling and picking the first Latin word that sounds halfway maybe good.

There's also this:少佐#Japanese

>There is no good-sounding translation for Sousha
Yes there is. Maestro.

They should translate Sousha as Major. It reminds me of this series which I liked.

For me, it's bijection

so Apex is a hack ?

Apex loves to meme. Don't you remember how he had Waver refer to Alexander as Dude in Apocrypha?

Apex took another translation, changed a few words and rereleased it. Yes. They are hacks.

There's one: Maestro.

>tfw he actually managed to meme it into the dub
APEX is just one guy.

I didn't know it was just one guy. Then yes, HE is a hack.

I hope we can convince him to do this properly if Chyuu keeps delivering this late.

APEX is just one dude, give him a break. He didn't even have to sub Apo or LE, he's doing it purely because other translators either don't know Fate or they don't know Japanese. He's doing us a huge service here, I'll take Ludius memes over a fucking umu counter any day.

More salt

instead they seem to have dropped 3 fucking different version of episode 1

Not sure, but APEX's one felt really incomprehensible half of the time. Not sure if Shinji was just talking random shit the whole time or if the translation wasn't too great.

He took it from the memesub and tried to fix some stuff but their meme translation is so bad it's hard to make it good, hope he starts translation it for real if chyuu starts make huge delays like that.

So apparently Chyuu was busy doing Netflix releases (mixing the BS11 audio with Netflix video)

/u/fags BTFO!

Saber had more Mana didnt she. Anyway the way the foght ended was pretty similar with the Fate/Extra Manga so meh. Somewhat expected.

I finally watched the episode and I really didn't think it was as bad people were saying it was, animation isn't super good but it's not like apocrypha was miles better like some people were saying.
I thought Hakuno telling Shinji to shut up pretty sweet seems like they're still friends with each other even after all that and the kiss was pretty nice.

Animation feels a bit cheap at points. The backgrounds are always fantastic, but then when Nero springs into action it's like someone is moving a cutout across the scene.
The scene where she jumped up onto the fountain in the bath in ep2 for example felt super unnatural.

Also Hakuno seemed much more annoyed by Shinji than forgiving, but maybe I'm wrong.

The Whore of Babylon should be removed.

>it's not like apocrypha was miles better like some people were saying.
Literally all bait from people who want to make Apocrypha relevant again, or shounentards whoe like Fate anime for fight scenes.
They're also probably people who hadn't read the Apo LNs, so they don't understand the excitement of getting a story that's actually original and by Nasu.

>The scene where she jumped up onto the fountain in the bath in ep2 for example felt super unnatural.
But that was well animated, unlike fights. It was an intentional SHAFTism.

Wait for the BDs. Shaft TV animation is infamous for a reason.


Yeah, this when I noticed some bad animations but in Drake battle itself I didn't notice anything, about Hakuno at least to me it was more like when friends shit talk each other even Drake says "look like you didn't hurt your friend after all"

fuck off gawain

>It was an intentional SHAFTism.
That doesn't mean I have to like it.

Oh, and there's my new PC wallpaper. Thanks user.

>They're as bad as Sean Schammal.
Why use a wrong translation? While I agree, Praetor fits with her origin, but 奏者 doesn't even remotely mean praetor.

Oh, and neither is Ludius.