Your daughter makes the nico nico ni for other men

>your daughter makes the nico nico ni for other men
>she makes their dick hard
What do you do?

Make myself whatever's the parent-to-son version of orphan

Please dont post pictures of my loving wife

that's a pic of me irl

Bully her.

Why does she look so incredibly sexual here, it's like she's asking for my dick

I call him up to go bowling.

A wig doesnt make you a femal user

i disrespect you for making this thread but i also realize that i can't stop you. i recommend not to reply here.

I'm never having a daughter for fear I would want to fuck her honestly


Would you? I mesn would you really ruin your own daughter?
Why is this not ok? She is a part of you so it should be like fugging your hand right?
But it is not

Nico is pure and only touches Maki
Thread saged in all fields, OP DOXXED and soon to be murdered

what did she mean by this

You are the dad here not the man she is making horny
Calm down dad


I agree if you mean my dick with "Maki"

I am sure he just meant that

Well, if she enjoys it who am I to complain?

I'd rather my daughter be a slut and happy, than her being a Sup Forums-poster

Way to be a failure of a father

Fuck off you autistic pedophile.

But you think a slut will be happy?
How can you not want to protect you little angles preciouse part? Did you raise her so she could be used as a onahole? Did you gave her your love so she could satisfy other man?

I really wouldn't mind that as long as my kids are happy

Low bait closet weeb
Try again

I suck the men off so they won't touch my disgusting slut daughter obviously

Your kids would be happy hopped on on Meth and heroin too
Youd be satisfied with your Daughter not only whoring herself to tons of guys, but to be mimicking the greatest idol in the universe while doing so? I think not

Low tier virgin loser
Try again in your next life

You made this thread on Sup Forums and it got deleted.

Perhaps it's the other way around? In reality it might be her using them as fleshy dildos for her own amusement.

You really need to protect your husbands and little boys if my imaginary daughter are around.

Hey, now. Drugs are bad and I would never endorse it!

anyone else got traumatized by this?
how can we even have a daughter now after seing this shit?

If your daughter whores herself out, the drugs are coming next whether you like it or not

Cut it from the source

explain negroid

My daughter would never whore herself out. She'd become a respectful lawyer, doctor or president. that fucks whomever she wants