It's a thread about disabled characters

It's a thread about disabled characters
Blind, deaf, mute, amputee, paralyzed, burned, etc

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down syndrome

also valid

is she cute Sup Forums?

My wife

Kyoani sure likes that kind of character.

When are we getting a character with autism/ass burgers?

I don't mean Sup Forums brand meme autism which can apply to basically any character who acts in an exaggerated fashion, I mean actual diagnosed on the spectrum shit.


invalid in this case hahahahahahaa

its never explicitly said that she has autism but cmon, she has the tism

Punpun Onodera
Tomoko Kuroko

my wife

I see we have some men of taste in this thread.


someone doesnt protect her smile dont they

she will be fiiiiiine

you better post more

maybe i will


Does Japan really treat their disabled as badly as this Manga shows?

>foot focus

broken anus.

>has no hands
>complains about food focus
wtf did you expect?

anything is better than a foot closeup


here is page 1
rest is not for blue board

As soon as Best Girl gets her anime we will.

anything is a dildo if you try hard enough



Uh hello?

Literally no one here is actually autistic

>autism/ass burgers
You have .

Are there any legless girls that aren't in hentai?

>tfw this means I don't have the excuse of being a sperg

>Who'st this character be and from what manga?

Goddamn it Shindol, what happened to you.

just some cooking manga that gets messy.

I sincerely want a Katawa Shoujo 2


And she's actually pretty hot for a 3D assburger



IS google broken?

We have that. It just doesn't appeal to the sort of men who find their intellectual and emotional delight in "ass burgers" puns.

Sure, why not


id hold hands with her

are you really gonna h*ld h*nds?

in public

I'm sorry but my cute wife is already taken.

have fun in normie-hood, brother

Does having worms in your vagina that make you need regular doses of magus semen to stay alive count as disabled?


Does a speech impediment count?

When P5 anime is out, we'll have Futaba.

Is a baka


Masao from Shiki shows a lot of symptoms, especially in manga (not sure about the novels). He was never diagnosed because small japanese village, people just thought he was a jerk (he was, though, but a lot of it came from his inability to visibly empathize and filter his speech) and left him to die the first chance they had.
Felt really sorry for the guy, he was one of the nicer shiki.

Haha! Is she having an orgasm or something?! OH! OH! OH!

She's deaf


The MC from pic related.

He's the only normal person in a world of weirdos.



He cut his legs off for his waifu and had no regrets. A true best boy.

God I fucking hate her so much. Why would they put her in the same class as regular children. She literally ruined the lifes of everyone around her. One boy was bullied and singled out because the class made him into a scapegoat, another guy grew up to be socially retarded, a girl had her love life crushed, her mom is divorced, her sister turned into a necrophile, an innocent woman almost lost her ear and even her suicide attempt hurt other people physically. How can a character be so god damn awful? She should've been put down in her first week.


post more disabled girls

shut up ueno

You asked for it.




>want to treat her like my own kid
>she ends up raping me
i wasnt ready for this

Incontinence is always adorable.

She only rapes you if you have sexual with her in the first place, so it's on you.

This is literally all I fucking have. We need more cripple girls in manga.

Kumin might be

but all i did was pat her head and buy her everything i could

Always makes me smile, I replay her route every Saturday morning.

shindol's best work right there desu


He's deaf, and he's also a protagonist of an anime that only I ever watched and no one else.




Blind vs One-armed

>ableism in Sup Forums


So she gouged out her eye?


what do you think Rin's thoughts are on the second amendment?

Fuck you, I lol'd.

>it's a hentai
God damn it, I just wanted something comfy


There's Emi, but that's a VN
>though, she isn't entirely legless