S2 of this masterpiece when?

S2 of this masterpiece when?

Funniest short I've seen in ages





>tfw no nee-san gf

First time i see realistic female body on animu tbqf

Oh god Makimaki, I miss this girl. Manga is not the same.

I want a MakiMaki

Never because why would anything nice happen.

MakiMaki a best

Manga is way better anyway.


Why is her head so big?

High intelligence.

It's called moe, dad

poor nutrition while growing up, skeletal growth is lowest priority.

too bad she is such a slut

God they're so ugly.

>actually turned into a dick obsessed slut in the manga
>once they tossed their hats it turned into spice of life

Makimaki is a weak girl but also sincere, best girl.


Would you date this ugly woman if she made a mating dance for you?

Yes but I might cheat on her.

With the force of a thousand suns.

i want to fuck a tank

you are in luck, she is attracted to dicklets

just read the manga its great

The fuck is wrong with her tits?

Maybe, but I'd only marry a Maki.

she committed the greatest sin. Being fat with no tits to show for it.

>alien head
>no tits
>total jerk
>shit tier bra and panties
>idiotic tiny hat/plastic model

how is that people consider this a potential waifu?

Can anyone please tell me the name of this show/manga

Metallic Imouto.


I don't know it

Then reverse search, or use

I thought that was Chiaki but it's a hat not a hair thing.