Are you ready for Nisioisin novel manga adaptation illustrated by Oh!Great?

I like O!G's crazy storytelling more than Nisio, so I kind of wanted a different artist. But I have to admit the lewds shall be quite something.



cool, might pick it up


How is he going to adapt what is essentially 90% words?

What are the remaining 10%?

Don't think about it.

Now you have me interested.

Any information about when it's coming out?

I hoped it will be original story.

>that artstyle
Stop, they look like ugly nips now.

But they ARE nips user.

You know what I mean. It's like Aku no hana all over again.

It's not so bad. Only Cat looks ugly but she is shit anyway so who cares.

Cat is best girl, and Koyomi's side profile looks weird.

> Cat is best girl

Cat = Bat > Monkey > Math > everyone else.

> Cat = Bat
You are crazy motherfucker


You must be blind.

> by Oh!Great?
It's not confirmed though

There is other candidate
Mizuki Kawashita (Bokura wa Zatsu ni wa Manabanai with Nisio)

How the fuck is this gonna work ? Strip away the SHAFTism and monogatari falls flat on its ass, plus the illustrations so far do not look promising in the least

> Strip away the SHAFTism and monogatari falls flat on its ass
Wrong, the books are fun as fuck.

Then why would he do the preview illustrations?

They want fans to guess who is mangaka.

I am afraid.

Crab looks fine. Cat looks like shit. Can't really say anything about arararagi yet

I don't know where you brought this meme from, but I don't like it.