Low Stakes Kaiji

Kaiji but where every gamble is only 10 dollars





Wait a second, this isn't Kaiji



Sorry I lied. They're not all kaiji


>nice meal
Not that nice, unless you're cooking it yourself.

Look at this silver spoon.

Great thread.

The funny thing is this isn't that far from the underground economy.

Can I get a source on the thumbnail? For research purposes only.

This had my hopes up.

He'd die miserably


Gotta give those 10 bucks to the horsefuckers now.

Just finished part 3. I liked it more than part 2. It's just getting better and better right?

Yeah, sort of. Part 4 is different but good its own way. Part 5 is over but not entirely scanlated yet.

Akagi is better though.

New one just off the presses.

when did that happen

I may actually get back into it now that 17 steps gave me a better understanding of Mahjong. Also
fuck Myoshi and Maeda

Part 4 is different but fun. Part 5 is where it ramps up, but looking at the raws, it gets real drawn out in the endgame, where it takes 3 chapters to reveal who won and it's literally just a machine flipping two card.