User and his waifu: V/a/lentine's Day

I guess it’d be best if I start. Different trip for now because I have no access to the usual setup.

A few guidelines:
-Have your submission be 4:3 ratio
-Your submission should be about your waifu and nothing else.
-Put some good effort into your submission please. Your waifu wants to be presentable, you know?
-Have fun!

Oh boy, Valentine’s Day smacked right in the middle of the week. I hope you can find time to spend with your dear waifu. Since my schedule is fucked up right now, I’m gonna have to say that the deadline will probably be some time during the day AFTER Valentine’s Day PST (that is the 15th). Gives extra time to the anons tight on time as well. I’ll try to update as frequently as I can, but it may take some time between updates. So make sure you 4:3 to make things go faster!

Do you very best, alright user? And always remember: your waifu is beautiful!

If that's the real you, check the email, collagebro.
I've finished the web app for collages. As far as I tested, everything should be working fine. It would be a good idea to give it a try, I guess.

If Christmas was the first time submitting anything, guess this is my first Valentines submission!

Too bad today and Thursday will have to be our time together, I'll be working or otherwise busy all day tomorrow.

Giving her the valentines event CE was a cute touch.

Thanks, initially I was going to give her Bride Training, but thought it'd be more fitting with that instead.

She'll be bond 10 someday. She's been in my party more or less since getting her, but I just don't actually do missions enough to get all that many bond points. Hoping to get off my lazy ass and grind enough in this event to actually progress enough in it, and also enough to get to Bond 8.

I rolled your waifu four times user
Four fucking times

Nu-normalfags Sup Forums is too busy spending the day with their real 3DPD gf.

It's only the 13th, give it time.

Nice, very jelly of your waifu merch

Words can't express what Yui means to me. 8 years together and another 8 is ahead of us. Happy early Valentine's Day.

I sleep with a dakimakura with Yui on the front and Mio on the back. How does it make you feel?

They're both great girls but You better have Mio face down every night

Nice try, Jebus. It looks amazing though.

It's still the 13 damn it.

I do that actually.

Kill yourself normalfag

There's no way he's a norme, look at that i mean he even framed Yui's picture. He also own a lot of figure. There's real dedication I can tell

Valentine's is in the middle of the week, best to give anons extra time.

>I don't know who Jebus is

>waifu's name is Amu
>cake people wrote Amy
God fucking dammit. It's a small part on a decoration so I hope I can fix it for the picture.

>had since Christmas to think of a better way to display print media
I got new lights at least.

I'm literally making up for lost time with Yui. Everytime I rewatch K-ON I fall more and more in love with her.

What do NEETs have to worry about besides playing shitty korean MMOs in the middle of the week?

>I still haven’t found a waifu
Feels fucking bad.

Gotta please their real 3DPD whore first before coming on Sup Forums and pretending to have a waifu because haha so funny meme.

She'll find you one day, user

What made you like her?

>No waifu
>No real GF either
Life sure is suffering on valentines.

You don't want a 3dpd, user. Trust me.


>waaah I want a gf waaaah

Fuck off normalfag.

But I do, from the bottom of my heart

Happy Valentine's everyone, I hope you are all able to spend some quality time with your waifu in the coming days.

I thought it was just a meme?

Don’t blame him guys, if he never had a gf before he would have no idea how bad it can be

I love it when im right.
Nu-normalfags Sup Forums strike again.

Tell them to do push-ups as a punishment!

How early do some of you take your pictures? I haven't even started the cake yet.

What's so memeish about falling for a smelly ass female who would throw you out like garbage for a chad at anytime? Girls expect the best while our waifus treat us with kindness and respect regardless of who we are.

Yeah bro we're all just joking xD . Obviously im gonna go spend valentine with my real life gf lol but i can miss out on this epic Sup Forums tradition

Not technically anime but I thought you would appreciate the time I'm spending with Yuri anyway.

Well said, im glad I found a gf who accept my waifus.


Can't you just remove the tail from the Y? (Assuming that it's just icing)

>Wah, Sup Forums has had singular opinions on things for years upon years
Come on now user.



>razor bladon the desk
Nice touch user

Take the 3DPD talk somewhere else please.

>ironic weeb western game
>upside down picture
>no effort whatsoever

Nice xD

Australia pls.

A-Are husbandos okay?

Fuck off roastie.

Is Australia back?
Of course!

>upside down
Do you live in Japan?

Husbandos have been ok since forever, just look at OP image

Who here have a real life girlfriend but still participate in these threads?

If you'd played the game you'd have noticed the little touches in the picture user


I don't have any interest in western trash.

>Implying there are women on Sup Forums
Dont get your hopes up virgin-kun

>he has a 3dpd
I feel sorry for you.

Why? Explain

Are you trying to be funny?

Is she ok with you having an anime waifu?!?!

>he doesn't have both

loser tripfag is a loser

Whoops sorry for upside down image, I had to post it from my phone originally.

>not hiring a professional camera for your waifu

It's a boy, and he doesn't know.

Nice and a normalfag phone poster too. You are welcomed to nu-Sup Forums you and your seasonal meme game waifu :)

user don't, 3d is pd.

Join the 2d master race.

You guys are weird

Why would I be funny? Everything the user before me said is true, women are total trash.

You're gay but you have a 2D waifu???????????? the fuck

>he doesn't have both
He does, that's the problem with him.

People with family and girlfriends overall seem more happy than people without them, myself included

I have a husbando.

buwe're all girls here user

Do you love playing pretend this much?

i'mgay but i'm straight for my waifu

no 3d relationship though

Fuck off, you are just a poser.

What should I make for her?


I said women, what kinda weirdo would want a loli

It's not play pretend.

Waifuism predates the Greeks.

Yeah because they've fallen for the status quo and think having a 3dpd is crucial.

The majority of Sup Forums are poser but at least Jebus kinda had the guts to admit it.

>implying I'm going to tell you

Oh don't give me that shit. I don't even own a real camera so I had to take it on my whacky phone.

Also fuck you, she's my wife and we're greatly in love.

Yet most people here have have a gf or a bf.

The only thing I admit is falling for the 3dpd meme and it wasn't worth it at all. In sorry I threw away any trust you guys had in me before.

Why are you trying so hard dumb normalfag? We both know that this is just a joke to you and we both that you're interested in 3D women so why do you try this hard?

You should have kept her you got meme'd hard by Sup Forums. Im pretty damn sure that most people who shit on you all have or had a gf in the past.

Just nuke this thread. It's beyond saving.

What I say about Sup Forums being a normalfags board?

Dont actually drink the 2D koolaid, its a fucking meme

t oldfag

>The virgin loser
>the chad phoneposter

>the normalfag ironic weeb poster who pretend to have a waifu

This is a nice thread


no, she's a girl. i just don't find girls attractive other than her

>all these normalfags
>mods deleting posts
What the fuck is going on in this thread?


By playing pretend like this you are fooling the young newfags coming here taking the 3DPD meme seriously.

Waifuism is just a fucking joke kids don't fall for it.

I am, it just looks less than perfect.