Hey I just noticed something about Mechazawa

Hey I just noticed something about Mechazawa...
Isn't his head a little bit too big?

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That's pretty rude.

While we are at the subject, doesn't Mechazawa feel cold somehow?

he is a fucking robots you morans

C'mon dude, really? We're being serious here.


He's a very warm person when you get to know him.

He should really let his hair grow out. He looks a bit like a thug.

I expected better of you, Sup Forums, than to resort to baseless insults

No, I think his head is too small.

>he is a fucking robots you morans
A robot?! Isn't he usually the life of the party? His personality is NOT robotic in the least.

I think he looks just fine.

He is a delinquent, user

What the hell, man? I can't believe you'd talk about Mechazawa like that!

I think you're just noticing his outfit, it is rather strange that such a trendsetter like Mechazawa would conform to wearing the same uniform as everyone else

With that big head, he must be very intelligent.
Can he fix my cd player?

Seriously? his head isn't that much bigger than ours
the bigger problem here is that he never wears pants!

A Mormon? But I'm from Earth!

He mentioned he's pretty bad with electronics.

With a heart of gold! Or Steel. Or some other metal.


Look, I know it's a but rude, and it's kinda hard to say.
But I think Mechazawa might be missing a button.


Fuck, i have to re-read this again.

And cry at the end again

he can't be a robot; he's got a brother.


Hey now, that's a pretty rude thing to say to someone don't you think?

He only browses /r9k/ to offer advice to robots. I know how this can cause some confusion user

Wow, how rude.

Why not offer to buy him a drink? He seems like someone who could use a nice drink.

I know it's off topic but anyone know the song that goes like this: hm hm hmhm hm hm hmmm hmm hmmmm ?

No, no, it goes like this: hm hmmm hmhmhm hm hmmm hm hm

For you



Now this is the one to watch out for. You guys ever notice how Mechazawa's girlfriend ALWAYS has cake rolls? It's not natural. They aren't ever wrapped or anything, so I doubt she puts them in her pockets. Where on earth does she hide those cake rolls?


Doesn't Mechazawa's girlfiend kinda seems like a robot? I mean Mechazawa is so good with people why hasn't he noticed something odd about her?

Mechazawa is not even wearing pants!

I doubt it, he doesn't seem like he'd fit in with the /r9k/ crowd.

Who's to say he hasn't? I'm sure he's realized that Nano is autistic; I'm equally sure that he doesn't care. He's a sweet guy. He won't just bring that up. It's a non-issue to him.

Well, he IS a delinquent. His shirt is long enough to cover anything indecent, though.

You're both wrong, it goes: hmm hmm hmm hmmm hm hmmm hmm hm hmmm... hmm hmm hmm HMM hmm hmm hm hmm hmmm.

Only Moran here is you, grammerlet

I remember that thread(s)

well actually, it goes hmmm hmm hm hm hm hmmm hm hmm hm hmmm hm hm hm hmmmmm

He is actually balding

I'm sorry

Ah yes, the prequel to the greatest Sup Forums draws ever:


no, it actually goes like this

uh. rude


I want to fuck Mechazawa!

god damn you are a fucking rude person

is EVERYONE a robot to you?!!?

Wait, I still haven't told you my name. It's actually


Mechazawa must be superhuman or something, the other day some punks from a rival school jumped him and even had weapons like bats and pipes on them like the bitches they are and started attacking him but they all just broke or didn't do anything to him! Its like as if he's made out of metal or something, also surprisingly like the true gentleman he is he ended up talking down the punk instead of kicking their asses.

he's just smart and well looking, don't you fucking dare shit talk Mechezawa behind his back.
On the other hand, what kind of sushi would Mechazawa enjoy.

Holy shit, it's a fricking gorilla!

Shut up he is perfectly normal.