Watching seasonal anime

>watching seasonal anime
>new episode is out
>forgot what happened last week
how do you guys retain information from one episode over a week

Stop streaming and stop having shit Internet.

Does somebody have to say your name every day just so you don't forget?

it usually doesn't matter what happened in previous episodes, if anything did even happen

I eat my vegetables and sleep.

By not being a goldfish.

Stop watching anime while sleepy or intoxicated.

I'm the same way, especially when I'm watching a lot of airing shows

I try to just watch SOL shows while they air because plot is less important. Same applies for more episodic shows like PTE.

Plot-heavy things i much prefer to marathon. 1 week is way too long to wait. For example, I'm waiting for Toji no Miko to finish airing before I continue watching.

I read the other day here that is common for teens in America to use attention drugs like ritalin to be able to keep up with anything. What's wrong with you people? It's the inbreeding or what?

Just write some stuff in a journal.

I could understand if it was about manga after years of stalled scanlation suddenly resume.

Not being completely retarded helps a lot.

By having an IQ above 70

I'm watching around 35~ shows this season and I can remember well enough the last episode of every one of them. Maybe you should go to a specialist to check you.

I can remember well enough too but sometimes I feel like I might have missed a slight facial expression or something in the background.

It also has to do with the massive influx of information. Browsing Sup Forums, facebook, and watching shit doesn't go well together when the information influx is to much. Lots of the stuff you want to memorize gets lost when there isn't enough time to 'digest'.
t. Internetjunkie with way too much information influx

>there are """"""""""people"""""""""" like this on my Sup Forums

Maybe take some notes?
Discussing the epsiode afterwards is what really helps retain it in your memory honestly. Its like studying.

Retard here, this is a a fucking lie, I'm following 20 shows this season and can remember the last week episode with no problem, now manga is another business but fuck.

I don't have anything else particularly interesting going on in my life.

By not having Alzheimer's?

Fucking goldfish posters.

Not OP but right after I watched S1 of New Game I forgot Yun was even a character in the show.
My memory was only jogged when "fat girl watching her weight" was used as a descriptor.