Was this really necessary

was this really necessary



p-please no ;_;


Yeah, he was an obnoxious faggot character who spewed nothing but meme dialogue. Fuck TTGL.

I don't know

Yeah, they needed a way to convey the current state of Sup Forums



It was vital in order for Simon to grow into adulthood.

yes, he wasn't the main character, that you didn't notice is your own fault

it could have been done in any other way

why not kill that big forehead cunt then?

In some form or another, Kamina needed to be taken out of the picture so that Simon could grow out from under his shadow.

This show sucked.

damn i thought that that was joe yabuki for an entire minute

Watch the last episode again, they explain to you how life works.

>>meme dialogue
That's a meme right there.


up until that point I thought it was just a generic shounen desu


well fuck you too