Too old for anime

As time passes I enjoy anime less and less. Shows that I watch today I would have enjoyed a lot more had I watched them 5 years ago. SoL, CGDCT and the occasional anime that doesn't have absolute garbage writing is all that I enjoy now. It kind of saddens me that I can't enjoy anime with cool premises and interesting (base, because they never develop) characters anymore because I recognise garbage and am turned off by it,

I miss being a teenager. I used to enjoy all the harems with rainbow coloured girls and stuff like that and I no longer do.

You gotta start looking for the hidden gems or the cult followings my dude.

Things that only get 1 thread every week on Sup Forums, and can only stay live usually through some minor shiposting contributions.

The stuff you see people talking about is not what you're going to like. Go back to your roots in a sense. You actually have to look for shows to convince you to like the media. Just taking anyone's word for what's "good" really just means what's "fashionable".

That doesn't mean you can't like something popular, however it's much harder to have something appeal to you when it's trying to appeal to too wide of an audience.

I'm in my mid 30ies and you're full of shit. You're merely getting tired of it. It's either a fatigue due to watching too much crap, or you never loved anime. The solution is to kill yourself and stop posting.

That's not a bad thing. It's the same as enjoying Lord of the Rings for being high concept, well written and beautifully directed rather than just because it has fantasy shit in it.

Anything that shoves sex in my face puts me off now, if the internal logic of a show is missing I can't suspend the disbelief anymore.

I cast a wide net these days, like above said, you've got to find the gems which appeal to you. Often there's the rare show which does what you liked when you were younger better. Check seasonal lists.

> watching too much crap

I think the argument is that as they get older, more and more stuff seems like crap.

Good for you? That has nothing to do with age; it's you that's changed.

I watch more anime than I ever did as a teenager, while also watching more shows that are relevant to my interests. Back then, I'd watch any old trash fire, making the whole the thing a complete waste of time and my youth, in retrospect.

You think that till you find an anime like Devilman Crybaby that revitalizes you. You go back to your "To Watch" list and hammer back at it :)

I don't feel the same level of attachment that I used to. For example, I'm currently finishing up Busou Shoujo (because I couldn't be bothered to finish it last year) and I realised that if this show aired 5 years ago I would have been all over it, instead I'm watching it now in my mid 20s and it's just unimpressive. I know that I would have fallen in love with Warabi for a couple weeks and engaged in waifu wars but now I can't reach the same level of attachment.
Are you saying that after presumably 20 years of watching anime your taste hasn't changed at all?

I still enjoy anime, I just enjoy only certain genres, when before I could watch anything and enjoy it and become attached to it.

>it's you that's changed
Definitely. And I feel like shit about it. I wish I could have stayed 17 forever.

>tfw to intelligent for anime

What happens is that you want to be accepted by society so much that you started to develop an aversion to non-mainstream things, which is completely normal for most people but not really admirable.
If you really stopped linking anime you would simply not watch it anymore without even realizing it and let go, but seems like you're just trying to find excuses to not like something you actually like. You should just stop thinking too hard and enjoy it, but if you think you won't like something you won't like that thing, it's simple as that.

Life is full of shit and the fashionable taste of the masses will be shoved down your throat every time, if you suddenly stop learning how to like things and keep searching for things to hate you'll end up living an empty life, until someday realizing how you should have enjoyed things before it was too late for that.

Forget about time user, look at what you're doing to yourself.

That's just a symptom of watching many anime, not getting older.

It's good to do other things, try some other hobbies that are actually fulfilling! Stuff like anime and video games is always there when you're stuck in bed sick or really have nothing better to do.

You are wrong. Perhaps you're talking about yourself?

Play games, get good at them, watch anime/read manga, see good/bad moves from the characters, and find yourself narrowing the list of favorite anime/manga even further.

This just means your tastes have refined, man.

That seems pretty common. Anime has the shittiest turnover rate of any geek fandom: Star Wars, Dr. Who, Video Games, Superhero Comics. All of those fandoms have oldfags in their 40s and 50s. But with anime cons mid 20s is senior citizen status. It doesn't help that most anime is either aimed at teenagers or at otaku who mentally teenagers and want to relive high school through anime.

I dunno man, I hadn't been religiously following anything for a couple years now but Darling in the FranXX sucked me back in somehow.

It's actually kind of embarrassing how much I'm enjoying the show. But fuck it, if I'm enjoying myself then I'm enjoying myself.

33 years old here. While I only watch three shows per season at most , I still enjoy Anime immensely and I can't think of a single year when there wasn't one show that enthralled me. I'm pretty sure you've just watched so much anime, regardless of quality, that you're just fatigued. Do the same as me and limit your watch only to the few shows you find interesting, even if they're one or two. If you don't find anything interesting that season, then don't watch anything, work on your backlog or engage on a different pastime.

While I can watch almost everything, there are two shows in particular I don't watch: extremely cutesy shows (think Kiniro Mosaic or Gochiusa) and harems. I wasn't really a fan of them when I was younger both but now I just can't stand them.

>It's actually kind of embarrassing how much I'm enjoying the show.
Yes, because it's complete trash. There are literally dozens of better shows this season.

I feel like an edgy casual underage faggot even asking but my guilty pleasure is anti-hero anime where the protag is, if not totally evil, at the very least has a moral code or something that makes them react to situations in a unique or unexpected way. It's hard to categorize because a lot of shows have it, it's clearly a casual preference that one might view as chuuni or whatever but anime like code geass/overlord/youji senki/drifters/hellsing, etc with sort of evil mastermind MCs are my favorite but you can't exactly search for shows with these perimeters
t.25 year old
Been looking for something like them but I keep running into stupid magical power emo boy power fantasies that kind of miss the social and political angle that the shows I listed have.

i see literally dozens of comments like these but then I'm still sitting here looking for shit to watch and the culture here kind of prevents anybody from actually giving suggestions since everyone wants to seem more cultured than one another

You maybe too old for chinese cartoons but youve shown youre never too old to outgrow being a bitch

I think this is inevitable if you're a normal person with good social skills, a gf etc. Your morals and tastes will change over time to become incompatible with the vast majority of anime. Good thing I'm a manchild for life.

Fuck off.

>anime cons
There's your problem.

>help i developed taste but am also a cynical faggot who can only enjoy things on the surface layer
Welcome to the club retard

>geek fandom
It's almost like actual anime fans and the western concept of them aren't compatible ideas

Yuru Camp, Sora yori, Hakumei to Mikochi, Koi wa Ameagari are shows that receive nearly universal praise for Sup Forums. Before you say there's no such thing as universal praise on Sup Forums, forget about the Sup Forums hates everything meme and ignore the shitposters.

Your post isn't very convincing when you use an image of a character that only appeals to manchildren that think Hachiman and Yahari are good depictions of loners and losers and that they can relate to him. Yahari was a dumpster fire so clearly your tastes haven't improved enough to be this critical of the medium. Take a break or better yet put a bullet in your head.

I'm turning 30 soon and following 25 shows this season. I'm watching more than I ever have and now I can admit to myself I prefer the trashy perverted stuff over all else, it actually brings a smile to my face.

MAL is even worse.

It happens to everyone. You burnout and grow up. Just watch the shows that actually appeal to the current you and stop comparing it to how and what you used to enjoy.
I used to watch a show and want to find out everything related to it like fan art, OSTs, the show's source material, etc. But now I don't really give a shit and just want to watch something, enjoy it and move on to whatever else grabs my interest. Try skipping seasonal shows and watch older stuff you always wanted to watch someday but never got around to it.

uh anime is mainstream AF. you really think this is a niche pursuit?

Thanks for the update, keep me posted.

>Comic Book Guy has a name

I sincerely can't take anyone seriously who uses 8man stock pics. I feel like they are the type of people who feel smart by hating on anime. So they instinctively hate any anime they watch just to feel superior over others who like them

Your opinion is trash, and your waifu probably too. Darling in the Franxx is generating the most interest and fascination this season. People want to know how it continues. Also excellent directing.
T. Mid Twenty, currently losing interest in Anime.

It's only natural to grow out of anime. Anyone in their late 20s still watching anime probably needs to re-evaluate their life.

Of course it's trash like you who actually has interested in Franxx.

Have you actually seen some of the dozens of webms this show is generating? angles, composition and motion are way above the average of this season.

I never enjoyed harems with rainbow coloured girls shows.

SoL+School+Harem has never been an enjoyable category for me with exceptions. I actually watch way more anime now than before when I usually only watched one or two shows per year.

>I know that I would have fallen in love with Warabi for a couple weeks and engaged in waifu wars but now I can't reach the same level of attachment.
You can probably condition yourself back into that to at least some extent. Maybe try just forcing yourself to slow down and think about some character and what's cute about them and associate that with some good romantic values or whatever.

>instead I'm watching it now in my mid 20s and it's just unimpressive.
Oh gee you're getting sooo old.
Just stop watching anime for some time, you dumb fuck. Either your brain is simply oversaturated with chinese cartoons, or you simply stopped enjoying them. Either way, what's the fucking point of forcing yourself to eat this shit up if you don't want to right now

Watch Sora Yori.

Is this the blog thread?

As a 33yo, I barely like any anime anymore. It's like everything that airs follows a list of cliché that is randomly ticked. Manga is a similar story, but somewhat easier to find the time for it and doesn't feel wasted.

Have you tried reading manga instead?
Anime is shit outside of originals and most of those are garbage now.

anime uses a lot of caricatures and not a lot of character development. Characters are tools for the plot, the protag might have some development but his personality is mostly static, and everyone else is completely static and they all behave exactly as they should; as they are expected to.
This is probably because their culture is filled with a bunch of not-feudal lords running businesses of flattery and asskissing spending their entire lives walking around like they're the protag of their own anime, I swear that's how it looks from the outside. Everyone pays lip service to the boss but in the west we talk shit and secretly believe we're smarter behind their back; the japanese seem to buy into their leaders being Machiavellian geniuses instead of the nepotistic descendants of the clans that have controlled japan for centuries. Seems like a bunch of propaganda to me, but then again most anime is basically japanese propaganda.

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This whole site is a blog.

Watch better anime, holy shit.

tl;dr what does that have to do with anything, are you fucking autistic? No one gives a shit about your excuses for not liking anime anymore - if you don't, just stop watching it, simple as that. You're not helping yourself by forcing it down your throat.