Toji no Miko

It's Mai's birthday, say something nice about her. It might help prevent her from going on a killing spree next episode.

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Teach me how to make cookies so I can have a cute autist of my own

What's in the box?

hiyoyon's head

I want to eat her cookies!

Probably some weird cookies, but the real gift comes later.

What is it? New cookie recipies?

At least she's pretty.

Happy birthday dork!

Sword accessories.

Noro infused cookies courtesy of the Renpu principal

A vibrator

Renpu principal is gonna get her ass kicked soon.

Mai shouldn't try to be rough with her mother-in-law, it's just going to cause problems later.

Behead those who assault Yukari-sama the Hero. This is the woman who has done so much for the country.

But at what cost?

1. Revival of Greater East Asian Co-prosperity Sphere
2. Military superiority over the rest of the world
3. Military coup to overthrow the Japanese government and the emperor and instate the Origami as the new ruling family of Japan
4. Hiyo's letter and shit are as deep as the rabbit hole actually goes and it's all really Aradama shenanigans

Regardless, you can't make an omelette without cracking a couple of eggs. She went to Tokyo U and did panzerfahren/senshado. Could've gone pro too if she didn't become a Toji. She isn't one of those beltway pansies. She can break Abe in two with her bare hands. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you don't FUCK with the head of the Origami family.

Holy shit what happened to her

Steal my girlfriend once, shame on me.
Steal my girlfriend twice...

Mai is taking this relationship from "leftover girls" to "OTP".

>Nice knife

>2. Military superiority over the rest of the world
That's more like Mokusa's agenda.
They wanted to "restore the role of okatana and Toji", which the closest thing is becoming the female counterpart of the samurai class. Maybe Mokusa wanted Japan to be ruled by a shogunate again.


You've got that backwards.

Teaser: "Upon boarding a Mokusa-affiliated submarine, Kanami and the others are greeted by the man who calls himself FineMan: Ellen's grandfather. They are then informed of the truth concerning the Tragedy of Sagami Bay and Yukari Origami. Meanwhile, at Renpu Girls' School, Yukina Takatsu, holding a syringe filled with noro, approaches Sayaka."

>Mai saving her girlfriend around Valentine's

Is she asking someone to cut her wrist for her?


I wasn't sure about Mai being paired with Sayaka at first but now I'm all on board. Ready to see her get serious and save her cute GF.

>can't get rid of the aradama attached to her

She should even if she isn't. She's too good to suffer this much.

Did they set up all the birthdays around february?

Only Chie and Mai's.

Who is this dork?

Main character of the game.

Some random cuckold with circumcised sword.

It is a mystery.

Mihono is NOT a cuckold! She has three nice girls and a barbarian who bullies her because she likes her.

The main villain in the second cour.

Mihono is a cuck AND a bully victim!

Isn't that Kanami?

I never understand artist who think that you can completely cover the bagina with a band-aid. You need at least packing tape, you know.

That's only for sluts, all toji are pure maidens, even yukari.

That's what they want you to think; Mihono will steal the show and add all the tojis to her harem.

Is this yuri?


No, it's sword.


I don't know.

Can you repeat the question?

Swords are equivalent to penises so this is technically /y/

her moist panties

Why are tojis so quick to use violence to solve their problems?

When your whole life revolves around a combat skill and using it to defeat your opponents, what else are you supposed to do?

When you have the tools readily available then of course you should be eager to use them.
Non-toji pleb will never understand.

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Do Not Reply to Mokusa Posters

They are most like bullshitting their way into destabilizing the Toji system.

Mokusa is liberating the tojis. If folded paper stays in charge then all the cute girls will end up broken and suicidal like Yomi.

can someone explain me why Mihono is a cuck? or its just a meme like "Vivio a cuck"

She's not, people just like calling her names because she's an easily bullied dork.

We don't know anything about Mihono yet (apart from her being the objectively cutest toji), so people are just shitposting.

>apart from her being the objectively cutest toji
Kuso taste, my friend.
We all know Yume is the cutest.

It's just bullying.

I was expecting a light or slow episode.

>her being the objectively cutest toji
Patrician taste user, Mihono is the best.

Miko are known to rely on violence to solve all their problems. Violence and alcohol, but the Toji are typically too young to drink so they rely on violence to cope with the lack of alcohol.




Next episode is Mai's battle for her new wife, she won't give up so easily this time.

Yukari-sama is cute! CUTE!






I already enjoy this show but I'd like it a lot more if Mai drops the sword and just delivers a right hook to this bitch.

Post yfw Mai and Sayaka kiss this episode





That won't happen probably, but I would be happy just seeing Mai saving and bridal carrying Sayaka.

What about interlocking fingers?

What if they touch swords?

Sayaka is just 12 years old user, that's verboten.


That's too lewd for TV, user.


Yukari-sama is NOT a hag! She is a cute girl.

Cute hag.

>that wink
I want to be part of Mihono-chan's harem!

I haven't watched this but I'm tempted to pick it up just based on the girl with medium length silver hair because she seems rather cute and charming.

Fuck off Mihono.

>her eyes
I-I think I've fallen for Mai

Only a cheap whore like Kanami could resist Mai's beautiful green eyes.


Is that like a 3/1 scale?


Just bear through the CG and the plot will get better.

Mai looks so cool here