Why is this anime so critically underrated?

It's unironically a strong AOTY contender


liar! they'll get to antarctica and talk with the penguins and be happy as fuck

I seriously remember thinking this would be some shallow TwoCar-esque bullshit. You fuckers called it. I can't believe how good it is.

its amazing

Yeah. I've actually been delaying watching the more recent episodes because I feel like it's going to be special and I want to appreciate it as much as possible

I've actually only seen the first 3 episodes at this point. I'm waiting for the right mood to hit me to continue

It has definitely surprised me as well. I think the show is receiving a good amount of praise online. But reddit tier normal fags only give 10/10 to stuff like Sword Art Online. This show isn't "hype" enough for them. It's too mundane.

but are the girls alright?

yes, especially k-mart girl aka best girl

I mean, it still gets 500+ post threads so it can't be THAT underrated.

May i compliment ur fine taste sir?

>critically underrated
Can you repeat that in a language other than faggotese?


I loved everything about the chase scene.

>critically underrated?
I'm not sure what you're talking about. Every episode gets multiple 500+ threads, and plenty of anons mention it as a possible aots


CGDCT a shit. Also overshadowed by the superior original Darlifra.

I see plenty of discussion daily. There are far more criminally underrated series this season and this isn't one of them.
This anime is alright.

It's trash, glad it's flopping as any shit anime should.

Oh fuck. That's some fat ass foreshadowing.

Oh I know who you mean, best girl indeed

Quantity =\= appreciation.