ITT: God Tier OPs


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Just two of my favorites

>god tier OPs
>start with a solid 6/10 OP

How dare you guys not post JIBUN WO~ !
Best one of this season anyway.

>sha-la-la-la~ in my head for the rest of the night
Gee thanks user

>He only ever showed up one time
That dude was the best non-human character in the series, and he only had a very short appearance.

As to stay on topic though;

There are too many to post

The correct answer.

Busou Renkin and Paranoia Agent already stolen, but here's my other perfect ones

does imouto ever become a witch

I lived in the moment.

I was actually gonna post this I'll post this

Man, looking back this show was just a big advertisement for Nana Mizuki. I also remember this being this first HD video I ever watched on youtube. It was at the time HD started to be introduced on YT while shitty rips were still everywhere and this HQ OP blew my mind then.

These are the ones that come to mind easily.

>Best one of this season anyway.

these thread are basically "post your favorite OP even if it's shit"

yes, and?

I still think to this day that it has one of the most unique choruses in any song I've heard starting at 0:35.

Rip though.

very good post

>not posting superior version

absolute dogshit op. the ed is so much better its not even funny
same with this one. EDs are vastly superior, especially becasue of the cute art
arguably the only person in here with taste
new season never

fucking this

Do you determine A god Tier Opening by the visuals or the song? or both?
Find me a mecha opening that isn't great, regardless of what you think of the shows themselves. Spoiler: You can.

Normally both. I also like to factor in how much the OP fits the show itself, it's why Tougenkyou Alien is my favorite Gintama OP.

Today I will remind them.
good song

This is fucking brilliant.

ITT : All around shit taste

i miss it

pure kino

I'm with you, bro.

Holy shit I entered this thread with the sole purpose of posting this, as I guessed all the others I know were already posted, but what a nice suprise.

Are you fucking retarded? That's exactly how opinions work you mouth breather

But the quality of an OP can be objectively determined by animation, meaning, symbolism, direction, etc.
The music is the least important part.
Anime is saved thanks to this.

How come none of you faggots posted this?
Literally one of the best OPs in anime history

Reminder that nobody gives a flying fuck about your OPs if you post more than 5.

This OP was garbage, the first half was interesting and mysterious, but then the chorus just devolves into this jumbled way too fast mess of re-used footage that didn't fit the music at all.

Ringo is the best

The song is 10/10 but they should have done a lot more with the animation/visuals.

It's a shame that the series was only OK. OP is transcendent though.

Is no one watching this? I haven't seen too many threads about it.

A real shame the threads for this barely last a day. Also has a great ED.

Most of those aged terribly.
I really don’t understand Sup Forums‘s taste most of these are generic and forgettable as fuck, not just your post but this whole thread. All these boring SoL intros and mid-2000s alternative rock puke

These are all great


A timeless classic

>ITT: if it's not at least 10 years old, it's shit


I love these threads.

Sup Forums is full of hipsters and contrarians, you should know that. if it's popular, it's shit


Can't believe it took 71 posts for this...Truly master piece of an opening. Awesome song, animations going great with it. Pure perfection.

I really like both of them:

I remember seeing this on TV and - as a child, mind you - I cringed so hard that I didn't give the show a chance just because of the OP.

Literally kino

the best

>paradise kiss
High quality taste.

Why is this so good? what the hell

Fell in love at first watch.

That music beats and blood drops aligning was the best part.

It took far too long for this to be posted.

Because you have shit taste.

>The music is the least important part.
That's objectively wrong, but also anyone who just posts the song without the visuals deserves to be shot.